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  1. Geez you have huge thumbnails Greg Nice work, that must have involved some intricate folding (and maybe a little cursing?)? cheers Pat
  2. Ditto Druxey, my challenges are completing the garboard and the planks on the round; once they are done the rest sort of fall into place (with a little gentle persuasion ) Looking good Steven! cheers Pat
  3. You are progressing very nicely Dick; your 'construction' looks good. If Basil Greenhill's book has depicted these accurately from archaeological evidence, rather than an interpretation, perhaps these upper timbers may have been cut from naturally occurring bent timbers rather than forcing them to shape? This would then allow for them to be bent in a single axis only. cheers Pat
  4. Nice jobs on those tracks Keith, I think your research has paid dividends for you. They look great, and if you hadn't pointed out the differences no one will have known. cheers Pat
  5. Nice to see another unusual subject for a model underway Dan, I will follow with interest. cheers Pat
  6. OK Keith, now you have done it - I am just going to crawl into the corner, sit there and drool. The detailing you are doing is top notch! cheers Pat
  7. You're doing some great work there Steven, it's difficult to keep within your specified need to retain some of the old look-and-feel while restoring the model, but you are doing a fine jo of it. cheers Pat
  8. What a great looking model, your client should be well pleased. cheers Pat
  9. Hi again D. As promised here are the photos which may give you an idea what to look for. Unfortunately, there is no brand or even makers name on it at all. I got this from a mate who bought them in a deal (he buys end of line lots, seconds etc). The twin LEDs in this one don't work unfortunately, but I really don't need them. The magnifier (yellow arrow) is very clear, bright and about 4x so I get a great magnification (may be even better as I may be a little underestimating the zoom/mag factor) of the viewing area (green arrow). I think it is set up in the factory to the sca
  10. No problem, I also forgot to mention, I don't mind working from any part of the lines, as long as I remember to use the same point consistently. I'll try an dget that photo later today. cheers Pat
  11. D, what I do is use the calipers or 'calibrated' ruler (one that has been checked and certified accurate to a 'poomteenth' - sorry for the techo jibber jabber) and mark the closest full centimiter on the plan, etc then I have this viewing/magnifying glass that has a little calibrated pointer and scale on the bottom that allows me to wind the needle/pointer to exactly where I need it. That gives me a very accurate measurement overall. I don't have an issue transfering this to wood etc with a good caliper (I use Mitutoyo -Japanese) calipers which are very accurate). I'll try an remember
  12. You leave me grasping for the appropriate superlatives yet again Keith; that is some extraordinary detailing you have achieved. Don't worry about 'dotting' about when you show us this quality of craftsmanship. Impressed! Pat
  13. Welcome back Alex, great to see you showing your skills here agan. You have selected a very nice subject to model; I look forward to it. cheers Pat
  14. You have a very nice collection of builds there Schrader, and this little beauty will just enhance it further. cheers Pat
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