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Determine Hull Paint Scheme of military sailing ships in U.S. from 1800's - 1900's


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I'm new to the forum but not new to ship building.  I have built model ships, plastic first, then progressing to wood model ships including Dumas Chriscraft, Virginia Pilot Boat, and the Bluenose.

I have just acquired the USS Harriet Lane Steam Paddler.  In years past I have simply stained, my wood model ships but the plastic ships were painted.   I do not use plastic sails in the plastic model 

kits prefering to use canvas and like to ad as much authenticity to my models as possible.  My question is to find out if there is a US Navy code of paint schemes for ships' hulls and decks from 1850's - 1900?

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Hello and welcome. You may get an answer to this question here, but you would likely be better off putting this in the forum for painting and finishing. However I did search for the word "Navy" in titles only for all the topics in that forum, here is the result. I remembered seeing this question before, and you'll see a few results just on the first page of this link on your subject.




Edit - this search was actually site wide not just the painting and finishing forum, however there are still some applicable results in that link.

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Completed Builds: Viking Drakkar - Amati - Scale 1:50

                              18th Century Longboat - Model Shipways - Scale 1:48

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