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I have just published a primary reseach source. The title is THE GREAT ORDNANCE SURVEY OF 1698,A Facsimile. An introduction and guide is provided by Richard Endsor and Frank Fox. Richard also has provided scale drawings of the principal weapons in the survey. It is a large volume containing 474 pages in a large 8 1/2x11 case bound format. The print run is limited to 199 numbered copies.


In the late 1690's the Ordnance Office conducted an inventory of all the great guns of the Royal Navy and coastal defense batteries. The guns were described and inventoried in great detail. Beside the weight and identification of each gun, they are listed as being on boad ship, in arsenals designated for ships, in storage or in batteries. The survey number was also cut into the gun so that surviving examples can be easily identified. Richard and Frank explain the sizes and names of each weapon along with an explanation as to how to read the material. The inventory was recorded in 1698 by a single clerk that had a very readable hand.


The materials have been reproduced from the original in the British Archives with very little retouching. It was printed using a digital press. In fact the whole project was made possible by digital technology. This is an important pioece of primary research that Richard, Frank and I wanted bring to the light of day. We hope that some of you will find this of great value. We beleive this work will be of particular importance to historians, maritime archaeologists as well as lover of great guns and ships.


More information can be found at seawatchbooks.com




Bob Friedman

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