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  1. Welcome to the crew from another fellow Sydneysider. Cheers.............Fernando
  2. No more floggings but after nearly 7 weeks here am starting to look like a Tasmanian..(..am growing an extra toe!!) 😄😄
  3. Hi Mike Looks like you're moving at a cracking pace and the model is looking very smart. Black-It is worth the $30 as it will last a lifetime. I bought my bottle about 5 years ago and haven't used much at all since that time. Keep up the good work and I look forward to further updates. Cheers............Fernando PS. I'm still in Tasmania and not keen to head back to Sydney while the lockdown is still on and Covid numbers are still on the rise. The only downside is that under lockdown I would have more time on important things like working on my Perseverance!!! 🤕
  4. Hello Mike, Really looking smart! I really enjoyed building the deck furniture as it starts to look like it's heading towards the home straight......that is until I started the rigging🙄 Cheers...... Fernando
  5. Hi Mike, looking really good. I had similar problems with the transom cap with some minor spacing showing. I just put some tiny bits of wood filler and painted the spots the same black as the cap and....voila, spaces gone👍 Cheers.......Fernando 🍻
  6. Hi Mike Many thanks for your kind comments and I have added your build on my "watch list". Yes, it's been a long time between posts but I certainly have not given up on the Perseverance. The past couple of years , despite lockdowns etc. have been very busy with the addition of two grandkids and work commitments keeping me out of the boatyard. Work on her has been very haphazard but still on going although at a snails pace. I'm currently in Tasmania so am unable to do any work on her until I get back to Sydney which will probably be after the lockdowns come to a close up there. Cheers...........Fernando
  7. Hi Dave I have this kit on the shelf so will tag along for the ride! Cheers......Fernando
  8. Hi Allan Many thanks for a very informative booklet. Although I have completed 4 builds (and about to finish my 5th) there is always something to learn in this very enjoyable hobby! Cheers..............Fernando
  9. Hello Doris Your work is absolutely stunning.....a work of art. I have been following your work for some time and to see what you have done over the past years has been nothing but spectacular. You are in a class of your own. Many thanks for sharing your work . Cheers................Fernando
  10. I've got this model on the shelf...will be next when I finish the Perseverance which is still on the workbench! I'll follow along for the ride. Cheers.............Fernando
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