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How much rigging


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I hope to rig my Revel 1/96 USS Constitution. I purchased 120 feet of Syren rope in three sizes (.012, .018, and.035) in dark brown, light brown and tan to represent Revel's small, medium, and large callouts in their instructions. I never rigged a ship and do not have a clue as to weather 120 feet is adequate, Anyone haven suggestions? Thank you!

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Yaymay, it depends on how much detail you want to include.


Suggest you skip the sails as those will double your work effort but not the amount of line.


I don't think 120' will be enough, though.  If I recall correctly, the Connie had 10 to 12 different sizes of line, and lots of it.  You could rig her with the 3 sizes.  As a general rule, use lighter line as you go higher up the masts.  The darker lines would be for the standing rigging, lighter for the running lines.

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