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Customs and VAT on machinery from US to EU

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Hi all,


I am looking to but Byrnes Table Saw (http://www.byrnesmodelmachines.com/tablesaw.html) with some extras. The machine is not cheap but may be worth the price.


Does anyone know if I will need to pay customs and VAT if I but the Byrnes Table Saw and have it shipped to Spain (or any other EU country)? I understand that formally bying online from US would be considered as "importing".


The shipping itself is almost 30% of the saw's price, and additional customs and VAT could easily double it!


Many thanks for any insight you may have.




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I echo Ian. I imported the Byrnes saw and paid about the same..... plus fee to our Post Office for collecting the taxes!



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The procedure is as follows: First they calculate the custom fee (according to the type of merchandise, for some -- eg. toys and toy parts -- the fee is 0%). Then if applicable, they add the excise tax (I belive it concerns only alcohol/tobacco and such). Then they calculate the VAT on everything (value of the goods+customs+shipping). And post/courier service adds its own fee.


In Poland the parcels of total (i.e. including shipping) value below 150€ are free of these taxes. I don't know, if this limit is the same for all EU.


The official EU page lists the custom fee as 2.7%



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