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  1. Info please. In following your log (thanks for sharing all the good info) I believe you are using Pontos turrets for your twin mounts. Did you use the complete Pontos mount, barrels etc. or did you go with a combination of kit and aftermarket. I'm researching a future project and appreciate your experience with the Pontos set. Thanks, Harley
  2. Thanks Ziggy, No visible sailors, the need to finish finally overpowered me.
  3. USS Kidd DD-661 put to sea. This my first water base of foil, ModPodge, and various gels. Case is from AcrylicJob. Searching for the next project---
  4. Exemplary job on the weathering. At first glance on the top picture, that reminded me of the photos of the Bunker Hill (or maybe the Franklin) being brought into New York after their horrific damage in the Pacific. Probably the absence of anything on the flight deck added to the impression. Great log, thanks for sharing. Harley
  5. It's difficult to view your craftsmanship without just grinning. Very well done is an extreme understatement.
  6. It's going to be a knockout. Is the stand a commercial product? Thanks, Harley
  7. Holy crap, how good will you be when you can see what you are doing? You are already pushing us mere mortals over the edge🙃 Seriously, I use the Optimizer with the swing away single lens. I think you can do better than the Optimizer lighting setup. One of our members here suggested a small rechargeable light that can be velcrowed (?) onto the frame. It has a chrome body and roHs stamped on the body. Sorry, the full name is covered with my Velcro strip. I've had this light for at least 3-4 years now and is the best I have found. I can't remember the members name that suggested it. Harley
  8. Greg, you have truly captured the feel of the steel hull, the very being of the ship. A great job for us mere mortals to learn from. Have a Merry and a Happy Harley
  9. A mighty steady hand there, very impressive work. Thanks for sharing your log. Harley
  10. As part of my USS Kidd project I looked into a number of commercial items available to load the floater net baskets. The commercial items were all PE thusly very thin and required some creativity to make the basket look loaded. None of them worked for me even though I only had seven baskets to fill. Pictures of the real baskets show the gear was usually a lot of different stuff without much uniform distribution. I just cut up some plastic rod of what appeared to visually simulate the basket's contents, painted some items slightly different colors, and loaded the baskets. I don't know if that would satisfy your well known desire for accuracy, but from a normal viewing distance, I'm happy with the overall impression. Your idea of crimping wire is certainly worth a try IMHO. Great work on the Essex. Harley
  11. Thanks for the kind remarks gentlemen. I'll post a pic or two when she goes to sea. Cheers, Harley
  12. USS Kidd-FINISHED Named in honor of Isaac C Kidd, Rear Admiral, USN, who died aboard his flagship, USS Arizona, December 7, 1941. Started in June, 2019. The hull, deck, and main superstructures are from the Trumpeter kit. The rest is a combination of kit, aftermarket, photoetch, and scratch built details. Main reference is USS Kidd On Deck by David Doyle. Paint is acrylic. The screws and rudder are removed as the model will be mounted on a seascape which is under construction and encased.
  13. If you use real used oil you will have a new height in realism--smell, odor like only an engine room can have.🛠️ Then the bolt counters will be able to discuss weather it smells correct⚔️ A really marvelously detailed engine. Cheers, Harley
  14. Thanks Popeye, I'm taking your advise regarding space left on the deck and desired results. Working on a seascape for her then she will get the "Finish" tag.
  15. After the rails were installed in a conventional manner I wanted to make the rails look more like cable/destroyer like. Masked the hull for protection. The hawse pipe was configured to accept the anchors from Blackcat Replacement torpedo crane was fashioned from brass, PE, & plastic New torpedo tubes from Shapeways painted and installed Capt. Kidd's caricature, authorized by the Navy, was actually painted on a metal plate which was attached to the forward stack. I reduced a photo of the Captain to less then a quarter of an inch. The ship's boats and davits became a real challenge. The boats were OK but I needed to combine the kit and Shapeway davits to make it work. Left is kit, right is Shapeways, middle is combination used Clay was used to position the boat while fitting the davits PE, different size wire, and plastic completed the boat installation Water practice, more touch up, and final details and she should be ready to ship out Standby to cast off!

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