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Eaglemoss Captain cooks endeavour


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Good Morning

Im from south africa. Im currently building the Endeavour but i cannot continue my build as i did not recieve the printed plans of the foremast that came with issue 84. Id greatly appreciate if someone can help me with these. Even 1.1 scanned copies on a4 will do ,ill print them out and stick together to create the sheet. Ive already contacted eaglemoss they cannot assist me ,nor can jacklin enterprises in south africa who distributed the kits.  Im looking forward in hearing from u guys . Hopefully someone somewher can assist me

Kind Regards

Willem Stoltz


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Look on eBay


BTW It would be a good idea to remove your email.

List of items in part Issue #84
1 x 300 x 4 x 2mm Ayous wood strip
1 x 300 x 6mm diameter Ayous wood rod
1 x 300 x 5mm diameter Ayous wood rod
1 x 300 x 8mm diameter Ayous wood rod
1 x Fairlead saddle, foremast top, bibs and trestle-trees (14 pieces)
1 x Printed plan for the foremast


All the best Antony.

Best advice ever given to me."If you don't know ..Just ask.

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