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  1. 😬 Ryland you are so correct. The Admiral and I have been away for a week long holiday and I am now test fitting and sanding.
  2. Ok after a bit of trial and error. I got the saw blade to the correct height. And yesterday I finished the Keel. Complete with fishing line Treenails and 2 coats of Wipe On Polly here you go! Now come the fun of joining the keep to the bulkheads. This does not appear as easy as I expected. I will be searching various logs to get ideas. PS I have a new favorite wood. This Alaskan Cedar is wonderful stuff. It sands easily and still holds and edge. and the aroma is just another benefit.
  3. Here is my latest installment on my build. My Igaging device arrived yesterday. I studied Chuck Seiler's Log for how he used this tool. He has very good pictures and a detailed description. I took the same measurements he did and came up with the same settings. but when I made some test cuts they were too deep. I tried a few different solutions and found that I needed set the blade height on my Byrnes Saw to .045". This is almost 1/2 the height that Chuck used. so I am concerned. For the time being I have stopped work unitl I resolve this. I look forward to any insight for this won
  4. Chuck - I want to thank you for your detailed pictures using the Igaging device. I have been anxiously waiting for mine to arrive. It arrived yesterday and so I have been closely following your approach. But when I measure and set my blade I am getting too deep a cut. I have had to set my blade height to .045 inches. and I can't figure out why. I could go forward just testing over and over but I want this to turn out right, My measurements are the same as yours and yet when I set the blade height to the same setting as you do I cut too deep. Suggestions? PS the simple keel has now
  5. Ryland - I want to thank you for your log. Your log has the detail that I need for my model. I have been using it extensively for my build. Can you tell me where you found the thumb plane? I have not yet purchased the rigging kit. but I plan to once Chuck has them in stock.
  6. Ok here are some pictures of my progress. I am told that my Rockler Order will arrive tomorrow. I will start working on the Keel then.
  7. OK a bit of info and also some questions - first Bob I just received my Quad Hands! boy do I wish I had found this sooner. Very nice and I can see many projects I would use it on. Chuck - If you are listening to the late comer. a Friendly suggestion - Could burn the Letters & numbers of the frames into the build board? Also I have just finished reading all the build logs. And I suggest 2 hard keels instead of the hard & easy. The Hard is not really that hard but still could be messed up. So a fall back would be nice. So now an update on my build - I discovered t
  8. Thanks Bob! I have placed my order. I think Chuck needs to talk to Rockler. I am still waiting for my order. Since we are still in lockdown I depend on Amazon and other online sources for my supplies. Rockler has had a week and still no delivery. I ordered Titebond, Sandpaper, & the depth gauge for my Byrnes Saw. FYI to anyone who is building this model. I found 1/64" wide art tape on Amazon and it has now arrived. Last comment - while waiting for all the orders to come thru I was working on the build board to clean out the grooves and one of the pieces broke. I believe someone
  9. Ryland - Thanks for the info. I too have a Byrnes Table Saw. I will do exactly as you suggest. Did you use an 80 tooth blade? As mentioned elsewhere I also have commercial nail files with 120/240 grit. I will clean it up that way. Now all I need to do is find my Micro Chisels.
  10. Bob - I have read your Build log. I think you did an outstanding job. I hope mine turns out as well as your. So tell me how did you do the Scarf joints for your Keel? And later in your log you talk about a better tool than the helping Hands (which I have) can you give more details?
  11. And so it begins. I just received my Medway Kit. And this is the beginning of my build log. I contacted Chuck a couple weeks ago and asked when he would have some kits in stock. He was kind enough to drop me an email telling there were 6 new kits. But the time I placed my order 4 were gone. 4 days later I received my kit. There is no comparison to receiving a Kit from Chuck and any other supplier. This is my first order from the Syren ship company besides parts & rigging. The quality is unmatched. The nice aroma of Cedar isn't bad either. I did the checklist (which by the way
  12. Control boxes continued - The first picture show the PC board with the switches, indicator LEDs, & capacitors installed. The next picture shows the face plate for the tug. Since the rings are 6" in diameter we are a bit limited to what we can place inside the ring. The size of the ring also dictated the size of the box and the PC board. Now I will assemble everything for the barge.
  13. Ok as promised here are some pictures of the control boxes. The first picture shows the inside of the box. We used an external Cell phone battery. This battery has 3 ports. 1 is a micro port for charging, and the other 2 are standard USB for output. We chose the one with the highest amperage. Next you see both the front and back of the PC board. The next is the faceplate for the tug with the Neopixel ring mounted.
  14. Just a further update. As mentioned above there are 4 major parts to this project they are as follows: 1. Build a model of a Alert Class tug using 3D printing technology. As documented in this log this is completed and delivered to the customer. 2. Build a Model of a fueling Barge. This model was built of wood with 3D printed parts on the deck. This was delivered to the customer last week. 3. Build 1:35 scale oil containment booms. Each would be a scale 100 feet long. 9 of these were created complete with functional Z connectors. these were also delivered last week. I wil
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