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  1. Ahoy Mates Here's my Mary Rose while it was in progress. Used the Trust books and the AOTS book and others for the 90%scratch build using the Jotika kits bulkheads and keel only from the kit. The Only accurate parts of the ship are the areas that were recovered and documented in the Trust book volumes. All the upper works are conjecture . I made my build with starting with a full main gun deck and up. With most of the deck planking missing so you can look down into the hull to see all the decks and cannons. All the cannons were scratch made . I used Syren Minature rope with Chucks custom made deadeyes he made for me. The rest of the rigging blocks were from Radek at HisModels.CZ . Boxwood and swiss pear was from Jeff Hern. If you would like to see more photos just PM me and I will be happy to send them to you or answer any questions. Thanks Keith Glueck and Pickels
  2. Ahoy I built my Jotika Mary Rose kit only using just the keel,bulkheads and a few other parts. So about 90% of the rest was scratch built. You can use the Anatomy of the Ship book Mary Rose to help you along with the books by the Mary Rocse Trust. It took my 3 years for my build, I added the inside details from the main gun deck up with open decks so you can look down into the ship thru the open spaces in the decks. You can see more photos on this web site www.woodenshipclass.blogspot.com . Keith Glueck from Troutdale,Oregon Feel free to message me for more info or photos.
  3. Ahoy Cathead,sorry no I do not. You can see photos I have posted on Facebook at the Oregon Modlers Society page. Boris is a Russian Blue. Todays progress. Thanks Keith and Boris
  4. Ahoy Chuck Just Ordered my first rope from your new combo line. Will use it on my new project. A 1/48 Keelboat used by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1803 on the Ohio and Mississippi and Misouri rivers. Scratch built. With help from Boris. Thnaks again for getting this new rope for sale.
  5. Ahoy Mates Boris is spoiled as was Pickels before him in the shipyard. Cat Napping at any time when in the process of planking.
  6. Ahoy Mates Just got my Order from Joe today in the mail. 3/16 sq. and 5/32X 1/8 boxwood strips,m quantitys of 20 pcs and 30 pcs. All the same and of excellent quaity wood. Thanks Joe . Fast service and got acroos the country in a week. From JN to Oregon. Mine are for the cross beams on my Confederacy and other builds. Keith and Boris
  7. Ahoy You live in Centrialia, We live in Troutdale,Oregon. We should meet this summer some time. We have a group of wooden ship builders here. Ha Ha Ha on Boris needing affection! He runs the house and the shipyard. Being only 3 now he's a Russian Blue who loves to nbe next or on what I am building. And has as loud a voice you can imagine. Here's my planking tonight. Keith and Boris http:woodenshipclass.blogspot.com
  8. Hi Chuck I Ordered them from you a couple days ago for the main deck.I have the others in stock here. Thanks. Keith and Boris
  9. Ahoy Mates Getting back to my build on the MSW's Confederacy and need to know which size( lenght) of cannon barrels and carriages from Chuck at Syren do I need to Order? Thanks Keith
  10. It is 1/350 scale made for my freind Steve. It is the LST he served on in Vietnam 9167-68 with all the patches,ribbons and Medal he had. With the PBR 14 Squadron based on his ship.
  11. Ahoy Mates I have the basic dry dock put together now. Just waiting for the Laser Engraved Brick set to get to me now. Here's some photos. Advice in building is to get a sqaure block so that you can glue the uright end sections to the large outside parts square. And work your way down the sections. Look and sight dwon as you build so as to see any out of line parts as you go. I used PVA glue NOT CA! CA doesn't give you time to line up an adjust the sections that you glue. Build it on a board that is flat, I use cling wrap to keep it from sticking to the board or work surface. Boris checked out the fit-he approved!
  12. Ahoy, Why don't you give Rick at Modeler's Workshop a call? He has the large Cladercraft/Jotika kits in stock and would probly be happy to work something out with you.He's in Canada and ships to the US all the time. 514-973-7741. Keith may be able to help you
  13. Ahoy Mates Just found out that Chuck no longer makes rope. CRAP! I know I am late to this issue but need to find out what my alternatives are. Well now where to go for rope that is almost as good. Is there anyone who I can buy rope from that is of the same type and quality? Or what else is avaliable in natural or synthetic fibre? I guess I should ahve stocked up better, but now where can I go? Thanks Keith
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