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"dirty" 3D model

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Has anyone ever heard of a "dirty" model or file.


My program keeps crashing and I've been told I need to "purge" the file and "delete" the temp files to clear the mess in the memory.


The steps I was told to take are:


1. find the file in windows explorer

2. right pick and select purge


3. find the temp file folder in the program folder

4. delete the temp files within the folder


5. reopen my 3D file but DO NOT do anything with it

6. save it immediately

7. close the file

8. close the program


9. re-open the file in the program

10. should be clean and ready to use crash free until it accumulates a new mountain of stuff to clutter the memory.


Has anyone done this before?

first time for me but all my other (work/job) files are tiny compared to this (ship/model) one.

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Well, it is done and running much better now!


step 3 , find the temp folder, was easy

step 4, empty the folder was at first impossible as I wasn't allowed access


I searched online and discovered others had the same 3D modelling issue and they accessed the temp folder as follows

" open windows explorer and type in     %temp%    "

this opened the file and it was full of stuff!

then I typed CTRL + A to pick all

then I hit the delete key

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