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  1. Man, what a bummer. You have a workable repair plan, so that's OK. I've seen an outfit here in the States with these little conical sanders. Forget how fine they are.
  2. Coming along nicely. You may want to look here for the various schemes these ships wore: https://shipcamouflage.com/usn_cve.htm very good site for USN camo in WW II. Gambier Bay was in MS 21 (overall Navy Blue 5-N) in 1943, then MS 32/15a, per this site. But photo evidence would override a database.
  3. I'm in. I've become an IMSA fan of late. Up to four classes running at the same time in 1 race. This model looks like what is now called a Daytona Prototype or LeMans Prototype. Cool.
  4. Evergreen Scale models makes styrene sheet at .005"/0.13mm, in white and clear. Don't know if anyone makes thinner styrene.
  5. Dan, the Like is for the fine work you're doing. Has to stink to be doing roof work in the winter.
  6. Where I used to live in South Jersey, there were four or five hobby shops when I left in 2009. Only train place left is Sattler's, in I think Westmont, NJ. It's been around since WW 2. The other model train place is in Piscataway, the Model RR Shop. There is also AAA Hobbies, Internet selling as MegaHobbies, in Oaklyn. There are others, but I don't remember the names anymore. Here in western NC, we have places like Michaels, HobbyLobby and HobbyTown USA. There is one "hobby shop" in Hendersonville, with random hours and minimal stock outside of some Lionel Trainsets and the owner's
  7. Ekis, that is one outstanding diorama. 👍👍 Hopefully, we'll be patient as you continue with this adventure.
  8. Craig, yes I knew the place. Whenever I got down to MacDill AFB, I'd pop over there at least once a trip. Found a few bargains and several oldie but goodies. And his stuff migrated all over the country. I bought kits up in Jersey with his store stamp on them. Probably consignment sales from passed away modelers. A good place to hang out for a few hours. We had a few shops like that back in the day. Owner comes in, fires up a coffee pot and opens for business. Spent many a happy hour in places like that socializing and shopping. 👍
  9. Sounds good, OC. Give us a head's up next time. We'll bring suitable adult beverages,
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