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Method for flaking/laying down gun ropes

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After many years out of ship model building at a basic skill level, I am working on MS Syren. I am installing the carronades. I have tried different methods to duplicate the setup that Chuck shows in his instructions but have not been able to get acceptable results.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Harley

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One method I have seen is to use a pin to wind the lines around and lay the line flat between two sheets of stiff plastic (similar to the plastic you might get covering the box in which a business shirt is displayed for sale). These sheets are cut down to about 1cm x 1cm and the line is slowly wrapped around using slightly diluted white glue to keep it stiff. Remove the plastic and the pin and you're done. I'm sure it will take some time for this technique to be learned, but as line is not all that expensive, and you'll need to make a few of them in all your models, it might pay to practice this a bit.


Sorry I can't show you a diagram or photograph, and I hope you understand how this might work. If you picture it in your mind, you might be able to work it out, and even improve on it.



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Thank you for the great pictures. How do you get the lines to lay flat?

Cheers, Harley


Hi, Harley! Model on which I gave the reference, not my production therefore as lines to lay flat in it I not are made I can to tell. In the models I apply almost such method as described here Steve to receiving lines to lay flat.

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