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  1. Love the see-saw Steven - seriously though, that very nicer work and makes the ship so much more realistically displayed. cheers Pat
  2. Michael, I have found that a resistance soldering unit has given me the best control of the heat for use with even the thinnest PE - not cheap though and probably outside the price range you have indicated. May be worth your while having a look at one though? I use an American Beauty (Chief) model - no association, just a happy customer. These are popular with the model railroading community, whom use a lot of PE. If Kurt's suggestion works and is in your budget, that may be your best bet. cheers Pat
  3. Another very interesting subject you are modelling here Dick. I have been lurking on this topic so thought I had better join the crowd before the pop-corn runs out ( I would settle for a pack of maltesers though ) cheers Pat
  4. Just found you build Allan, a very nice subject and you model is doing her real justice. cheers Pat
  5. Impressive work; love the jig you used for the wheel. Great idea for the lanterns also; very effective results. cheers Pat
  6. Looks great. You must be close to using more twine than wood in this model soon cheers Pat
  7. Great to see you back Keith, even on a part-time basis. Look forward to your updates. cheers Pat
  8. Add a smidge here, take off a tad there and hey presto Just need to tie a few parts together with fencing wire and you will have a true Aussie creation cheers Pat
  9. Another interesting subject to model Greg. Despite the heavy dependence on after-market parts to dress her up, the hull itself seems like if is fairly well defined for her armour panels and the like? cheers Pat
  10. She's looking great Hellmuht; a very nice job you have done on the stitching. Must have taken some time to work out the repeating pattern to achieve the look? cheers Pat
  11. Hi again all, Keith, as promised, I have found the reference but had the wrong author. The book 'Naval Gunnery' by Captain H. Garbett, page 66, states that pivot guns were traversed on gun-metal racers (sweeps) secured to the deck. Note the wording which he uses in his book, which says secured to the deck, NOT into the deck. This book was first published in 1897, the copy I refer to is the 1971 reprint. Hope this helps. cheers Pat
  12. Not sure if directly applicable Rob, but WRT the plates, HMCSS Victoria's Contract required the builder to be redock the ship (at their expense) for sheathing after completely fitting out - probably to ensure a very clean bottom on delivery. cheers Pat
  13. Stunning work as usual Amalio, a feast for the eyes. cheers Pat
  14. The revised castles look good Steven, I might even suggest the core structure look even better. Moving them to better accommodate the rowers was also a very wise choice. Not too much any 'rivet counters' could find to fault in your model cheers Pat
  15. That's a very nice painting Rob, and as you say sits very nicely in your themed library - quite the cosy snug uou have there! cheers Pat

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