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  1. OK it's finished a bit different than the plans. Now she is a yacht waiting to be launched as her skipper look on as the ships cat is on the hunt.
  2. The instruction booklet was very good but the plans lack any detail of the hatches etc. According to the plan the 2 fwd cargo hatches each have less then a foot clearance to load and unload turtle cargo. A crewman would have to go below and carry out the turtles. Unless this person is extremely thin I cannot see how this is accomplished. So I just might install a one larger hatch system enabling a useable hatch for the persons of that period. In the image is a 5'3" tall crew. I realize the centerboard trunk/case divides this space but the case can be cut down some allowing more room to attend to the turtle cargo. After all the skipper/ owners would fit out his vessel to suit him self giving me liberty to do the same. SOS
  3. First a little about this craft This is a working schooner but my interpretation is a vessel coming fresh from a refit and things looking a bit new and not showing the "toil" of the fishermen. SOS
  4. Way back in 2014 I picked up this kit at the local flea market for a few bucks. The contents were all warped and the plans missing, gone in some flood. So I said to myself why not try to put it together all the parts seemed to be there and pre cut , what can go wrong ? The sides the bulkheads the bottom the cabin etc all pre cut and obvious where which part mates to which part. So I put it together and it went OK just a few parts left over. I mentioned this on back in Oct 2014 here on the Forum about no sail plan and later got a package in the mail from J. F. from LA USA ( thanks again J. F) with the instruction booklet, complete plans and with the sail and rigging diagrams. I contacted Chuck to get the users name of the person who kindly sent me all I need to build the model, but no luck with that. Then along came the request to build the Sloop Providence Completed and posted on the "Scratch built Forum" for my son in law so this little schooner model had to be shelved for for a while. Presently I am working on the model and posting a bit late with the progress but BETTER LATE THEN NEVER SHARPIE. SOS
  5. Lou congratulations on starting your Providence build log I put one US enlisted Marine aboard. He's preparing the swivel gun to fire off a salute. There are more pix of my build in the scratch completed section. If you look close there is one dog aboard . Part of the prize crew the Providence took on one cruise. Here is one image with the US Marine, in the green uniform of that period. SOS
  6. Thanks Mark, this ole Navy "airdale" thinks that # 2 looks good with the buff pants and green jacket . SOS
  7. Russ and Lou, thanks for your input regarding the flags. Has any one some idea of the US Marine uniform at that time ? I do think it was green with some red in the trim and maybe a crossed white band across the chest. I feel I got to put at lest one Marine aboard. SOS
  8. Getting close to the finish line here . The dead eyes ( using black or tared lanyards) have been reeved and a few crew members have reported aboard. Will make a Marine ( will be loading a saluting cannon and wearing a green uniform ) as this vessel has the distinction of having the first amphibious landing of the USMC. from this vessel. I'm still puzzled about what flag to hoist The" Grand union", "Don't tread on me" or the 13 star and 13 stripes flag. Any suggestions ? My intention is that this vessel will have a theme which is when finished. SOS Colonial Sloop Providence diorama display explanation The sloop Providence is close hauled tacking into NW force 4 wind as she looks for a safe anchorage in friendly waters , hopefully close to an established town for re-provisioning On deck are 12 crew members. Starting at the bow stb. side is the ships Bo'sun. He is loosening the lashing on the anchors fluke. It will be eased off to hang from the cat head to be released at the word of the Captain.. Across from him on the port side a seaman is preparing to pull on the jib down haul.. At the mast another sailor approaching the jib halyard to let it go to lower the sail , both will eventually furl the sail just leaving the fore stay sail drawing which may be used in "backing " to help sail the sloop backwards as she lay's out her cable when anchoring. On deck stb. side is the midshipman to supervise the anchoring evolution. He thinks he is important but the ships Bo'sun is far more experienced Above him on the ships rail is another sailor pointing to obstructions that lie ahead. He just came from aloft where he furled the top sail Opposite him secured to the shrouds is the leads man. He is taking soundings to determine the depth. He looks a little worried as the lead line showed 4' beneath the keel. On the quarter deck port side a seaman belays the running back stay as the sloop just completed a tack. Another sailor is preparing to "dip the colors" as a US Marine is preparing the saluting swivel gun on the stb. side The first lieutenant overlooks it all as the most experienced quartermaster mans the tiller. The Captain is all the way aft and knows the ship is in good hands and is probably calculating his share of prize money after a successful cruise off shore sinking and capturing British merchant, war ships and raiding shore facilities.
  10. Chuck, that puzzled me too as a upright post interferes with the function of the gun. My solution was to beef up the ladder sides anchoring them in the main deck on the bottom and to receive a fore and aft beam on the quarter deck on top, figuring it only had to support the weight of one person on the ladder at one time. Perhaps not orthodox method but for me with primitive plans to work from, it works. Please don't tell any one how I fudged it What might be better would lay out the gun ports more carefully or the quarter deck end in relation to the ladder and gun function Hope this helps you SOS.
  11. Judging by the pix of the USS Constitution I think I will rig my scratch model of the sloop Providence deadeyes with black or tarred looking lanyards SOS
  12. Getting close to finishing this scratch model. I need to rig the dead eye lanyards but need to know what color black or natural. The plans for the Virginia sloop call for black lanyards. But i see many models here rigged natural. Just how often were these lanyards taken up back in 1776. I think they would be lightly tarred there fore leaning darker than natural. I did make a few crew for the model some in place but one in the "chains" or on the channell needs the deadeye rigged. So my question here is What color black, natural or lightly tarred ? Thanks SOS
  13. Outstanding work.a bit of history preserved as well . Thanks for posting SOS
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