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  1. I've tried all the systems for finding wayward pieces but to no avail. It was probably the authenticity saint that saw I was using double racks instead of singles which would be correct for the Kidd at this time period. I'll probably just make up a set of singles. My admiral suggests tying a piece of line to the part to make it easier to find when it flies 😜, a good laugh was had by all.
  2. Greetings Steph, I don't wish to add to your dilemma but studying your pictures is stirring my little brain up. If I recall correctly, another member building the same model described how he had to make the middle piece fit. I would try to find that log before spending so much on a second set. Is there not a good chance that the second kit would suffer from the same misalignment? If, as you said, the bow and stern sections line up OK, why not adjust the midship piece? Hope you have clear sailing once you get this big challenge out of the way. Cheers, Harley
  3. Hi Zippy, I am using the Black Cat 20mm Orlikon twin mounts on the Kidd. Right now I'm hunting for a depth charge rack that got flipped off the bench. How can you lose a gray piece on a light wood floor? Does build time include "search" time? I hate these part eating magic floors. There, I feel better now, thanks for letting me vent a bit. Cheers, Harley
  4. Thanks popeye, working on loading the depth charge racks now🤪, a bit tough one on the old eyeballs.
  5. Greetings Sig, who makes your Idaho kit ?

    Thanks, Harley

    1. SigEp Ziggy

      SigEp Ziggy

      I will be kitbashing the 1/350 Hobby Boss USS Arizona, I got some very detailed Russian plans in Polish/English to use as a guide. It will be expensive because of all the 3D printed goodies, but I have a passion for Idaho and the resin USS New Mexico is $350

    2. tigerdvr


      Thanks, will certainly be watching that build.


  6. A person can go nuts trying to get the correct combinations of grays and blues. And to add to the equation it depends what time period you are choosing to portray, exposure to weather, what was the ship's operating area etc. www.shipcamouflage.com/measures.htm is a very good source as has already been mentioned. Johnathan11's picture is of the USS Kidd DD-661 in Baton Rogue, LA. I think you will find the Missouri would have had about the same scheme in early 1945. That nice wood deck you have that looks so good will end up BLUE. Enjoy, Harley
  7. Begin installation of the main mast. Upgraded details with some of the antennas and equipment yet to be added. How long will it take me to accidently knock the mast out of line. The Mk 37 Fire Control is not glued on yet.
  8. Full speed ahead! Congrats on jumping in with both feet. You have selected a great rendition of a great ship. I think your selection of Blackcat's 20 mm batteries is a good compromise between the kit and all PE options. I'm using their AA guns on my current build of USS Kidd. Will be watching with interest, keep your patience cup full & most of all, enjoy. Cheers, Harley
  9. Greetings, I recently posted a question on this website regarding the ladders behind the bridge on the Kidd. The Trumpeter kit shows two ladders going from the main deck to the top of the deck house and another ladder from the deck house to the navigation bridge. I have found the answer-- FYI, there are, in fact, three ladders not two as shown on the kit. Source: NavSource, Naval History. A very nice source of information and photos of what you might be building. Busy building PE ladders Cheers, Harley
  10. Check Alliance Model Works, www.am-works.com, Part#35054. Warning: They have a lot of goodies that you didn't know you needed/wanted!☺️
  11. Upgrade the anchor gear: Removed the molded anchor related gear. The new chain is 40 links per inch. Hawse pipes are made from wire with grills made from pieces of 1/700 PE and bollards from a resin set. The end covers are fashioned from PE hatch covers. I only had room for one stopper that I put on the starboard chain just for effect. The windlass brake wheel will come on later. Ref: Squadron/Signal USS Kidd On Deck. Pages 6 & 7.
  12. Some project progress photos-- Building replacement main mast-- With all the references available I'm letting myself constantly find details that are not in the kit and are a great challenge to duplicate. I have not been able to locate a picture or other source that will clarify my current configuration question. The kit shows two inclined ladders mounted on the main deck (100 I think) terminating on the next level just outside of the flag bags on the navigation bridge. I replaced the kit pieces with PE. Then I found a picture showing an inclined ladder to the starboard side of the main mast that originates at top of the deck house and terminates at the navigation bridge level. The picture is on page 27 of "USS Kidd, On Deck" (Squadron/Signal). If anyone can clarify how the inclined ladders are configured, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time, Harley
  13. Welcome. I know it's just me but I tend to let a build log interfere with my actual building project. Considering this is your first major project you might consider focusing on the build itself. You seem have a good systematic approach which will be a great asset. As they say (whoever "they" are) there's no such thing as a dumb question just unanswered questions. So don't hesitate to share your questions with others on this site. That will help you and others of us that may have the same question. Most important, enjoy yourself. When things get frustrating, take a break. Cheers, Harley

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