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  1. Ryland! You are too quick. As luck would have it. I decided to dig thru my parts 1 more time. I found the masting kit bag. So I am good and finally going back to modeling. This is in between playing Nurse to my dog. He has another 6 weeks of recovery which includes 3 time a day of physical therapy. But he is so attached to me he will be my modeling assistant in the garage.
  2. I can see it is time for a quick update on my build. In late July we got a surprise from our landlord. He had decided to sell the house we were renting. And he wanted to sell quickly. So began the 2 week scramble to find a new home and get moved. In addition to this our dog required Surgery. In other words not much modeling for the past month. I have been spending most of my infrequent free time building a Drill press table that will also act as a cheap lathe. As soon as it is completed I will post a picture. During the move I seem to have lost the list of materials for the Masting kit. Can someone please post this list? I have the mast and the plans. I just want to make sure I have all the parts.
  3. Dam I just glued the 1st thwart into place. And of course the next thing I read it nope should not have done it. I should complete my rear seats this weekend.
  4. Ok a quick update - Below you will see my tentative testing with the weathering Powder. But first a quick update on my Model. All of the Thwarts are complete and installed (not permanently). I am working on cutting the notches in the side seats. And as the same time I am also working on the Windlass. I messed up the windlass on my first try so now it is on to the 2nd try. As part of the work to complete the 4th Thwart I am testing the Powder. Based on several comments on this blog I have decided to go with flat black paint instead of blackening. Anyway please let me hear your feedback on the powder test.
  5. Chuck, I have decided to give the Weathering Powders a try. What do you use as the final coat to fix the powder? From what I have learned it has to be a spray of some kind. Since a brush will move the powder.
  6. After reading so much about Chuck's painting technique with the Academy Paint and the weathering powder. I have decided to take the plunge. I bought a tube of the paint, a couple of brushes, & a small weathering kit. I went to the local model train store. T hey had several different powder kits. I settled on one that had 4 colors - Antique Iron, Lime White, Old Tuscan, Dark Rail Brown. The Antique Iron looks very much like rust. So I will start with this one. For this kit the powders come in small zip lock bags and have a divided plastic box to pour the powder into. I am very interested in learning more about these Powders. Please share your experiences and tricks. For those of you using Weathering Powders. How do you apply the powder and what do you using for a final coat to seal the powder? Wipe On Poly will not work. Since it requires a brush or paper towel to apply.
  7. Thanks Ryland! you are my guardian angel 😀 I have gone to the site mentioned above. And placed my order. I can see I will be going there often. Slight correction to the above. I have 4 out of 8 complete. I made number 1 and wasn't satisfied so I am remaking it. Numbers 2 & 3 came out great and are ready to be glued into place. I have 2 coats of Wipe on Poly on both the bottom and top. #4 is in progress ( need the powders mentioned above). #5 is being remade. #6 & #7 came out nice and are also complete and ready to install. I am also working on details for #8 and the seats. For the fixed block on the lower starboard bow. Is there anything that is actually rigged to this block? I can't find anything in the rigging plan. I am curious about others experience with blackening vs paint. For example the metal strips on thwart #4 that holds the mast. I am leaning towards Paint instead of Blackening.
  8. Wow! I had not realized that I have not posted anything since January. I will post some pictures very soon. So just an update on my build. I am well into Chapter 4. I have completed the fishing line on the outside, the floor boards, & the risers. I am currently working on the thwarts. I have 4 out of 8 completed and ready to glue into place. I am now working on getting the notches correct on the seats in the aft. So I have 2 questions - In reading ahead, Chuck is discussing the mounts for the Windlass. There is mention of some square parts that are glued to the back of the mounts. Are these Laser cut or just made from stock? I have found 4 short pieces that are square and laser cut. I cannot find any use for them other than this. 2nd Question - Chuck can I get another copy of the template for the Windlass. I have really screwed it up. I usually make a copy of the plans but on this model I didn't. Can I also get a replacement wood stock. I have lots of wood. but nothing in that size. I will gladly pay for my mistake.
  9. Chuck can you tell us what you used for Weathering powder? I want to pick some up. Did you buy it from Amazon?
  10. Chuck - Since you have such realistic scale figures. Do you have a suggestion on how we can obtain scale figures for our models. I find that when you display your work one of the first questions from visitors is how big was the real ship. Having a few crew members to give perspective really helps with this. I would love a handful of figures in Uniforms that match the scale and period. Suggestions?
  11. Chuck - Any chance for a Table in the Captain's cabin? I know it will be very hard to see. But every good model needs some hidden detail. I also know I should have said something sooner.
  12. So here is the problem. When Chuck does it it looks so outstanding. I just have to the model myself. But my work never turns out 1/2 as good. I dream of the day when I can take a picture like the above.
  13. My advice is don't take the time to count the number of holes you have to drill. 😅 it will make the task seem even more daunting.
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