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Caustic by The Lumberyard

Mr. Pett

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Thanks for your answer.


Meanwhile I have received some informations from the seller. The kit is made of maple for the frames, pearwood for the hull, cherry for the gun sleds and poplar for the deck planking.


Still have to think about buying. Don´t have much time for modelling and a second build might be to much.

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Hello Don


Yes I have seen a little of your built. The kit is really very interesting if there was not the time issue. On the other hand I think you just have to build and not to change the kit in any way.


My current build is a SotS by DeAgostini, but it shall look like the Morgan drawing. Many things have to be changed and management by error is daily business. At the moment I have ripped off the whole planking from the whales upwards, because I did not like my gunports.

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