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  1. I think imagna has the answer. The artist went to 20,000 feet to see the landscape without supplemental oxygen. That's what the Halifax looked like to him after about a few seconds up there.🤪
  2. IMHO, you have a very good water texture with a swell pushing along but not quite breaking to white water. Some folks seem to build a nice model, create a good sea base and then screw it up with a wake that looks like rows of soldiers coming off the hull at a constant 45 degree angle. I certainly doubt that will be the case with your build as you show a good grasp of how water works. Can't wait to see the finished product. Enjoy, Harley
  3. Nicely done, bless you folks who tackle 1/700 PE. I can get crazy on 350🤪 Cheers, Harley
  4. Chuck, the Winchelsea is just a remarkable example of what you are working to achieve with your projects. It's even difficult to refer to them as kits anymore. She's just striking. Glad things are working out for your company. Cheers, Harley
  5. Jud, could you give us a bit more info on the collision with the Ammen. That's a heck of a wreck. Thanks, Harley
  6. Greetings Bossman, I must add my accolades to all the previous positive comments on your Confederacy. As one who has been exposed to the challenges presented by this kit, I feel I have a special appreciation for what you have accomplished. Your work and attention to detail is just outstanding IMHO. I think your project is what Chuck had in mind when he designed this kit. If you ever consider rigging her, I have the rigging plans which you would be welcome to use. Thanks for sharing a well done build log. It makes great reference for others. Cheers, Harley
  7. Doing very nicely. PE is definitely a love/hate relationship. Sometimes it's your best friend and then there are those other times. 🤪 Your work station looks well set up also. Cheers, Harley
  8. Review of WIP, Joy-Yard 1/350 USS Missouri I have delayed starting a build log to concentrate on the kit itself. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut but I feel I must share some observations with folks that may be considering this kit. Moderators, if this out of line I will understand any actions you deem appropriate. First let me say this kit is my fourth plastic ship build since coming over from the wood world. Each of these builds has various PE levels and scratch build components. I have been involved in model building of one kind or another for decades.
  9. You are doing too well to rig the crane sort of slack. Try some fine Easyline or similar. You will have nice lines as tight as you like without putting undue stress on any fragile PE. Great beginning. If I may ask, what were you building before trying ships? You obviously brought a ton of skills and techniques from other projects. Cheers, Harley
  10. I just received The Battleship USS Missouri by Witold Koszela. This my first reference from this publisher and it is not your usual "in action" type reference. Instead of pages there are 29 plates of various portions of the Missouri from 1945 through her later years as a missile boat. The paper is very high quality. This package includes five double B2 sheets including views in 1/400 and 1/200 scale. 1/200 is a real monster. I'm building the Joy-Yard 1/350 Missouri and I am glad I purchased this reference. My cell phone pictures don't do the book justice. Highly recommended.
  11. Ziggy, Love to see your USS Kidd DD-661. I converted the Trumpeter Sullivans kit to the 1945 anti Kamikaze USS Kidd DD-661. Cheers, Harley
  12. Welcome to the Returnee group which seems to grow everyday. As you have already learned, things from different plastics, paints, adhesives, etc. have changed a lot from what we had in our childhood. It sounds like you have the patience of age so enjoy yourself. Don't be afraid to make a mistake. It's just the learning curve. You can't make a bobo that one of us hasn't already made. Much help is available on this and other websites. Have fun, Harley
  13. I am working on a report of my progress and observations with this kit. Arild and I have been corresponding about our experiences. Beginners, IMHO, this kit is not intended for you. Hope to provide an updated report in a couple of days. Regards, Harley
  14. I was a Police Tactical Firearms Instructor and competitive shooter for many years before I retired. Have accumulated more than one firearm that need TLC so the Shipyard becomes and Armory occasionally . The handguns can share the area but shoulder weapons need their own space. Osmosis-you must be right down the street, Coconut Creek. Cheers, Harley
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