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  1. This log has offered up more, varied information on a plethora of subjects all of which ring a series of bells recounting my very long (70) exposer to model building. Two pages of great stuff in such a short time could be some type of record. I have enjoyed it all. Thanks to all those contributors. The kit manufacturers should have to put a warning label on the boxes describing the possibility of addiction to aftermarket options etc. That would be helpful to those of us in the "___years since I built a model" gang. Common sense--out the window after the first new era kit. This 104 project will serve as an inspiration and guide as to a great approach to model building for new and experienced (returning) modelers should be IMHO. Following closely, Harley
  2. Magnificent, any correlation between the cleanliness of the shop and the reproduction? Reproduction describes the project more accurately than model IMHO Cheers, Harley
  3. Magnificent job as usual Dan. Would you consider a card project more difficult than a similar type and grade of plastic kit? We will miss your ability to answer simple questions without making the asker look stupid. Best wishes, Harley
  4. I'll do the Ms21 or 22, I forget right now. I just built the first of the boat winches. I used my microscope to figure out which way G81 goes on. This is making PE look easy. Going to clean up the assemblies after they are assembled so I have something to hang onto. Frankly I have mixed emotions on this kit so far. Hopefully things will smooth out, their are so many positive parts to it.
  5. What adhesive are you using plastic to plastic? If you have not put the breakwater on yet, it's miss-identified in the instructions. The manual says G72, it's should read E72. Harley
  6. Greetings Arid, I started working on the kit a couple of days ago. I'm interested in your opinion on a couple of things. There are not a lot of others sharing the project with us yet. No problems mating the deck to the hull. I found the plastic parts to be soft or supple feeling material compared to other models. Joy-Yard brags about being able to mold tiny pieces and they prove that. I'm working the forward deck area. Those tiny capstans got my attention right away. One must be careful when trimming because of the density of the plastic. What were your impressions? Harley
  7. UPDATE: As part of my preparation to start my Joy-Yard Missouri project, I learned that the manual has been updated. The update is available online. I have compared the update to the original and have a list of the changes of which I found nine. No guarantee that I caught all the changes but if someone else purchases this kit, my list of changes is available at a small fee (just kidding😊). Be glad to share the info. Cheers, Harley
  8. Great collection, something for everyone👍👍
  9. EZline is very easy to rig with. Check it out. There are some other commercial lines available Sorry, I can't help you with your two questions. Colors depend on which navy and then what time period, last time the ship was painted, what color scheme was approved, what kind of service etc. You can go crazy trying to get the correct grays and blues. Sometimes it's easier to do some basic research and then pick which ones look good to you.
  10. Welcome to the club. Your remark about calling that crane complete is the PE/ship model curse. You keep finding things that you can add and everything slows down. I think you are doing very well on your PE. Suggest considering completing subsections including painting. Painting the horizontal and surfaces is usually easier that way. Enjoy--
  11. I'm just a few hours away from finishing Indianapolis then Mo gets all the attention.
  12. Coming along very nicely. Seems to be a whole lot of plastic lurking on MSW. 😊
  13. That Sir, IMHO, is an excellent example of what model ship building can be. You set a high standard for us mere mortals to strive for. The pictures aren't too shabby either. Cheers, Harley
  14. One can almost smell the grung on this ship. The second photo from the bottom of the previous set really has a dirty, iron, almost haunted presence about it. Outstanding. How did they keep the signal flag halyards so clean?😉
  15. Sir, I believe you have been smitten with the New Plastic Era Disease (NPED). It involves an innocent venture from the wood ship models that you have been building. You probably have fond memories of the plastic models of your much younger days. Those days before photo etch, resin, and detail beyond your greatest expectations. Before there were hundreds of colors, washes, tints, masks etc. available to replace the neat stuff you used to mix by yourself. You told yourself "it can't hurt to just check out the new stuff". WRONG, now that you have teased yourself, you've opened up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. If you start enjoying complicated photo etch challenges, you're probably too far gone You are doing a great job on adjusting to the world of modern plastics. Can you go back to the world of saw dust and lumber? Only time can tell. I must admit that I have a severe case of NPED. No known cure, just enjoy the hell out of it. Cheers

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