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Non-warping spars

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I have a technique of making ship model spars that can't possibly warp; I've only tried it on yards for my Great Eastern model but I don't see why it wouldn't work for masts or any other spar.

I made the "core" of the yards from aluminum tubing of various diameters and covered them with tapered wood strips, using epoxy throughout.  Sometimes they came out a bit uneven (more than a bit, actually) but after being sanded down to shape they look fine; they'll be painted anyway, but with more care than I employed I think it would work for spars left "bright".  I can't wait to try it on the masts, in which case I will use brass for greater strength.  Happy modeling!

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You're certainly approaching it from a novel angle!

I have made spar stock by gluing up quarters, one 1/2" dia. spar made from four 1/4" square pieces.  If you align any curves/warps so they counteract each other it should be a stable assembly.

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The tube idea might be a good one. Think I would obtain a router bit the same size as the tube, route some groves in some mast stock, cut two grooved pieces off off of the grooved stock, rotate one 180 °. After roughing up the tube and using plenty of adhesive,'to prevent direct contact between the tube and wood', clamp the pieces together with the tube inside. When dry, shape to needed profile.

Or obtain some drill rod for all masts and spars, chuck in the lathe and turn it to size and shape, prime and paint. Should be strong enough to defeat your cat, especially if you rig her with wire.  :rolleyes:  :P 


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Even better would be 1/8" dia. piano wire. It will not bend like tube will. I have used it inside king posts and other ribs and frames that need the strenght. I have just drilled a hole that it will go into and glue it in place. Works great on basswood frames and bulkheads that have thin tops that are in the area that has planking that puts preasure on them. And supports them before the planking is glued to them,when you can just touch them and they will break off.


Use a sharpe drill and drill the hole into the solid section at least 3 x the wire dia. or even more if possible.



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