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  1. Yes, USN didn't appreciate the Corsair and dumped it on the USMC. The higher landing speed needed experienced flyers coming aboard USS Boat.
  2. That camo website only helps for WW II. Post war will need good photos for anything else.
  3. Here is a website about camo schemes on these subs in US service. https://shipcamouflage.com/submarines.htm Subs were painted in Measure 9, a black over upper surfaces and Measure 10, which were gray uppers.
  4. here's a build of Langley as CV-1: http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/cv/cv-01/Langley-350-kk/index.htm he does some very nice work.
  5. It does have an odor. Sort of like Bondo Spot Putty, the red stuff. I tried some Vallejo acrylic putty lately, which works well except it doesn't bond to some polystyrene plastics. Guess nobody was QCing the parts that day.
  6. Andy, what filler did you use on the roof joins. Looks good. Hard to think those queen post castings would ever match up.
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