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  1. Many thanks Rod. Work in the boatyard has stalled somewhat due to other commitments (work, new grandchild etc) but am hoping to move ahead with soon. Cheers.........Fernando
  2. Hello and a warm welcome from down south in Sydney. I've built two Modellers Central kits and am on my third one......(very slow progress on the current build due to work and other commitments )and can recommend their kits. They have detailed instructions on all their models (full colour and easy to follow) and they also have DVD's so you can watch an experienced model maker explain the build you choose step by step. As a newbie I found the DVD's extremely helpful Cheers and enjoy your new hobby.............Fernando
  3. I soak mine in boiling water and slowly bend them. I bought a pair of planking crimps early on, used it a couple of times then have been kept it in the bottom drawer ever since. Boiling water is the go! Cheers.........Fernando
  4. Dan Great news and like so many other have already said, I look forward to many more of your very instructive and beautiful modelling updates. Cheers............Fernando
  5. I agree Troy. I was given a packet of these some years ago. I have only ever used them once and they were a waste of time. Cheers...........Fernando
  6. Welcome aboard Stephen Cheers...... Fernando
  7. A brief update on where I'm at. It has been slow progress to date as work and family commitments have been keeping me away from the shipyard. I've started on the ratlines and will send photos as soon as I have made progress on them. In the meantime the standing rigging is almost complete. Cheers..........Fernando
  8. Hi Troy, definitely square. I had the same issue but on going forward a few pages I noticed Photo 35 on sheet 13 that the first layer of planking shows it as square. See the photo of what I did below Cheers........Fernando
  9. Hi Troy I had the same issue on my model and worked around it after much cutting and pasting and sanding.....the end result was fine (I think!) Good luck with your model Cheers............Fernando
  10. Hello Troy from the land down-under. I've also been busy on this model but have not posted any updates for quite sometime due to work and family commitments. I'll be doing so in the next few days and will keep up with how you are coming along with your build log. I also had some adjustments to be made on the bulkhead and cross beams.....not major but a little annoying! Still I have built the Mermaid and the Norfolk, both Modellers Central kits and overall I am pretty happy with their kit. Some kit bashing was required but overall very enjoyable build projects.
  11. Congratulations Tom on a wonderful build! Your son is one lucky bloke and will no doubt be extremely happy and proud with what his dad has built. Cheers.............Fernando
  12. I agree with you Tom, I'm pretty sure it's there to hold the tiller when an extra pair of hands are needed on deck. Cheers..............Fernando
  13. Hi Lou I'm interested in the AOS Beagle. Will you ship it to Australia? I'm happy to pay by paypal or direct credit to your account. Cheers...........Fernando
  14. Peta.....your work is brilliant. I am really enjoying following your work. Cheers....... Fernando🍻
  15. Iv'e now placed all of the deck furniture, anchors etc on the model and have made a start on the masts. This will be my first double masted ship so should be interesting! Here she is without the masts. The only piece left of the deck furniture I have left off is the binnacle (see below) which doesn't really inspire me. I was going to either leave it off altogether or paint it black(!). It looks too clunky and just not right. I don't know if this type of binnacle is representative of the early 19th century ships so will need to do some more research. Any suggestions from tho
  16. A huge apology for the very long delay in posting some pics on my second attempt on this build. I have been working on her for a few months (on and off....in between work,travel and grandson minding commitments) but time goes by quickly and despite my best efforts have not had an opportunity to upload some progress shots....so here goes. I finished the second layer of planking and despite some re-planking some parts I was happy with the end result. Work on the model so far has been relatively straight forward. The build plans are very easy to read and the photos are excellent. Part
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