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  1. Seven cooks. Waahoo, buddy. Bet the grub was good.
  2. You do know eating large amounts of turkey can put you in a tryptophan induced coma, don't you? 😁 Ops normal for the day. We'll all be in the TV room with some football game on and everyone will be snoring in their chairs. Been in that nap time game a time or two.
  3. The Phantom was pretty cool. Like number of you have said, it's a shame they have to be cut up. Me, I'd like it in triple chocolate. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Yankees and a tip of the hat to all of of our buddies here on MSW.
  4. Looking sharp, Craig. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
  5. Looking good, Grant. Everything is coming along nicely. I'm lagging right now as we have been preparing for our Thanksgiving holiday. Not getting the shop time to fair the frames.
  6. Tom, you're correct. It would be "This is No Sh**. The abbreviation TINS is a column header from our quarterly magazine, "Mig Sweep". That's where we can relate well-scrubbed stories from Nam and Desert Storm.
  7. Tom, check thru the site sponsors. One more place to look is Free Time Hobbies: https://freetimehobbies.com/ There are a number of online hobby shops, not just ship sites. Try Megahobby: https://www.megahobby.com/ Sprue Brothers: https://store.spruebrothers.com/ Kitlinx: https://www.kitlinx.com/ Hopefully others chime in.
  8. Well, it's safer than a lot of other topics, Tom. Do you know the difference between a fighter pilot war story and a fairy tale? Fairy tales start "Once upon a time, ..." Fighter pilot war stories start "There I was,..." and there is a lot of hand waving.
  9. Great paintings, Jim. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  10. I've been able eat most of those same beasts. In Thailand, the on-base restaurant used to tell us they were serving Kobe beef steaks, a real delicacy. My frontseater and I figured it was really water buffalo, since the price was pretty reasonable. And the water buffaloes were all over the place.
  11. OC, I never had to use a "silk let down". Had some close calls, but all my landings matched my takeoffs. Got towed back to parking in a dead state, but that was due to icy taxiways. The runway was "acceptable" (I don't know who made that call, but the pilot and I both questioned his evaluation skill), although very sporty.
  12. We're sinking deep. Lou, that concoction of yours is called a turducken. I think it was dreamed up by some Cajun chef, but I could be all wet on the origins.
  13. We had some Canadian geese from some Pennsy marshes. Been too many years to remember what it tasted like. I don't think it was as greasy as duck, tho.
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