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  1. We have a Puget Sound Ship Modeler's meeting on the 25th. I will post pictures of the completed tug then.
  2. I should mention that Alan Cote was a former president of the union that has worked closely with the Tongue Point School to help all of their students find jobs once the graduate. Alan passed away recently and the school has asked that the barge be dedicated to him. There is going to be a memorial service on the 18th. The rendering presented here by Per will be present at the service. I should mention that for those who graduate and with the help of the Union 98% get high paying jobs. Despite all the issues and challenges, it feels good to be able to help so many find a future in the Maritime industry. I will be visiting the school on the 4th of June and delivering the tug.
  3. Can anyone give me a pointer to some American flags? I had a web site for all kinds of flags but they are out of business. The tug definitely needs an American flag.
  4. Ok so an update on the tug. Everything is completed except the wiring of the Lights. So in the pictures here you will see everything except the pilot house and the masts. All of the painting is complete and the decks have been installed. The thrusters are glued in place. All of the deck furniture is screwed down. Note - Since the students will be using some of these parts the design called for being able to replace some of the parts. On the stern you will see a block where the bollards can be raised to guide the tow line. Since this could break, the deck is removable so these bollards can be replaced. The story is the same with the thrusters. I expect the wiring to be completed this week. Please note the custom stand complete with waves. This was created on our laser. Once the Pilot house is completed, I will add railing to the main cabin top. The customer has asked that we create a scale model of a bottle of Champagne for the Christening.
  5. Ok time for yet another update on this project - The tug is in the paint shop for the final coat of paint & the Pilot house is in the electronics lab while we finish the wiring of the Navigation lighting. Today I will cut the acrylic for the stand. Final assembly should be this Saturday. The pictures you see below are for the barge. We started with a template of the frame, which was 3D printed. This was used to create 6 frames. 3 frames for the bow and 3 for the stern. These were then attached to 1/8" birch plywood, which will for the deck. From there we will be forming the bow and stern shapes. then final sheathing with more birch ply. Once the hull is done we will paint and attach various deck furniture which has been 3D printed. Total length is 7 ft 2 inches. and she is 26 inches wide.
  6. So Lou I must be dense RTV is Hot glue? We do use a lot of Hot glue in the lab.
  7. Ron - As mentioned this was just a Prototype. Essentially a throw away proof of concept. the idea is someone walks past your display case and the sign lights up. I would also suggest a different color of LED. We just used what we had handy.
  8. Update - For the barge I have almost completely abandoned 3D printing. And I am so much happier. In 3 Days we have accomplished more than we did in 6 weeks on the tug. We built 6 cross section frames. Cut out the deck from 1/8" Plywood, and attached the frames with glue and brads. We are now ready to skin the bottom and create the bulkheads for the stern & the bow. Today I will cut the sides but not attach them. We need to do some wiring first. All of the deck furniture will be 3D printed. For those who are familiar with Fusion 360. There is a free add-on called Slicer. It will slice any solid model to create bulkheads all you need to do is decide which way to slice, the thickness of your bulkheads, and the number of slices. It looks to me as it was custom made for Ship Modeling. You could take the plans for any vessel and create the keel former and bulkheads just as you would for any kit. The software will create the shapes and lay them out on a sheet for the laser or CNC including the slots for the bulkheads. As soon as I have them running on the laser I will have pictures. And just so I don't leave you hanging without pictures. The following pictures are for Kurt. Kurt - I promised you info on a model sign that lights up with motion. The pictures are of the prototype. I will write the article you requested once I have a nicer looking base. It is a very simple solution. You etch the Acrylic with a laser or CNC and then you install in a base. The base has the sensor you see on the front and is hollow. In this case it holds the battery, 1 LED, & the sensor. The cost for everything is about $4. this box was cut on a laser using the common box program.
  9. Ok I promised Pictures so here goes - PS I am finding a Gravity fed air brush a bit of a pain when you have as much painting to do as I do.
  10. Kurt - I hate it when you are right. I called Badger and got an answering machine. I left a message. So I am now a proud owner of an Iwata HP-CR. And now I understand what you guys are saying about gravity fed. that cup is pretty small for what I am doing. I also found a local supplier for the paint I am using, but not until after I had placed a $50 order with Amazon. At any rate the Yellow is done. There will be pictures today. Ron - This is a pretty good video. He covers all the important topics. Like him I have access to an Ender 3, but unlike him I can't use it. Most of my parts are too large. I also use a commercial slicer. I would like to get some of our instructors to view this just so they make sure they cover all the details.
  11. Ok small update. As mentioned I met today with 2 friends to help me with both of the airbrushes. We were able to get proper airflow from one. but nothing thru the siphon of either one. And when we used the metal cup to test we got bubbles without touching the needle. We also had a side air leek from one of the brushes. So the next step is to talk to Badger. Unfortunately their Help desk closes at 3:00 PM Central time. Lately I have not reached home before 2:00 PM Pacific time. I think I can make this happen on Friday. I had hoped to finish painting this week, but the paint I ordered has not arrived. So even if the airbrushes were working I still could not paint.

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