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  1. They've been used in some port cities for water tours of the port. Interesting build, all loaded out.
  2. Interesting build. Is this cutter named for Emlen the Gremlin, a long retired NY football Giants player?
  3. USS Tenacity looks like a Measure 12 Modified scheme. Here's the page on the Ship Camouflage website: https://shipcamouflage.com/measure_12_modified.htm It was an early war scheme, used on a number of USN ships.
  4. Nice lineup, Chris. There is a cable/satellite TV channel here in the US called RFD-TV. It has several shows on a lot of this stuff.
  5. Gentlemen, that's due to TMB - too many birthdays. My eyesight was very sharp up until age 42-43, then slid down hill slowly. Glasses helped me keep up. Last year, at age 72, the growing cataracts got bad enough to require surgery. Now, my distance vision needs no assistance; however, I do need readers/optivisor for closeup work. I think that's fairly typical. I attempted some 1/700 PE, but it's been a while. I think I'll work in bigger scales, mostly for the manual dexterity rather than the visual issues.
  6. The PE will make this really pop. It's light-years better than the kit plastic.
  7. Good job keeping the building square. The roof should sit perfectly on that.
  8. It may have to do with the footprint of the tractor. There is a small point for each tire contacting the ground. The tractor weight, including the fluid inside each of those rear wheels, is concentrated in a very small area. [Yes I did say fluid in the wheels. Adds weight for traction. I forget what it is, but getting a puncture was a pita. Luckily, the tractor wheel mechs are traveling workshops to make repairs.] Heavy weigh, small footprint= high PSI, compacting the soils.
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