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  1. Hi Jim Where is it in the postings? What is the time frame for more sets-please let me know. Thanks Keith
  2. Ahoy Chuck Any idea when you will have sets again for sale? I am sure others are waiting too. Thanks Keith
  3. Last call for the Garibaldi Maritime Museum's Annual Model Boat Show -building Demo August 31st and September 1st Come and visit a great Maritime Museum with excellent exhibits and watch our ship model builders work on their ships,answer any questions or just be a pest. I will be there with my Syren HMS Cheerful ,Amati Nina and a great total scratch build of a 1/64 Confederacy-Admiralty Style showing Gary Ison's master model maker work . Here's Boris checking it out from the inside. At the Garibaldi Maritime Museum,Garibaldi,Oregon on HWY 101 with the orange Channel Buoy out front. South end of Garibaldi on the hill side of the HWY. 10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday. Please message me for any other info here. Hope to see you there.
  4. Ahoy Dave That's my new cat Boris. He's a 1 year old Russian Blue who gets into everything ad has the loudest voice I have ever heard from a cat. His only negative thing so far is that he was used to being outside,but with me now he's going to have to be an inside cat. He's not liking it sometimes and yowels . He's getting better-yoweling less. I just have to get ued to a very young cat,and let him hae time to adjust to a new home and being inside.
  5. Ahoy Mates It's the Annual Garibaldi Maritime Museum's Model Boat Show where we builders are there to show just how we make our models. The Museum is in Garibaldi ,Oregon on HWY 101 in the south end of town. The Show welcomes us builders each year where we have tables to work on and share our models and how we build to the visitors of the Museum over the two days from 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to join us in building or just sharing with us please contact me here on MSW's before the show next weekend. I can give you more details then. This will be our 4th year at the show. Each year gets better. I will have my completed Cheerful and Nina on display and will be working on planking my MSW's 1/64 Confederacy. Please contact me with any questions you have about the show. Thanks Keith and Boris
  6. Hello Dan Welcome to MSW You had problems with Rustoleum? Did you follow the instructions on the can? Did you listen to your fellow builders in Portland? LOL Hi Dan,just kidding my friend. For those reading I am in the build group with Dan. You have lots of great photos coming up later from Dan's build of this kit.
  7. Ahoy Mates Here's my Nina 1/65 Amati kit just about completed. I only used the bulkheads and keel from the kit. Rest is scratch built. Just working on the clue lines and their coils. Then It's complete except for setting it on it's base. This is the last ship that my late Pickels was around to help me work on it. Should have a new cat in July.
  8. Ahoy Mates Just received my Order of boxwood from Crown Timberyard yesterday from Jason. Great wood from a great supplier who has been under great demands for his limited time each day. It was well worth the delay in getting my wood for my stockpile for future builds. From 5/16" sq. to 1/32" sq. stock. I had just made my Order before he suspended taking Orders. I look forward to adding to my stockpile when Jason accepts Orders again. Thanks again Jason. Keith
  9. Ahoy Mates Do you wait to buy wood as you need it in your current build? It's not like in years past when you had hobby shops in your area where you could go to every day and buy just what you needed that day without worries about supply. Like building balsa planes. I am 66 now and look back when I was a kid and how easy it was to find what I needed . Now even with online shopping,next day shipping and the rest. Things have changed to in fact it's just the opposite. Even with all the instant buying and shipping,you now more than ever have to look ahead and plan ahead as to what you will need for your current and next builds. Reason-Limited suppliers,with limited product . And producers going out of business due to either age or other demands since most are one or two person shops. So we as builders now have to be pro-active in planning ahead for our own projects in materials we all know can be in short or no supply now or in the near future. Like our most used material-WOOD like boxwood,swiss pear and others. Be a HOARDER with a real goal ,the wood you WILL NEED for your NEXT Builds. The same with fittings and other single or limited source materials. I am waiting for my last Order from Jason from Crown Timberyard now,and know he's doing his best to get current with the Orders he has now. And will be very happy with the wood I have Ordered. And it's not for a current build,but for my stash,I was getting low on my in house wood supply,and I have at least 15 kits waiting on shelves waiting to be built. Look ahead,because that's the future and be HAPPY since you build wooden ship models! Keith
