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  1. Hi Rafael


    Yes it is small but it is beautiful !


    Sadly I have not seen this model for over two years and probably never will again, it has such beautiful lines I am tempted to build another one.


    As has been mentioned by a few on this site two of the ribs are mis-numbered, I don't remember which. Dry fit all of them and you will find that there is one a bit forward of midships that is a bit too small. Probably best to just stack them on top of each other and see how the shape flows and work it out from there.


    The timbers are beautiful, I enjoyed all of it, the etched brass decorations are great and the cast white metal scrolls that decorate the hawse holes where good but the cast "Thermopylae" for the stern was so ordinary and inflexible I left it off. It is flat and mounts to a curved surface.


    The deck houses are cheap ply and while the larger ones are ok they need to be planked over to look good and the smaller ones are rubbish so I threw them away in disgust and made solid ones and planked over them.


    I found the instructions to be fairly good and easy to follow.


    Hope this answers your questions, feel free to ask more.



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