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  1. Happy Birthday 🎁 

  2. Mike, like many of my builds, this one too is shelved for the moment while I catch up on home owners duties and summer time chores. I do plan to continue eventually however. I will locate the plans (shouldn’t be to hard to find) and if you bear with me, I will bring them to work, scan them at full size and send you the pdf. This won’t be until Friday however, best case scenario. - Dave
  3. I realized that I can contact other upper NYS folk on MSW through the “Community” function. Here is an out-reach I am planning to send to about 35 folk as far away as the Albany area. Have any comments or suggestions.?

    Allow me to introduce our model ship group located in Rochester NY to you. We are a small group that was founded in late 2015. We have members in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Florida, and even one in Lisbon Portugal. We meet monthly and through the Zoom application we have been able to include our more distant members. You can learn more about us by visiting our web site modelshipwrightguildwny.org.
    We have located you through the “Community” drop down function on the Model Ship World forum and are reaching out to explore your possible interest and participation in a lively and talented group of modelers from all walks of life.
    Generally, sessions are structured with introductions of visitors, followed by a brief business segment and then we almost always have a central presentation topic or two ending with a show and tell of group models. The sessions usually last two hours.
    So you are invited to visit us (tune in via Zoom) this Fall and see what we are all about. You might find us interesting enough to join us on a more consistent basis. Please PM me, with your email address or cell, and I will put you on distribution for our Fall schedule.
    We will not badger you beyond this outreach if you are not interested.
    Hoping to hear from you.
    Thistle17 (Joe)

    1. Duanelaker




      I think that is great.  I was looking for a local group a year or so ago, but it does not appear that one exists.  


      i would be happy to join you if my schedule allows it.


      (Duanelaker) Dave

    2. Thistle17


      Happy to hear from you. Sometime in mid to late August I will be sending out the September agenda. It will be a preliminary as the agenda tends to firm up the closer we get to "air time". We had been meeting, pre Covid, on the 2nd Saturday of the month in person. During this uncertain era we moved to the 3rd Thursday of the month in the evening. We are still sorting that out. Standby for further developments.

      Your personal info will remain private.

      Nice to have you join us!

  4. Hi Kev! Well to be honest, this was my first ship and I planked it per the directions which were incorrect. I too was confused with the bow. I ended up running them long like you did, I then cut them and filed them back so the keel would fit. I ended up with something like the pic below. Hope that helps!
  5. Eric, i found while thinning the bullwarks down that the dremel with stones, and drums worked great, however, a sharp exacto knife really has no problem taking off wood small pieces at a time. Worked quite well actually. Nice to see you on another project!
  6. Phenomenal project and outcome. Amazing work! Congratulations 🍾 i actually have the marine model company solid hull New Bedford whale boat, it’s a neat kit.
  7. Clothespins are cheap? Not too much pressure, easily modified. They do sell alligator clips without teeth, as well as I have seen people put shrink wrap over the teeth. I also have been finding that even with PVA, finger pressure for 30 seconds will hold pretty good as long as there is not too much force in the other direction. I will agree clamps work great until they can't get to where you want them, or hold the piece properly....
  8. Since you are looking for a piece that is 1-1/2" High x 9" Long x 1/2" Wide, could you not make out of two or three pieces of (3/4" or 1/2") Tall x 1/2" wide x 9" long bass wood? I would that that would be easy enough to source.
  9. I love using the badgers, I believe the 105 is the patriot? I have two I use.
  10. How are you doing with the build? I am hoping to get back at mine soon. Hope you sorted everything out!
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