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I decided to build this iconic ship from 1/4 scale plans instead this kit. I took my time assembling it and it shows very nice. But it needs to be finished.


I thought about keeping it and use it for spare wood but it would be sad to see it get all cut up.


I'm not sure what to ask for it.... if someone is interested in finishing it please PM me with your offer.


Thanks, Jerry






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I have built a couple of Bluenose over the years and Latina's is a beauty when finished. But the decking or deck planking is a might off scale to the boat. Model Shipways is a bit more to scale as far as the deck planking goes. Your brotherin inn Canada love this model and I sold both of them to Canadians in short order. I do hate to see models go unfinished especially with the fine work you have already done on it. Hopefully someone will step up and finish it for you.

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