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  1. To clear up some confusion, SeaWatchBooks has only retired from publishing new titles. The web site remains open for orders from our existing titles. A new brochure will be included with your upcoming NRJ. For all of you who are waiting for deliveries please note that our postal service is nearing FUBAR and so service is going to be slow. Please have patience with us as we are doing the best we can under the current conditions. Thanks, Bob Friedman
  2. Hello Mr Bob,

    I would like to ask you at my order the WARSHIPS FOR THE KING done 20th of December 2019.

    Since this time after twice my intervention and request at any information at package status I have got from you only one short message that you will track my order and back to me. This mail you sent me 15th Jan. 2020.


    Could you be so kind and give me information when my order you would like realize and when I can expect delivery bought item?

    Thanks for answer.




  3. Hi, Speedwell volume I is on press now and is scheduled for release Feb 1 I will announce it on this site and on the SeaWatchBooks site. Stay tuned. Thanks, Bob Friedman
  4. Many old printing facilities used grain up blocks for the floors around the presses. They absorbed spills and gave a good "foot" for the pressmen. The only problem was if they ever caught fire they were next to impossible to put out. Bob Friedman
  5. I appreciate the voices of support for SeaWatchBooks. As a lot of you know I am a one man band; sort of leader of the band. I have processed thousands of your orders over the years along with managing authors, editors, designers, computer graphics experts, fulfillment service people and my print management crew. Somewhere in this semi controlled confusion something goes wrong. We try and fix it with various degrees of success. But as long as there is a good supply of duct tape and a hank of bailing wire I think we will be able to keep most of you happy. Thanks for your patience
  6. Does anyone know where to buy the Wolfcraft MT70 clamps in the US? Thanks, Bob Friedman
  7. The Hayling Hoy of 1759 is now afloat and available from SeaWatchBooks. The Hoy, which is a small single masted ship, was used to carry small amounts of freight and /or passangers along England's east coast. The monograph, complete with building plans, is designed for first time plank on frame builders or for the more experienced builder who wants a small, fun project in between major builds. Check out all information and ordering instructions from seawatchbooks.com Thanks, Bob Friedman
  8. Hi, I encourage everyone to write to Grant Walker asking him to finish volume II of the Rogers Collection. The manuscript has been edited,and pictures selected and sized. There is just a bit of work that needs to be done and some bureaucratic hurdles to be cleared so give Grant all the encouragement you can muster. Regarding Vasa, most of the planned contributors are gone and I cannot see any light at the end of this tunnel. It just is not going to happen. Thanks, Bob Friedman SeaWatchBooks
  9. Greenwich Hospital Barge, Druxey Revealed By now a lot of you have figured out that Druxey, who modeled the Greenwich Hospital Barge of 1832, is none other than David Antscherl. He has put all of his notes and photos on paper and SeaWatchBooks has just published it as a book. Go to seawatchbooks.com for more information. Thanks, Bob Friedman
  10. Glenn, your work is just gorgeous. Could you please update your email address on your web page so that I can contact you. Thanks, Bob Friedman
  11. Hi, We have updated SeaWatchBooks News and Forthcoming page to let you know what is coming in 2016. We are at www.seawatchbooks.com. Thanks, bob Friedman
  12. Hello, ALL copies of the Dutch Merchantmen by Ab Hoving contain a plans portfolio along with the book. If the book was bought at the Rijksmuseum book store they owe you the plans set. They now know this. Write to them and they will send you the set. There has been only one printing of this fabulous publication and it includes the book and plans set for the price of $75. Thanks, Bob Friedman, Publisher SeaWatchBooks
  13. Hello, My printer went above and beyond normal procedures to get the reprint of the Rogers Collection reprinted and shipped in less than two weeks. In my world that is almost unheard of. Hats off to the crew at Taylor Specialty Books in Dallas. All back orders are being filled today and normal order and delivery schedules will begin on Monday so get your orders in so your books will arrive for the holidays. thanks for your patience, Bob Friedman, SeaWatchBooks
  14. Another method is to use powdered 24 karat gold in a gum arabic base. The product looks like a big pill and it disolves in water. You can cut off a small piece, add a bit of water and then paint the gold on. This how ancient illuminated manuscripts were colored with gold This method will produce great results on difficult to reach places. I found my supply at a place called Jerrys Art Supplies. They are a major art supply cataloger. Bob Friedman
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