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Looking for a belaying/rigging plan for Philadelphia Packet or similar


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Hi guys,


I am currently researching a model build for a commission, and the ship in question in based on a Philadelphia packet circa 1818. I'm trying to get an idea of what rigging to represent, this won't be a full rig as the client doesn't want that. Enough standing and running rigging to make it interesting but not every length of line. This is difficult as they want it represented with sail set, which does add to the minimum I can do rigging wise. 


I've attached a photo of a model of a vessel which is very similar. On that model, unless I am mistaken I'm only seeing standing rigging, braces and halliards. With sail set, what lines would be essential do you think? Looking at it, I think I could probably leave off buntlines, reef tackles, bowlines and leech lines but I'm unsure. 


I have Lennarth Petersson's book here, but comparing it to the fully rigged museum models of similar vessels, the book's represented rigging seems a little more elaborate. What I need is something that I can compare to the diagrams in the book and the other models so that I can find out what I can omit, and what wouldn't have been present on a packet compared to a frigate anyway.


Can anyone assist :)?







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