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  1. I've had to vacate my home and am having big problems finding another so all my gear is in storage and I'm staying with a friend in Orange, No model building in the near future for me.
  2. Good to hear Michael, all the best with it. At this rate you'll be back in the workshop before me.
  3. Thanks Mark, I'm still looking at the coastal lakes, Jervis Bay/Lake Macquarie areas but am keeping an eye on the local market because I may have to concede defeat at some point. I lived here for 30 odd years, My kids grew up here, my daughter died here. It feels like home but I do like to be able to wet the boat often and easily so I want to be near one of those lakes, both of which have community groups I could enjoy being involved in.
  4. Well as expected I have put everything in storage and am in said friends spare room in Orange. I've been invited to look at one house in all this time and it wasn't suitable but it looks like there is another one on the horizon. Wish me luck!
  5. Yes they are a bit pricey and slow. If you look at the speed though, you're talking a huge amount of leverage i the oars so a couple of seconds to send the handle an inch sends the blade quite a distance.
  6. You know, you yanks ( used endearingly ) reckon Aus is so deadly and how do we live here, two words, Tornado Alley! How the hell do people live there? It's a hell of a lot deadlier than all Australia combined, even our most deadly animal, the horse! That's right, the horse kills more Aussies than any other animal!
  7. Yes it's the fear people have that causes tragic deaths, this is the second in a few years. A cyclist in Wollongong swerved to avoid attack, crashed and his head hit a rock, he died at the scene. Realistically though, if you wear a hat they can't hurt you, just keep walking and you'll leave their domain. The answer is in the good book, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, DON'T PANIC! This also applies to spiders and snakes ( good old song by the way ) but is not particularly helpful in the case of crocodile attack. I knew a bloke years ago that was working on a sugar plantation up north, staying in a farm hut. Came home from the pub on friday night, saw a huge huntsman on the wall above his bed, 410 shotgun, spider gone! Overkill I grant you, but effective.
  8. Michael, I'm sorry to hear of the delays but yes it's happening all over the world at the moment. We have no alternative but to wait patiently for your master classes to resume. All the best!
  9. Just had a thought, Normal servos are very noisy and using a rotating drive will give non-linear movement to the sweep motion. The stroke will accelerate as it nears mid point and decelerate after. Normally not that noticeable but with long oars it could be very apparent. Are you aware of linear servos? They are quieter and constant speed. I have included a video clip of one brand, they have different sizes and 3 different speed options.
  10. I know these are terribly historically incorrect but if you're more interested in reliable buoyancy something like these will, at least, give you something to think about https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/140352884990
  11. Well it's been over a month and due to covid I need to apply for any property I want to look at and to date I can't even get a look at anything. It's crazy! At this rate I'll be putting everything in storage and occupying a friends spare room in Orange.
  12. With the scarf joints, if anything, the overlap you have on the exterior is the best place to have it. Easy to sand down. As for the strakes all being dead even at the stem, that isn't always the case. The good shipwright will strive to achieve it but there's no structural reason for it and I'd imagine that work boats built quickly and to a cost would be the most likely to have some discrepancy there.
  13. I have made a variation on the sewing needle Eberhard refers to. I beat the end of some 2mm brass rod down to a fine blade and cut a groove approx 1mm deep into the end of it and mounted it into a dowel handle. The whole thing is approx 250mm long giving plenty of room to hold it and reach across the deck. All you have to do is hold tension on the bitter end while guiding the line around the bit, pin or cleat.
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