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  1. Did the keel-rabbet sit in the middle-line of the wioden hull? I had sevre priblems getting the keel in the middle and square. My schooner is still sitting unfinished in my room.... (Started in 1991, but abandoned before rigging was completed) Jan
  2. What kinf of eyes do you have?? I find 1:250 already slightly problematic ..... The model is a real beaty! Jan
  3. You can almost see the little sailors run to their battle station! (And your hand keeps being unexpectedly large ) Jan
  4. Over here, there used to be very small wooden clothing pegs (actually intended to hang your chrismascards on a string). no glue whatsoever. I can't find a picture of them, only of minipegs that are ways larger (1 inch) than the ones I have ( .5 inch). Jan
  5. But as you gun tackles wont have svere stress, the method shown in your manual works fine, and will prevent uggly oversized knots..... the two ends that need to be glued are half hitched to each other, so no diffucult splicing or so. Jan
  6. Really have no idea why you replaced the ones from the kit The whole thing is starting to look like your usuals standards require: superb! Jan
  7. The deck is a little bit too clean, otherwise you could almost think these are pics of the original. Your detailing is great!! Btw: it looks as if you do far more than cutting on your cutting mat...... jan
  8. I understood that, but I tried to make the point that selling in a Dutch context, the price could perhaps be higher. Jan
  9. Nice bunch of models in that library. Don't think our library could find so many good models in progress in this region Jan
  10. It is not an unusual subject (at least not here ) It was (is) a famous ship: the personal yacht of Beatrix, presented to her for her 18th birthday. This kit was available i. The seventies ans eighties in almost all hobbyshops around, as well as other kits of authentic shipmodels. Decent quality for a fair price. Your Dutch market will be limited, however: most people who want to do this model already did it 35 years ago (and no, I did not build her, but it is slightly too large for me) Jan
  11. Or Popeye uses a very old version of iOS..... The vids don't work on my somewhat outdated Ipad, but function without problems on my new Iphone. And to Popeye: the vids are better than the pics Jan
  12. Ok, it is a bit on the late dide (1608), but this drawing shows them attached to the shrouds https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/nl/collectie/RP-P-1898-A-20079
  13. Ehhhm.....what are letter drill bits?? Jan
  14. Or for that matter the books of Philip Reed are very instructive. (clear text, and very detailed photo's) Reed uses wood shavings mounted on thin paper. These can be cutted with a knife to the desired width. These planks in turn are used to plank the (solid) hull. Jan

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