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What rigging rope to order

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I will be starting another kit build in the next month or so and have been doing a little bit of homework on rope available other than what has been supplied in the kit (kit rope doesn't inspire me that much !) . This may sound totally stupid on my part (so please excuse the question from a relative newbie if it is!) but some suppliers offer a "left" twist or a "right" twist coil. Is one better than another or are there specific reasons for the difference.


I also noticed that some are called "served" cotton ropes. Again what is the purpose of these or can I use any type of rope which will do the same thing.


Any help would be appreciated 


Cheers..............Fernando  :cheers:

Current Builds - Colonial Brig Perseverance 1807 by Fernando E - Modellers Shipyard - 1:48 scale


Previous Builds - 

S Lucia by Fernando E - Panart - Scale 1:30

Sloop Norfolk 1798 by Fernando E - Modellers Shipyard - Scale 1:36 


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