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  1. Hi Now that every thing is getting back to normal with the memsahib I have started to do some work not only on the Caroline but also the SM and the Bounty but I have hit a problem with the Caroline transom rail it wont sit straight any ideas. This is what I done so far. Tony
  2. Hi Its good to be back now that the wife is getting better and.thanks again to those who wished her so.Things are a bit messy at the moment as I have not got round to sorting them out yet. Tony
  3. tony

    MSW Sick Bay.

    Hi First, thank you all for your prays and thoughts.Second, Eilish has been told she is clear and she had her last radio therapy today and she going to be off work for another three months. Thanks again from the pair of us. Tony
  4. tony

    MSW Sick Bay.

    Thank you gentlemen all for your kind words from both me and the wife Eilish. Tony Now longe moote thou saille by the coste,sir gentil maister,gentil maryneer. Chaucer
  5. tony

    MSW Sick Bay.

    Thank you Patrick for your thoughts.The only problem is getting her to stay still. Tony
  6. tony

    MSW Sick Bay.

    Im afraid everything has had to take a back seat at the moment. The wife is getting over an operation for cancer.The test results are good and the treatment is working. Tony
  7. I finally succumbed.Do not tell the Memsaab.
  8. I have finished the running rigging on the bowsprit,.and have started on the foremast. So far I have had to replace some stays, because he had tied them round the yard rigging,the shrouds need tightening and the ratlines need replacing.Other than that every thing is ok? Tony
  9. Hi Mike As I their have already said, their are some right philistine about. Tony
  10. Thank you for your time every one. Hi Steve It took me all off half an hour to get that look.When I was in the history business we would have called it distressed.Anyway thanks for your good wishes. Tony Hi Blue Pilot. Woodwork wise they are well made,it,s the rigging that,s in a mess pairs not going to the same belay on the opposite side some are missing,and large amount of supper glue on every thing. Tony All the Bowsprite rigging is in place although its not tied off yet as I have not finished staining them to bring them in line with the original.
  11. She is now defuzzed,and I have made a start on sorting out the rigging . Tony Current build .Santa Maria-Amati bashed. Restoring Bounty, Victory, Scotish Maid, Unknown. Waiting Royal Caroline Finished Mayflower AL Bashed. Now longe moote thou sail by the coste, Sir gentil maister, gentil maryneer Chaucer.
  12. Thank you gentlemen. No I don't,both the Bounty and the Victory are del prado so its from whenever they where published. Yes Bob,I believe its called a Senior citizen moment. I use different size brushes and a hair dryer. She is now dusted, and I have now started cleaning the old glue off the pieces that have come adrift. Tony current build -Santa Maria-Amati-bashed restoring -Bounty-Victory-Unknown-Scottish Maid. waiting- Royal Caroline. This is how she is at the moment
  13. After mutterings from the Memsaab Iv put the Santa Maria to one side and started some more tidying up.This time its the Bounty.

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