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  1. After a long break, work and the rest of stuff going on, I deceided to shelve this model. I carefully packed it away, labeling parts and I hope to pick it back up in the near future maybe. I have however opened a new kit, the 18th century longboat by Model Shipways. Not that this one will turn out bettter but I do hope I can learn more as Im going along. I just cant stop coming back to the ships.
  2. Such a truly diverse group of individuals. I myself have served in the U. S. Coast Guard for 19 1/2 years right out of high school. I'm a Chief Boatswain's Mate looking at my first retirement in the very near future. Not really sure which direction I will go from here, but actually looking forward to working on dry land.
  3. Sorry for the delayed posting, I'm active military and have been away. For anyone wondering, OcCre came through no problem. I received a response from customer service and within days I received a package with all new dowels and an extra special surprise, a laser etched name plate with "built by: " also included. I will add a picture at a latter date. Thanks for stopping by.
  4. Thanks, It didnt work out, now they are wavy dowels. Just placed an order for a few sets.
  5. Upon looking more, all 6 of the provided dowels have a slight warp to them. I looked online the main stream suppliers and can not find the right stuff, I'm sure I will be able to get something from the hobby wood suppliers advertised on this site, but I did contact OrCre as well to see if I can order them directly from them. In the mean time I will try and soak them and see if I can straighten them out some.
  6. Continuing work on the superstructure area, almost complete and moving towards the masts. However I noticed that I have some issues to deal with. Three of the six dowels that were supplied with the kit are warped. I didn't notice this before and wonder if it has anything to do with winter moving in and my workshop (garage) varies in temperature and humidity. I think I will attempt to reshape them, not sure it that will work, and although I haven't looked yet, I'm sure I can find some replacements online. On separate but POSITIVE note, I awoke this morning to having a surprise on my desk. So I think my wife made the decisions on which kit to work next. Thanks for stopping by, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone!
  7. Installed deck fittings, pin racks and cannons. Still working on the deck gratings and hull channels as well a few other deck fittings. I dislike the scale of some of the pieces, namely the belaying pins and the gun carriages seem off as well. I like the overall look of the combined items and can see why some opt to buy or scratch build some pieces. I have begun to look into another model, as the holiday season is around the corner. I'm looking into other entry level kits, but also into "upgrading" the kit as well. Buying better quality wood, blocks, gun carriages etc. I have also been considering a kit that has been researched, I guess, or historically accurate. Not that it really matters at my skill level, but I think it would allow me to hone my skills while I correct or build other/better fittings etc. I haven't narrowed down my list, but thinking either a Model Shipways or Caldercraft kit, both it seems are highly reguarded and offer some pretty nice choices. Any suggestions? Thanks for looking!
  8. Well, moving along... a little to fast I think. I have made quite a few errors, nothing show stopping, but apparent. A few gaps in the 2nd planking. Rails not fitting properly etc. I still like what I'm doing but really see areas of improvement. I did 2 coats of Minwax Wipe on Poly for the finish. I really like the light sheen it gives. I am now working on the deck fittings. I commented to the wife on areas of improvements, better parts, wood etc that I have seen in other build logs and she agreed but didn't want to spend more money on this particular build, she just wants me to finish one. I started to paint the cast metal parts, then realized a primer might work better than straight paint and some type of jig or work stand to hold the parts in the air while painting. Again food for thought and more things to work on improving my modeling skills. Thanks for looking!
  9. Hello, my first build and build log following along as I bang together the Albatros by OcCre. I've attempted to build two other models in the past but those ended in a pile of sawdust in the trash. This one I WILL finish. Quick kit information: ALBATROS - Built at the Baltimore shipyards in 1840, the Albatros was designed to defend our Atlantic coast. Her smooth, narrow hull and large sail area made her fast and easily maneuverable. Double plank-on-bulkhead Albatros kit by OcCre features laser-cut wooden parts. Accurately detailed fittings include boxwood blocks and deadeyes, brass eyebolts, rings and belaying pins, white metal winch and lifeboat, three diameters of rigging line and more. Eight antiqued metal cannon on serve as armament. OcCre model ship kit of the Albatros provides a full complement of sails that are pre-sewn and ready to rig. Wooden display cradle and a metal nameplate await your finished model. MFG Website Albatros by OcCre. I had already started the build before this post and did not take any pictures before or during those initial stages, however nothing stood out or was unusual. All parts and pieces where counted and sorted, the provided plans, instructions and picture book where examined. I am currently finishing up the 2nd planking of the hull, which I have learned a lot so far and already wish I can start from scratch but I really want to see this one through to the end. Plus although no where near perfect, I really like what I have done. A few quick pictures of my workbench in the garage, recently built just for this task. The deck looking aft from above and the hull as it sits. A quick question on finish. Once I finish the rails, hull planking and few other odds and ends the kit suggests that I varnish everything before continuing. Which products would you recommend? I was thinking of a wipe on poly, but I've never use the product and would like to use something that wont ruin what I have done so far. Thanks for looking!

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