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  1. Eye catching paint job, Denis. Easy-peasy to find and join up on.
  2. Denis, have you ever tried to whiten decals by putting them up in a sunny window pane. I read it somewhere, but can't find the source of that factoid.
  3. The lack of locating pins and very basic fitting is pretty typical of the limited run, niche market kits. A number of companies, such as Amodel and Emhar, come to mind. Do a good job prepping the fit before you paint and assemble and you'll see a nice model of that tank. You may need to tape the parts in place to glue them up, so you'd need to balance that with prepainting your parts.
  4. OC, might want to show a little wear and tear on the lap belt latches and the edges of the seats where tools, gear bags and/or feet rub away the gray paint. Otherwise, they do look good.
  5. You will go blind, building this one. Talk about one intricate ship model. But, I'll be here watching this with rapt attention. 😁
  6. Will there be any kind of piping running under the frame? Brake piston(s), steam and air lines. I assume with quality of the kit so far, these items will be added further in your build. As Wefalck says, using a mirror may enhance the views.
  7. Nicely done, Elijah. It will give you pleasure fore years, since you made it yourself. 👍
  8. Early on, the Army wanted them, but the AF didn't want them to have fixed wing assets that were combat rated.
  9. Hope it's not a sign of some other underlying illness. Follow the prescribed dosages for the full time. Stopping too soon with antibiotics could allow the infection to comeback stronger and need stronger meds.
  10. The Warthog is an impressive machine. I worked them at our gunnery range and that 30mm Gatling gun is a beast. The USAF keeps trying to retire them as they get older, but Congress keeps funding going to them.
  11. BEng in 1970 from Stevens Tech, in beautiful Hoboken, NJ. Easy to daydream in some classes overlooking the Hudson River between Jersey and NYC. Went to fly in the AF and never worked as an engineer. Did a lot of tech stuff in the AF and had to translate the engineer-speak in our tech manuals into basic English for fighter pilots. We backseaters were the read-write capability on the Phantom.😁 Continued translating Federal Emergency Management regulations for the good folks of my state. I must have had a knack there. 🙄 The tech manuals were easier to work with, since engineers wrote them. The Federal regs were done by lawyers, so had many ambiguous sentences.
  12. Denis, I think you got this one. The canopy looks pretty good. 👍
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