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ok, so ive been reading all i can about FoB planking, mostly because im not very good at sculpting solid wood, but im still confused on lining out the hull. each article ive read explains the process a little differently, basically most articles say to divid the girth by 4, how do you  measure the girth? then to attach some string or narrow tap so one edge follows the bulkheads, and adjust until it looks right, how can i be sure the path it takes is right for the planks, or should i use a tick sheet to help?

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Have you read the 'pinned' Primer on Planking here? Usually narrow tick strips are used to measure girth at various points along the hull (in your case along the bulkhead edges). Be aware that after mathematically dividing the hull surface into bands, you will still need to finesse the resulting curves until everything looks smooth from all angles. Then you can sub-divide each band into the individual strakes.

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