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Hello All



 I am currently building the Apostol felipe by occre an early 1600's galleon and I want to add some canon balls to the deck . I am not sure where to place them , I see a few builds that line them up around open hatch ways or would each canon station have its own small rack of balls and if so what configuration would that take any ideas would be helpful I have tried several internet searches and can't seem to find  pictures that show this .

I am sure that this ship is mostly a flight od fantasy  so accuracy isn't a big concern here but I would like to keep it somewhat reasonable so I figureed I should ask for some guidance.


This ship also has 8 falconets or maybe they are called swivel guns  would they also have a small cache of balls stored near them ?


Thank you  for any help ......steve

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Garlands were situated around hatches and other features along the centre of the ship.They were also fitted to the bulwarks of the quarter and foredecks aswell as the side of the ship.In 1780 this was abolished on British ships by the Navy Board,to ensured that most of the weight born by the ship was as near to the centre as possible.



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Interesting photo, Crackers. I know that is not your name but I found the picture of enough interest to ask; "Where, what and so on??"


Just like Jeff mentioned above, I also saw cannon balls on racks on deck. Perhaps not what the USN wanted, but it sure draws attention by the people seeing them next to the cannons.
I am sure they were only on deck during a battle and not while the ship was in heavy seas. So there is room for both???

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