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  1. Per - Do you see the Syren plans on the wall? We have not forgotten her. Also this makes 1 yr for the Alert project.
  2. Ok time for yet another update on the barge. Hopefully we are on the home stretch and I can get some sleep. As a retired Professional manager I should know better. But I committed to the customer that this model would be delivered in July. Somehow every project fills the available time. And painting has been slow. You have to paint wait to dry and repeat. What you see in the pictures below is the completed Hull with all the Light fixtures in place. Not all are glued yet, and there are no bulbs. In case anyone asks the big squares are access panels for the wiring. Tomorrow we will complete the Control Panel. I am particularly happy with this. Also in parallel I am working on scale oil containment booms. But we will talk about the control panel and booms after the Barge is wired. PS I hope from these Pictures you get an idea of the size of this model. It is 7' long and 26" wide.
  3. So the next phase of this project is the Fueling Barge. This model will be 2 ft. 2 inches wide, 7 ft. long., and the hull will be 6 inches tall. Since it is so large it is difficult to move around. So I am building in in 2 sections. The pictures you see below are of the finished and primed stern half of the barge. You will also see the model of the pump house which is painted Blue. I also have pictures of the frame of the bow. It is laying upside down on the deck.
  4. So here is another update on this project. I expect to finish and deliver everything by the end of this July. So first I want to share with a bit of my trip to Astoria. My wife and I arrived before lunch and delivered the tug model to the Seamanship program at Tongue Point. Everyone was very excited and enjoyed playing with the lights. In fact the next morning I had to recharge the battery they had used the lights so often. The school is located in what used to be a US Navy Seaplane Base. There is enough barracks to house 600. Currently there are 480 students enrolled in one of the 10 programs offered at this location. As mentioned above my customer was the Seamanship program. I don't know much about the other programs offered here. Anyway I am quite impressed. They have 120 students. They come from all over the US. In 2 years they have earned a High School diploma and either an Able Bodied Seaman certification or a QMED (engineer) cert from the Coast Guard. At Graduation they are presented with membership papers in the Union, the challenge coin pictured below, and the Guarantee of a job paying over $75,000 a year. The School has a retired Coast Guard Buoy tender to use as part of the training. I was there to ride up the Columbia river to Portland for the Rose Festival. The Buoy Tender is named the Ironwood. I invite you to look her up on the web. she has a long and historic pedigree. During our 10 hour trip I got to meet some of the 55 students acting as crew. It was an great trip.
  5. Ok I promised a complete set of pictures before I deliver the tug on Wednesday. so here goes! By the way Ron thanks for the tip on Word. It worked like a champ. The Tug is completed right down to the decals and all the details on the mast. I must say that Neal did a great job rewiring all the LEDs on the mast using Magnet wire. This was definitely a team effort. After I return On Thursday we will begin to focus on the Barge. The Barge is scheduled to be delivered in July. We will have a christening party in Astoria for both vessels.
  6. Anyone know how to reverse text in Word? I need mirror images of the tug name and the company logo to be printed on decal paper.
  7. We have a Puget Sound Ship Modeler's meeting on the 25th. I will post pictures of the completed tug then.
  8. I should mention that Alan Cote was a former president of the union that has worked closely with the Tongue Point School to help all of their students find jobs once the graduate. Alan passed away recently and the school has asked that the barge be dedicated to him. There is going to be a memorial service on the 18th. The rendering presented here by Per will be present at the service. I should mention that for those who graduate and with the help of the Union 98% get high paying jobs. Despite all the issues and challenges, it feels good to be able to help so many find a future in the Maritime industry. I will be visiting the school on the 4th of June and delivering the tug.
  9. Can anyone give me a pointer to some American flags? I had a web site for all kinds of flags but they are out of business. The tug definitely needs an American flag.
  10. Ok so an update on the tug. Everything is completed except the wiring of the Lights. So in the pictures here you will see everything except the pilot house and the masts. All of the painting is complete and the decks have been installed. The thrusters are glued in place. All of the deck furniture is screwed down. Note - Since the students will be using some of these parts the design called for being able to replace some of the parts. On the stern you will see a block where the bollards can be raised to guide the tow line. Since this could break, the deck is removable so these bollards can be replaced. The story is the same with the thrusters. I expect the wiring to be completed this week. Please note the custom stand complete with waves. This was created on our laser. Once the Pilot house is completed, I will add railing to the main cabin top. The customer has asked that we create a scale model of a bottle of Champagne for the Christening.

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