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Throat-seizing for the shrouds on dead-eyes


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Hi All,


In a lot of the literature it is written that shrouds are turned on the dead-eyes by using a throat-seizing (I.e.: http://www.hnsa.org/doc/luce/part11.htm).


I've noticed in a lot of pictures on the forum that on models this one is usually skipped. Is this a 'normal' practice to make on the models?


I am asking because I have tried to make it as in the pictures, but failed. Is there a  known method to make one on a model? I have 'asked' google, but failed to get something till now.


Thanks for help!




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You can do it like this, but....

after attaching the lanyards, it is hardly visible that you did the 'vertical' seizing.

Also: as the shrouds are far more playable that the Original stuff, puttin gthe whole thing at a ceratin amount of tension, tends to remove the little gap between the parts of the shroud.

But okay, mine is scale 1:100, so at larger scale it will probably visible.


But t's fun to do :)

The vertical throat seizing is not done differently from the 'normal' ones: make a small loop in the shroud, make the seizing, then insert the deadeye and fiddle around until it is at the correct height,

secure the seizing, and make a second (and third) one above the throat seizing.



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