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How to Mark a Topic as Read?

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Is there an easy way to mark an individual topic as Read?


Often I wish to mark a topic as read without looking at every page (some are many pages!) and just monitor new activity. I realize that I can follow the topic but when I read from an activity stream I will be taken to the first unread message. It seems like one way to mark a set of topics as read is to follow them then create an activity stream for followed topics and mark that activity stream as Read. However, not all topics that I follow do I wish to "skip" pages. Ain't I a pill?



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Just to provide closure in case someone else has a similar question and finds this post...


I was able to get what I wanted by Following the topic in question then view it in an activity with unread messages. When you go to the topic from an activity it will take you to the next unread message so then you can jump to the last page of the topic. Subsequently when you go to the topic from the activity you will be taken to the new unread messages rather than the earlier unread messages on pages that you skipped.



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