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  1. Looks nice in-situ Mark, NO make that very nice. The 'Oberon' submarine trophy raises all sorts of imagination - underwater yacht racing? - yacht that shipped the most water? or are you 'Neutral Bay based? cheers Pat
  2. I like it Brian, not so 'in-your-face' as bright red. It is closer to a darker wood colour and provides good definition. cheers Pat
  3. Henry (you or the staffy? Nice work, you are getting some really nice definition on these deadeyes, especially the 2mm ones.. cheers Pat
  4. Good progress Steven. yeah, we believe you, we really do cheers Pat
  5. Hi Steven what CA were you using? Often I find the types used by many modellers just don't want to work that well with some media. I have had good results with Locktite versions. May be worth a try (can get them at Bunnings) cheers Pat
  6. So your found an awfully big ruler too...clever lad! Seriously though Steven, that deadeye is almost microscopic; and I thought I was working small stuff. Nice work. cheers Pat
  7. So you thought you would sneak another past me .... ha! caught you out. What an interesting build Greg, this will a nice one to follow along with. BTW what brand/type is that 'visor' in the second last photo of post #16 above cheers Pat
  8. Thanks Grant, another great find. I wonder if/when someone will write a new book on the development/transition of building techniques based on this new evidence coming to light. With the many new finds in recent years, it would be great to see old texts updated to reflect the new material. (.... and no, I couldn't do it as I do not have the right skill set :)) I often wonder when I pick up an older reference book, whether some of the material needs an update. A simple check of te internet often is insufficient unless you know exactly where to look. Many of the sites where the info is stored requires paid subscription, and one can only afford to pay subscriptions a limited number of sites unfortunately. cheers Pat
  9. Hi Keith, purely from an 'ergonomic' point-of-view, getting in and out of the hatch, yet alone loading anything through it would have been problematic without removing the barrel of the windlass. With the barrel fitted, there would not have been much head/access room above it for about half the hatch opening as best I can see? Then as pointed out, the mechanics of the windlass are seriously affected by placing barrel axle higher up (leverage alone as the sailors were not very tall mostly). Filling the hatch is neither here-nor-there I think, as people did not have to step on it to work the windlass. The barrel could be rotated with longer staves a little further outboard from the centreline. Hope this clarifies, from my perspective at least, Keith? cheers Pat
  10. You select some very fascinating subjects to model Steven - missed the start, but it seems you have made a very good start. Any room left in the front row? cheers Pat
  11. Tom, as I offered in my first post, I think it is higher than usual due to its placement so close to the hatch. Once the windlass barrel is added etc, some additional clearance may have needed to allow the hatch to be used effectively? A bit of a long draw of the 'bow string' but... cheers Pat
  12. Hi Brian; wow! looks great. If it is only the edges of the planking in the cutaway area, I say go for it. As you say, it will highlight the area and differentiate between the planking and framing (which look in natural timber). cheers Pat
  13. The suite of sails look great; good effort on perservering with the broken yards. If you are staying with the glue on method Steven, perhaps put some clear 'contact' over the template which will stop the glue sticking to the paper? cheers Pat
  14. Initial thought is they look like the standards for a windlass? A little high though but that could be due to the close proximity of the hatch under them. cheers Pat
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