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  1. Some of the German bombers were used over water. See the FW200 Condor and JU188 paint schemes. True most fighters didn't spend much time over water.
  2. White is translucent, so you need multiple coats. Like painting anything yellow or red. Using a light gray primer would help some, but translucent colors like those are a bear to do well. Looking good, Denis. I remember building this eons ago and mixing up a gray blue deck color. I thought it was wrong, but what did we know back then.
  3. Well done, Denis. 👍 And yeah, we tend to add a little DNA to our builds.
  4. Canute


    Well, that's a little better than "blue hairs".
  5. I think they will be ME 109Ts. Surprised at the low elevation of the island.
  6. I'll second that. I remember seeing remnants of the British Mulberry (artificial harbor) in I think it was Arromanches.
  7. Canute


    Wishing Mark Taylor a very happy birthday today.
  8. Denis, if you have azaleas, the cut off branches make good "logs" for the tender. Let them dry out if they're recently cut. Guys use them in HO scale pulpwood cars; in that scale they are about 4-5 feet. In this scale, they'd be good for the fuel wood.
  9. Yes, Carl, they are rangefinders. Most German heavy cruiser and bigger had them. And they do look like teed up golf balls.
  10. Denis, they should connect some outlets on the bottom of the water cistern of the tender and some water injectors on the engine. One injector on each side. Both engineer and fireman had control of the injector on their side. The fireman's job was to keep his fire hot and the water level set correctly. In hilly terrain, an engineer might get worried about water levels and pump more water into the engine. Steam was made in the space above the firebox. The problem with that was the fresh water was colder than what was already there, so the steam pressure could drop and the engine would slow down.
  11. Glen, I'm going to follow along, too. ACW ironclads have been of interest to me for a while.
  12. We had an older gentleman pass away a number of years ago, who had collected a number of the model railroad cars. Printed sides, wood everything else. Family brought us several big boxes full of these kits. We sold the stuff on eBay, because the locals almost never buy kits, let alone these particular kits. Collectors snapped them in a few days. When we get model railroad kits, we build them up to sell. Many folks run away from kit assembly and finishing.Fully assembled kits sell much better.
  13. US and Japanese carriers used wood decking. RN went armored pretty early. The kamikaze attacks off Okinawa disabused the USN of wood decks.

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