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  1. Chuck - Any chance for a Table in the Captain's cabin? I know it will be very hard to see. But every good model needs some hidden detail. I also know I should have said something sooner.
  2. So here is the problem. When Chuck does it it looks so outstanding. I just have to the model myself. But my work never turns out 1/2 as good. I dream of the day when I can take a picture like the above.
  3. My advice is don't take the time to count the number of holes you have to drill. 😅 it will make the task seem even more daunting.
  4. Just a comment - I found that it was easier to do all the inside sanding before I installed the cap rail. Those frames need to come down quite a bit.
  5. I just noticed that it has been a month since I last updated this log. So here goes! In the pictures below you will see I have installed the molding below the Frieze along each side. I spent some time working out how to scrape the Boxwood, and I am pleased with the outcome. I have completed chapter 3 with the exception of drilling the hull planks for the Black filament. I decided to get to the point of drilling all the pieces at once. I am also trying to work out a reliable method for this drilling. In a previous post I mentioned that I purchased some black art tape from Amazon tha
  6. I should have known you would have this covered. I should have checked with you first. but I am happy it looks good. chapter 3 should be done next week. Maybe I finish the whole thing by the end of Feb. Which will be a record for me.
  7. Well it is about time for an update to my Log! I can tell you I have spent many hours sanding. I have finished the Caprail and the inside plank of the caprail. Painted and install the Frieze. For the inside of the caprail I was have difficulty getting the laser cut pieces to fit. So I switched the a single strip of box wood that I had from another project. It was the same dimensions and easy to bend into place. I am finally feeling pretty good about this model. I am actually looking forward to using my scrapers to make the moldings for the bottom edge of the frieze. I also have some spray I us
  8. Ok, First I want to thank my Mentor Ryland for so much help. I also want to wish everyone a safe and healthy Thanksgiving. I also want to say why didn't you just say RTFM. Yesterday I sat down and read all of Chapter 3. I found that most of my answers are there. I also found that 90% of chapter 3 is just plain Sanding. I spent a very large part of yesterday sanding and expect to do the same today. Hopefully I will be on to the bolsters tomorrow.
  9. Finally I have reach a major milestone! I am not sure why my hull doesn't look as good as some but I am going to stick with this. I did bevel the edges of the planks, but maybe not enough. As the admiral says the best planking I have ever done. I still have significant sanding to do. I do have a couple of questions - - In another log it mentions a 1/16" notch in the transom wings. If I read the instructions and plans I don't see the notch. It looks like all I ahve to do is adjust the length of the cap rail and the stern end raps around the transom. - I noted the Ryland s
  10. Jim - Thanks for the above. It sounds like we are approaching this the same way. I had difficulty with the heat gun. I had no guide as to how much or how little to bend the plank. I went back to my own tried and true method. I have a 3 ft. long piece of 4" PVC. I plugged one end and I have it zipped tied to my worktable. I have filled it with water and I clamp planks to the top edge. I then clamp the plank in place and let it dry. I am also not very comfortable with CA so I am using PVA. I can't say why it did not occur to me that the drilled holes not go all the way thru. I am go
  11. Chuck! You never cease to amaze me! I just heard this morning that you were unwell. Please take care of yourself! I look forward to at least a decade of modeling and learning from you. in the planking I have done so far I have worked hard to make sure each plank ended on a frame with just a 1/64" so that the adjoining plank would have a place to rest. If I read you correctly, are you suggesting that I not drill all the way thru the plank?
  12. I am approx. 1/2 thru the planking. I have decided to drill the holes every 3 planks while I can still see the bulkheads. So are the holes supposed to go into the bulkheads? And what do you do where the butts of planks meet? The bulkhead is too narrow for 4 holes?
  13. Here is my 2nd try 😅 I took Jim's suggestion (Jim I wish I was 1/2 the modeler you are. I loved visiting your Man cave) I think it came out much better. I also am getting the hang of the Heat gun. This is going to be a fun step.
  14. I just received my stand for this Model. Chuck this is such a simple but elegant design. I can't resist working on it while I work on the planking. Quick question - Do you just put 2 or 3 coats of WOP after sanding the Laser char? I am curious how everyone finished their stand?
  15. The use of this lining off process on this model is mostly an opportunity for Learning. I greatly appreciate Chuck giving us this chance to learn the process & backing up it with an almost fail proof solution. So I would like to talk about this some more so I get the process down. Let's assume I am planking a different model that has not be designed by Chuck (they do exist!) First off how do I create the templates for the bow & stern when they are not provided by Chuck? Secondly how do I determine when I need a drop plank or steeler?
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