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  1. Com'on Steven, you have to be happy with that result considering the age and scale of the model, but more importantly your goal of not altering the 'look and feel' of what you built back then. I think you have done a terrific job. cheers Pat
  2. Nice work Greg, she looks very much the hard-worked modern ship (the Goldie-locks look - not too much, not too little) cheers Pat
  3. Even with your admission Michael, they are still a work of art worthy of a watchmaker. cheers Pat
  4. I am building a model of a ship launched in 1855 in which extensive use was made of wire and chain. The Rigging Warrant for the ship confirms much of what has been discussed by other posters above. In the Rigging Warrant it clearly lists when wire rope or chain rigging was to be 'tailed' with a hemp rope. In this ship all standing rigging was wire rope and terminated by being turned on metal thimbles and seized back on themselves, so they could be shackled, hooked, set-up to rigging screws or rigmaiden lanyards (replaced deadeyes). Those elements of the running rigging that were
  5. An excellent tutorial Paul, thanks for posting this. Does he also do one of the same quality for photoetching ? cheers Pat
  6. Dang, that look so good Michael - congrats on your promotion from apprentice. Now if you don't mind doing a full parlour and officers quarters for a mid-19th century vessel ....... cheers Pat
  7. Ron, now you've done it - Pandora's box has been opened Let me add: clothes pegs, hair clips and bulldog clips as clamps cheers Pat
  8. That is one very beautiful model; great work on the quality and detail of its finish. cheers Pat
  9. Must agree with Tony, you will have to forgive us for reusing the same terms repeatedly. Clinical detail and finish; a joy to look at Pat
  10. That's an interesting 'tid bit' of info Roger, many thanks. cheers Pat
  11. Shipman, not as 'default' setup. You have to do a search in the 'add ins' and add it - if I recall correctly one of the better ones was IMTranslator (or something similar) - sorry a while since I used FF.
  12. This is an interesting topic that does raise some questions and identifies the wide range of products used as 'ballast' Maybe of interest to some that even cannon balls were used as ballast - these will definitely had to have been secured well. An example is provided below from a letter written to the Admiralty by the Crown Agent General for the Colonies - this request was subsequently approved and the shot provided by HM Arsenal Woolwich. "I have the honor to acquaint you that the Colonial Government Screw Steam Sloop of War “Victoria” being nearly ready for Sea it will be neces
  13. Sorry, can't help you there, I did not rig my boats, I just showed them stowed. There may be a build log of the model of a longboat on here; I am assuming you have done a search in the build logs? cheers Pat
  14. You're making significant progress Steven; I am sure you will do a greatr job of the painting having seen what you did with your previous build. cheers Pat
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