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  1. Welcome to the site from a fellow New Yorker. Sounds like an interesting project.
  2. FYI - Post #35 has his email address. Not sure if you might want to delete it so he does not get spammed.
  3. She’s a beautiful ship! Can’t wait to see your progress! Welcome back ⛵️
  4. Glad you are starting again! Amazing how our ships wait patiently for us to return.
  5. Welcome! Everyday is a great day to start the hobby!
  6. I have attached the cap rail (after 4 attempts that did not look good enough, even for my standards), as well as the cleats and eye bolts below. I went with some wooden cleats I had purchased from model Shipways last year instead of the metal ones supplied that were too big.
  7. Art, my deepest sympathies. If you are looking for a specific Midwest kit I might be able to help you out. - Dave
  8. Bob, that’s called the home button
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