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  1. Thanks for your service CapnMac. Your additions to this build log have been a treasure for the Fletcher fans. RGL, great work. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Fascinating, well written for us 3D challenged, thanks for sharing. Harley
  3. Watching with great interest. The Alaska (1/350) that I'm working on conducted it's shakedown cruise(s) with the Mo in late 1944 They both went to the Pacific together. Your blue deck not only pleases your eyes but is correct for Missouri in 1945. Harley
  4. Thanks for sharing, he is truly amazing. Harley
  5. I have been enjoying your build log immensely. I really like your high end glue applicator😋 Thanks for sharing.
  6. What time period will your Missouri be? I'm working on 1/350 USS Alaska which had her shakedown cruises with the Mo. I struggled with selection of proper colors. Wikipedia has a site with all the Navy colors and when they were used. It answered all my questions. When the Mo went to the Pacific she was changed to Measure 22 which would have the blue deck. Great job on the Bismarck Harley
  7. That deck looks really nice. I share your excitement at what aftermarket goodies are available these days. It sounds like you have a great plan for your Connie, will be watching as she grows to completion. Enjoy Cheers, Harley
  8. A very nice addition to the Syren fleet. Neat & clean. Well done Peter. Cheers, Harley
  9. Greetings Marcus, I am taking a break from working on my Confederacy (wood) and getting back into plastic which has changed tremendously since my last projects. You will or have found out that this site is a great source of information and, I find, inspiration. If I can share a couple of thoughts with you that I found helpful. Be patient. Plastic can suck you into wanting to see the end product. If you go fast you miss the small details that the experienced builders attend to as habit. Detail and everything aligned are some of the marks of the more experienced builders. Take each structure as a separate model. I am building the 1/350 USS Alaska CB-1 by Hobby Boss. A great kit IMHO. Mike Ashey (www.mikeashey.com) has a very comprehensive book on building and detailing the Alaska. It would be a good, inexpensive investment for building any plastic ship model. It gets you looking for the little things that can easily be missed and he shares the techniques that work for him. Check it out. Set a realistic goal for your projects and, most importantly, enjoy. Cheers, Harley
  10. I'm taking a break from my Confederacy and building a 1/350 USS Alaska. During my research for this project I found Mercury Adhesives CA in the usual consistencies. I really like the Mercury products. The bottle cap design seems better than other CAs that I used. www.mercuryadhesives.com, take a look. Harley
  11. What, no net on the basketball hoop! Just kidding, all the adjectives others have offered ++. Your log will be a great help and inspiration when I get my Alaska launched. Thanks for sharing your mythology & techniques. Cheers, Harley
  12. Looking good Rich. May I suggest considering breaking the edges on your long boat tiller. Holding on to the tiller with sharp edges would really be a chore for coxswain(?). Cheers, Harley
  13. I've read this topic with much interest. I did plastic many years ago. The kits and, particularly, the upgrades available now are much more sophisticated than ever. Who would believe what photo etch offers for those with a steady hand. 3D, limited only by your imagination. We see the advances available for wood models were not available just few years ago (right Chuck?). On a personal note, I'm into year three on my Confederacy. A good part of my work area has been leased out to the world of plastic and I am doing a practice build on 1/700 1984 version of the USS Iowa as a precursor to a 1/350 USS Alaska that I am gathering some extras for. The most difficult part of wood and plastic in the same shipyard seems to be keeping the dust level under control. New challenges await those that dare

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