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Hi to all,


            can anybody help regarding pear stripwood ?

            I have been looking for a UK  supplier of the wooden strips but can only find pear sheets.

            Can somebody help if possible or is sheets only available.

                       any help would be appreciated



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Thanks Shihawk,


              I looked up at the so called site and 'Whoope'  :) you were right and will take note.

              This will be very good for the future as many members of msw use it and swear by it.

               despite looking on many sites I had never heard of 'twigfolly.com'.


               Many thanks,  I am most greatfully pleasesd for your help :) :)



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Hello Daves,


            thankyou for your info I have looked at the site  and noticed the so called steamed pink/pear wood

            which to myself (unheard of) I saw the actual colour of that and .. no! I am looking for a golden colour for the hull

        and  other possible fixtures as the grain of the wood is good despite being hard wood (if correct).




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Thanks Daves


             that info may get me some thought over that one

                  i'll have to do some serious thought, serious thinking and anything else that's on the plank ? :huh:


                thanks Dawes



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