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  1. Hi Kev! Well to be honest, this was my first ship and I planked it per the directions which were incorrect. I too was confused with the bow. I ended up running them long like you did, I then cut them and filed them back so the keel would fit. I ended up with something like the pic below. Hope that helps!
  2. Eric, i found while thinning the bullwarks down that the dremel with stones, and drums worked great, however, a sharp exacto knife really has no problem taking off wood small pieces at a time. Worked quite well actually. Nice to see you on another project!
  3. Phenomenal project and outcome. Amazing work! Congratulations 🍾 i actually have the marine model company solid hull New Bedford whale boat, it’s a neat kit.
  4. Clothespins are cheap? Not too much pressure, easily modified. They do sell alligator clips without teeth, as well as I have seen people put shrink wrap over the teeth. I also have been finding that even with PVA, finger pressure for 30 seconds will hold pretty good as long as there is not too much force in the other direction. I will agree clamps work great until they can't get to where you want them, or hold the piece properly....
  5. Since you are looking for a piece that is 1-1/2" High x 9" Long x 1/2" Wide, could you not make out of two or three pieces of (3/4" or 1/2") Tall x 1/2" wide x 9" long bass wood? I would that that would be easy enough to source.
  6. I love using the badgers, I believe the 105 is the patriot? I have two I use.
  7. How are you doing with the build? I am hoping to get back at mine soon. Hope you sorted everything out!
  8. Steam is not actually visible...what most people mistake for "steam" is actually the condensation that is occurring as the steam reverts from its gas state back to liquid. Just thought i would be annoying and point that out. Very nice steam box you created.
  9. Hello Bob, It sits as it did on Post #84. I haven't put any finish on it out of fear it would not look as nice. I do have another Peterboro that I was thinking about doing as a side project. I have also recently finished planking on an 18th century long boat as well as getting ready to do a model shipways blue nose. I should make plans to get back to this and create a display stand of some sort....so many models....so little time.
  10. Welcome back! I consider myself a newer member compared to a lot of the members here, but I wouldn’t try and align to any way of logs and just do your own thing. By the sounds of it the way your backgrounds affect how you would do your log seem the best way of doing things. I’ll be interested in seeing your log as that was my first wood model I built.
  11. Welcome to the site! I personally would start smaller unless you have some experience. I’ve built a few smaller models in the last few years and that one looks like it’s tough! Best of luck on whatever you decide, but my advice is start small, invest less, and enjoy!
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