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Phantom 1868 by gregkthompson - Model Shipways - 1:96 Scale - New York Pilot Boat

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So I received my Pilot Boat today and began working on the first couple of sections.  I was kind of dissapointed when I opened the box.  Truthfully, I thought it was going to be a little more that what was expected.  But no reason to complain, at least of something to do now.  The tool set was nice though.




Once open and starting to inspect all the parts to make sure every thing was there I started to dig in.  First I would cut out all the templates which took me a good amount of time.




 I did a little bit of carving and sanding on the bow and the stern to get in close to what the templates looked like.




 Next will be carving and sanding the sides to get the templates 1 - 9 to fit nice and snug.  This one will take a little time.


If anyone has good tips how and what to do to make it easier for carving and trimming these to fit, advise is extremely welcomed.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.  I need to charge the batter on my camera and my phone was all that was available.



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Quick update.  I have been making way on my pilot boat, but I am at a stopping point know.  I had to order some more sand paper and some wood filler.  I guess I have one question.  I have the wood glue that is pretty watery and I need to glue down the deck planking.  But it is in sheets.  The question is, what is the best glue to use for it.  Will the stuff I have work, or will I need to get something like regular wood glue you can get from a hardware store?


Thanks for the help.

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Hi Greg

I am no expert, actually kind of a newbie myself.  I did complete the Phantom a few months ago, It took a lot of slow gradual carving to bring the contour of the hull to match the templates.  The most had to be removed from around the sternpost.   Just take your time.  I used a combination of a Dremel, wood chisels and sandpaper.  Just follow the grain as best you can.


As to the glue, if you are putting all this time into the build, it is worth the $3-4 for a fresh bottle of wood/carpenters glue.  It gets tacky to hold within a few minutes and works well. 



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I definitely know what your talking about! Seems like I had to spend a lot of time removing wood! I was installing the keel and when getting the foward done I had to stop and take a little more off! Actually had to use numerous piece to get the bow to look good! Will be applying some wood filler tonight! After that will be working on getting some of the inside decking done!

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