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  1. The black powder fouled the barrel fairly quickly. Anything to moisten the buildup to remove it makes sense. One reason they resisted going to rifles as a widespread weapon, I suppose.
  2. It's essentially a gray tube behind the seeker head section with clips to slide it onto a launch rail. With an electrical contact pad to talk to the aircraft. Very reliable missile when you get to fire one.
  3. I think we were still flying some of these in the Philippines at the start of the war in the Pacific. Thanks to MacArthur's mis-management, we lost any air force we had in the first few days. Many were lost sitting on the ground.
  4. OC, the training rounds were actual AIM-9L seeker head sections, so they were dark colored, sort of a metallic gray green. The body was just gray with a blue band to mark it as training use.
  5. We had a real high tech yaw indicator on some Phantoms - a piece of parachute cord.
  6. Sanding sealer is not a finish coat. If you want a flat finish, use Dullcote or similar. If you have a porous wood, sanding sealer. might be of use.
  7. If you plan on soldering in electrical situations, you should use a rosin flux. Acid flux will affect the electrical work. Flux is the last step in cleaning your parts before soldering them. I suspect your usage won't be in electrical use, so acid fluxes should be OK. Make sure you clean off the acid flux very thoroughly after your soldering is complete.
  8. OC, coming along nicely, mate. Love the wire detail in the canopy, too.
  9. After a trip to the range, we'd take the cap lock rifles apart and put them in a bucket of hot soapy water, after pulling the plug for the percussion cap. Take the ramrod, with a cleaning jag( looked like a big Q-tip) attached and run it in and out of the barrel, siphoning the soapy water thru the hole into the barrel. A few minutes work and clean barrel. Dry it and coat the barrel inside and out with gun oil. Reattach to rifle.
  10. Be interesting to see this fully loaded out. The centerline was part tank, part bomb. The Air Force decided 1 weapon was kind of inadequate and added the 4 blivets on racks in the wing roots.
  11. Since shellac seals the wood, stain it before sealing it. The glues we use also seal the wood, so again, stain beforehand. Test your stains on spare pieces of wood to see if the results are what you expect. The basswood used in some kits stains unevenly, so you may need a conditioner before staining. Minwax makes such a product. Have fun in your build.
  12. My experience has been with caplocks, either modern designs or American Civil War. Have a repro 3 band Enfield, made as a working prop for the film "Killer Angels". Hefty weapon to lug around. Back to the dio now.
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