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  1. Hi All, Thinning the projects. I have an untouched admiralty models Echo wood package, plans etc on CD and the 2 cannon. This is in the UK at £100 ono Ian
  2. Some more painfully slow progress. Question, i am at a stage when I need to stain/lacquer the wood, what do people use in the UK for a natural look that won't yellow. Will be speedier from here on in. Cheers
  3. Well i can not believe its been almost 4 years, but i suppose having a little one will do that. Enough of the excuses back to the slowest build i have ever done
  4. I have the Echo cross section package, and wondering if any plans were produced for the fitting out. I have downloaded the fitting out instructions in the meantime. Cheers Ian
  5. Thank you for all the responses, looks like my hunch was correct, scroll saw first and only if required a band saw. cheers
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if i had space for one which should i go for, a bad or scroll saw? I would be used for building scratch cross sections . band saw option http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-hobby-series-hbs200n-bandsaw-102266?nosto=productcategory-nosto-1 or scroll saw http://www.axminster.co.uk/proxxon-dsh-2-speed-scroll-saw-702063 cheers
  7. The micromark looks like the Seig that i have my eyes on from ArcEuro here in the UK, nice machine
  8. Hi All, I am about to purchase a new band saw for the hobby, but which one as externally these all look the same Record power http://www.recordpower.co.uk/product/premium-10-bandsaw#.Vk9OE_nhDIU Axminister http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-hobby-series-hbs250n-bandsaw-508204 Charnwood http://www.charnwood.net/shop/product/10-woodworking-bandsaw?cid=1 Any thoughts or experience with any of these and their respective suppliers cheers Ian
  9. in short yes. the uk has a value that anything above was liable to duty. I purchased a Byrnes sander and shipped to the UK cost be about £130 in duty etc
  10. thank you all, might add sherline to the mix, though not common this side of the water
  11. Hi All, I am thinking of getting a smaller lathe than my faircut junior as its a little too big to keep moving on and off the bench, what would people recommend, my thoughts are the older unimat SL or the cowells 90, i have been looking at both on ebay, They would only be for turning smaller items, what are peoples thoughts and experiences, as i seem to find few users of the cowells cheers Ian
  12. Hi, These people say they sometimes have holly though i assume it will need ripping to size http://www.ullapoolwoodturningcentre.co.uk/index_files/Page1252.htm Ian
  13. Cheers I like the idea of the carter stabaliser wit an 1/8 blade. To me this appears to remove the need for a dedicated scroll saw
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