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Hi all,


I have a Lanco lathe that was given to me and for which I had plans to use in this hobby; however, I have decided the Sherline I have does all I need.  I am selling this to get some money for more tooling for the Sherline.


The Lathe comes in its original wood box, it is in  good condition and spins freely.  It uses 8mm collets (none included) which are readily available through the usual online shopping outlets on the internet.  The photos show the lathe and the indexing stop; but I have not been able to determine what the bolts were for but were in the box.  There are no other accessories but many are available through the above sources.


These lathes are not cheap, but I will accept reasonable offers + shipping costs.  Payment via PayPal or Direct Bank Deposit if interested please.


Please PM me for details if seriously interested.


679992329_LancoLathe.jpg.4447b34df4f4c84ef8b05fd3518e64b4.jpg  1508582676_LancoLatheExtras.jpg.7014a20e583ac2560be1299ae085df8b.jpg





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