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  1. Many happy returns

  2. Hi. Well its a nice conclusion to the build. Today the Model has been collected after waiting some 18 months for the Covid to calm down. The nice thing is my work area is free again and its time to start researching something else to build. A BIG thanks to all for your support and Comments. Regards Antony.
  3. Hi. I also have purchased a 3D Printer (Elegoo Mars pro. ) I have used the printer for Model making components (Not ship). Hero Forge is by far the best Figurine shop I have seen. So many choices of kit. clothing. posture. and the list is endless. With the Figurine's available I will be putting some on my Ships as well. And being scalable they will adapt to any model I build. Regards Antony.
  4. Hi and thank you all for your reply's. This model was built for the Plymouth Education and resource people. They will use it as a display Hopefully for the Mayflower 400/401 as I think this years celebrations have been put back a year. Its been a Fun build all the way through. And had a lot of help with obtaining plans and books relating to the build. Its been a interesting concept build a cross section of this type. The wife thinks I should do a cross section at the same scale with all the timbers in place.. No mast. Regards Antony.
  5. Hi. Hi Robert. Did not check the post since October. Its been a while but she's all finished and turned out as I expected. Just a little tidying of the edges and clean the dust off and she's ready to go. Been a interesting build with Help from a lot of people from all over the globe. Thanks for looking in. Regards Antony.
  6. Hi David. Thank you for your kind words. I like building the unusual ships. Its somewhat more challenging when there is little known about the ship. Must post a update next week... Have been working on the Mayflower but not Posting... BAD me.... Regards Antony.
  7. Hi. Welcome to MSW. Your build is looking good and will give you a nice little model when completed. Like Mark said.. Dry fit everything. Then check it again. Slowly using sand paper on a block that span's the minimum of 4 ribs. And checking with a plank to get the angles correct. Do not press to hard on the block or it will damage the ribs/Bulkheads. Like I said Slowly but surely. Have a look at the link below...If it works. Fairing the hull and other bits Regards Antony.
  8. Hi. Thanks for the likes and comments. Sea Hoss.. Kind of name I like Hi Nils. How are you doing ?? I like the new family member Casper. Has he started picking up bits of wood and running with them ?? .. HE will. Building a Half Model has its challenge's. As you can imagine. Thanks again for looking in. Regards Antony.
  9. Hi. Another update on the build. The stern section. The Tudor Rose is a wood carving from E-Bay.. More timbers to be added to this area later on. The Beak area. as you can see in progress at the moment. Ladders are not glued yet as I have more work to do in the deck first. Not 16 century and a tad small... OK he is 5' 1" high.. Easy solved. Not a lot to say.. Sorry but that's me. Regards Antony.
  10. Hi Nils. Just catching up on MSW and I come across your build. As per normal you are making a excellent job of the build.. and I love the clinker hull. (Note to self....You gotta try this one day). Regards Antony.
  11. Hi. Another update. Lots of work done this time. The hedgehog. There is nothing more to be said about that picture. Treenails in but not cleaned up at this stage. Again treenails are in but not sanded at this stage. Started on the beak. And timbers onto the side of the ship. Gunports laid on top of the planking. With cling film to stop excess glue getting onto the ship. The get the correct curvature doing it this way. And they are way oversized at the moment. Started on the upper transom (Not shown the pictures as it is drying at this time.) All going well and will start constructing the rest of the decks next week. Thanks for the likes. And comments. Regards Antony.
  12. Hi. The photos as promised.. The planking is glued and as yet no work has been done to finish it off. I will just sand and clear seal it after completing the tree nailing. (With 4 coats of clear Danish Oil) The Stern area with lots of stealers 1 length had 4 stealers in it .. Another shot looking forward/ The Bow area. The internal works to date. Stern to Bow. Another shot Bow to Stern. A closeup of the stern area. A Shot of the lower stern area (Transom) As you can see I use miniature self tapping screws to hold the planks in place then they are removed ready for tree nailing. The screws are quite long as it helps to hold them in place while fitting them. The holes are predrilled and so far I have has NO splits in the planking. Its NOT the screw head that holds the planking in place.. Its the thread. Lots on Ebay listed as Micro self tapping screws. from 1mm upwards. Will show more progress as the planking continues upwards. Regards Antony.
  13. HI. After a extensive break from model building.. Im'e back Hi Nick. Yes I will contact you tomorrow . No photos today … But I will post some tomorrow afternoon. Started the external planking with Ash stripes 6mm X 1.5mm Yes small for the scale But the effect is nice. I started from the garboard plank and working up slowly. At the gunwale I will use walnut strips up to the main deck handrail then I will use Mahogany strips. Should look Nice... (NO PAINTING...) All the decks up to the Main deck are completed and will need the small bits adding on model compression. Cannons are made and Rigged ready for installation. That's it till tomorrow. Regards Antony.
  14. Hi Jo. Just catching up on your build log.. I am most impressed with you build and humour. A first class job on the planking to the hull. But look at the quality of the finished product All the best. Regards Antony.
  15. HI. A nice man cave And a load of tooling to get the job done A good start on the Victory. Are you using any books for reference ?? Will be interesting to watch the lighting with Fibre optics. Not tried this yet.. So will be watching with interest. Will follow along and I have the kitchen stool on the right booked as my front row seat. One assumes you were a submariner ?? with the Name and the bulkhead door. Regards Antony.
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