  10. Ahoy Mates I am working on my Amati Nina 1/65 and need to find out what hitch or knot to use for the lashing lines of the deadeyes for the shrouds on this 1492 ship? It has rails on the bulwarks with some cleats,but the lines for the deadeyes are tied around the rails which are mostly without an open end close to use them like a cleat. I have not been able to find anything about hitching lines to a rail. Here's photos of my Nina with the lashing lines going down from the upper deadeye to thru the deck eye bolt for the lower deadeye,and then up and over the side with tape holding the ends. You can see the rails that have space behind them inbetween the frames. I am sure Pickels would have know,but he's busy building in Heaven now. Next month I am going to get a new supervisor in the Shipyard to train in his place. Thanks Keith
  11. Ahoy Jim No case for mine here,but at home it's in a large one with my other wooden ships. At the Show I do watch it 90% of the time. Have not had any problems over the years. You should come to our Show September 21st at Camp Withecomb Clacamas,Oregon. Just east of I205 south of Portland. I'll PM you more details. Check out Oregon Modelers Society for details on Facebook. Thanks Keith
  12. Ahoy Mates I hope that next year other wooden ship builders will enter their ships at this Show. I will be back with my Gunboat Philadelphia and the Nina. And will have the Nina at the Oregon Modelers Society IPMS Show this September 21st in Portland,Or.. So plan to be there if you can,please and with a ship to enter. Last year we had 8 wooden ship models entered. They are in a wooden ship category. I know that Pickels was with me this weekend,and loves what he had helped in building. The Nina is his last build. It's not been easy starting back on it,but I am working on it a little every day now. Here's what my competion was in plastic ships at this show. Thanks Keith
  13. Ahoy Mates The Show in Seattle Saturday was held and I was Awarded 1st place Ribbon in Non Powered Ships Any Scale and then Best Ship of Show for Pickels and my HMS Cheerful 1/48 from Syren. Thanks to Chuck- Syren for a great kit and fittings and all of his advice and help in our building of the Cheerful. The IPMS Club Show is 99% plastic models,including the ship models that are entered. It was not long ago that wooden models of any kind were not able to enter these shows. Now any model that has appropriate materials can be entered. It has been a learning curve for the Judges at these shows. It's very rewarding that now these shows welcome our wooden ship models,at least here in Washington and Oregon. Thanks to all of your support and viewing my posts in the past. I just wish I could share it with Pickels like in this photo where he was looking at the Cheerful,as he always did while I was working. RIP Pickles,you were with me in spirit. Hope that next year there will be more wooden ships in the Show.
  14. Ahoy George What I did was to put the eyebolt thru the bulwark ( the eyebolt surfaces were roughed up with a file ,then used CA to hold it into the drilled hole in the bulwark,add the washer with a small amount of CA to hold it to the hull. By the way I first panted the edges of the washer black BEFORE gluing it to the hull side. Then I used a snipper to cut off the excess length leaving about 1/32 " above the washer. Then I used the snippers and again cut the end 90 deg. to the first cut,which would leave it looking like it was peened over. Try it out on scratch amterial until you get what you want. Like was stated above,most detail can not be seen without mag. glass. You could also glue and eyebolt that doesn't go out thru the hole on the outside of the hull,then make up a washer with a short peened end,and glue the stub end of the bolt washer into the hole. With this you could use plastic washer and rod. Keith
  15. Ahoy Mates Today I went to the Vet's and picked up Pickels cremated remains and his paw print in clay. He's now in a cedar box which is next to where he always was laying down on the work table. He's in the top of my Gerstner Tool box now. I received Chucks new launch kit in the mail today jsut before I went to pick up Pickels. This build will be in his memory . Now I can start looking in earnest for another cat. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Keith

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