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  1. Dave, that is a very effective and good looking display stand that mirrors some of the build components. cheers Pat
  2. Really nice work on this build Richard; sorry for being a bit of a 'looker on' for so long. I have enjoyed following without making a comment. I managed to shave some nice 'kid' leather down for use at scale 1:64 so you should be OK if you tried? cheers Pat
  3. Better to catch and fix it now mate; looking really good! Some excellent relief decoration on the after castle. cheers Pat
  4. That last full length top view of her really shows the quality of your build Keith; that is some extraordinary detail you have included. A feast for the eyes! cheers Pat
  5. Love that birds-eye maple Dave; it will really look nice with a finish on it. cheers Pat
  6. Hi Rob, that weathering looks great (very effective) - sorry to have not recognised your skills. Thanks also Clipper for your post. This is perhaps something I should look into, really brings the hull to life. cheers Pat
  7. GoS is looking really good Rob, you're making remarkably fast progress. I like the 'probably unintentional' wear and tear on the black hull - are you repainting/cleaning or leaving it like that? cheers Pat
  8. Looks good Steven, those levers look so much better tapered. What is it with you and castles? cheers Pat
  9. Welcome back Eberhard; hopefully you had a great vacation. The paint work is looking grand! I look forward to the finished job with light weathering etc applied. cheers Pat
  10. Welcome to my build log Ras; it is a bit of slow progress at the moment while I continue to try and develop/sort-out the rigging plan. John, in re-reading your comment I think I misinterpreted - while the blocks were single, there is nothing to suggest they were not rigged double (which was the first way I was going). I may have found a lead which I am teasing out at the moment that these may have indeed been rigged double (a heavier guntackle with runner and lead block on one side, and a lighter guntackle or double whip on the other side). This arrangement would then fall into the guidance of the heavier (slower to use but more mechanical advantage) for when only one watch is on deck, and the lighter but faster to work tackle on the other when all hands were available. Thanks again for your suggestions. cheers Pat
  11. Just found your build Ras; a very interesting build subject. You're making good progress with it and should look great when complete. I had to make the same pumps and suction plate for my build of HMCSS Victoria (1855), and used PE for the plates, but turned the pumps on my lathe - mine start at post #326 in my log Look forward to seeing your pumps. cheers Pat
  12. I agree with Wefalck's assessment in it being a rail. If it is britannia (wite/soft) metal I would replace it with a wood one. This would then need several roughtree (rising) timbers with the cap rail sitting on them. You're making good progress. cheers Pat
  13. Wow, what an update Brian - some significant, and well executed, progress there. A very nicely detailed model; it is a joy to follow the build. cheers Pat
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