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  1. Welcome aboard! There is only one way to learn, best of luck!
  2. Welcome! Model expo has some nice beginner models and a great selection overall...best of luck!
  3. Welcome to the site! I’m in no way an expert or even a novice, but I have had best luck plank bending with the solder iron type plank bending (after soaking in water), as well as the travel iron. I used the crimping style once and never tried again. Best of luck! I have the same kit in my stash as it is a nice little ship!
  4. Decided to do some painting and staining. I also have work on the skylight. So far I’m pleased. I stained the deck. Over all I like it. Painted the various cabins and wheel house.
  5. Thank you for sharing your story, those fish are beautiful! I went salmon fishing and thoroughly enjoyed it, watched a guy in my group get a hook right in his ear!i caught a king salmon, and I’ve ice fished some lake trout. What species are those monsters?
  6. I thank you for following my build. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you build your beautifully built picket boat. What are you building now?
  7. I decided to use the solid wood for the skylight and just do trim on the outside. I need to decide how to protect the “glass”
  8. I use it for my unwind time which between work, my weekends with my son, entertaining a needy friend (don’t ask) and entertaining my retired parents is far and few between. I’m hoping this winter will be better. I have so many ships I’d like to build just staring at me lol. But I want to finish what I started. You pen duick is looking beautiful.
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