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  1. You're right the photos weren't very good so I snapped this one and the instructions. Here the number 1 is pointing to the seam where I cut partway through the plank so it could be folded along the cut. The number 2 indicates where the bottom edge of the plank is. Hope these help, the pictures portion of the instructions are in Italian, and a separate instruction sheet is printed in English. **Edit - Nope, no relation to James J as far as I am aware!
  2. Thanks Louie! If I recall, I did have that problem, but I believe the instructions said that as you got higher in the planking, you should cut partway through the plank horizontally along the length of the plank. Not along the entire plank but rather the middle section up to about 3 bulkheads from the bow and stern. Cutting partway through from the outside of the plank allows the plank to fold and the bottom half lies on the plank below it, and the top half is able to be folded up against the bulkhead. I just checked the instructions and this is demonstrated in figure 1
  3. Thank you very much, yes I did complete it in the time presented here in the build. Probably a bit shorter because it took a couple 2 or 3 weeks to get the final post and images uploaded. I am a teacher and so I had a lot of time at home after we closed down in March for Covid-19. In normal circumstances I would not have been able to get as much done so quickly. The Amati instructions are for what you see in my image in post #6 using the rope. The only modification I made was on the top of the rudder where the rope is wrapped around the rudder. The instructions were not clear on ho
  4. Thank you very much. I am quite proud of her and I think she was an excellent 2nd model and I think I'm finally ready to move on to something bigger and with more masts and rigging. My next one is already on the table, plans hung up, and ready to go. HM Bomb Vessel Granado is in the shipyard.
  5. Thank you very much, I appreciate the compliment. If you have any questions on yours along the way don't hesitate to ask, and enjoy the build.
  6. In the background you will see my next ship I am beginning. I built a frame to hold up the various prints. I got the idea for this from this post from Kevin53. I modified mine a bit to make it slightly wider and taller to accommodate the larger prints. Mine is in the photo below.
  7. Sorry for the delay in getting an update. I have been busy with other things. She is finished, with the exception of the oars and the two swinging booms. I will get around to making up the oars eventually, but with the sail down they would have been stored any way. So here she is. Starting with some deck and other details and finally with the whole thing.
  8. I did end up placing an order to get some admiralty paints and a couple other items. The paints are out of stock at Ages of Sail. I haven't heard from anyone regarding my order that was placed on the 11th, or regarding the missing items from the kit. The status shows payment as pending and order status as not shipped. Payment hasn't been deducted from my account, although I did get a small .22 cent charge from Visa I think and it looks like it's some kind of international fee, not sure. I haven't ordered anything else from overseas so I assume it has something to do with this. I guess all I ca
  9. Here is the link to Home Depot for the WEN, you can also get it on Amazon but it is slightly more expensive there. There are other models that have a horizontal 4-5" belt sander that is positioned as an edge sander. Other models have a 4 - 5" belt sander oriented horizontally but flat that also has a pivot point to raise it 90 degrees for a vertical belt sander. I felt the linked model was more beneficial for me. https://www.homedepot.com/p/WEN-1-in-x-30-in-Belt-Sander-with-5-in-Sanding-Disc-6515T/307873039
  10. Besides a variety of handheld tiny sanding blocks I'd say the most popular power sanders I have seen mentioned are miniature versions of a disc sander and thickness sanders. I myself have just purchased a couple new power tools, a Proxxon FET table saw, and a WEN combo 1 x 30 belt and 5" disc sander. I really like the Byrnes disc sander, but the WEN was only $80 bucks. I do plan to get the Byrnes thickness sander down the road when I get more into scratch building. For now I can use full size tools at work to get small sheets of wood at the proper thickness and then cut them at home. I think t
  11. Just a quick update to this. I will be setting this aside for some time. I do feel the instructions are adequate for someone new to the hobby, but I also recognize that despite good instructions things come up and we need to be able to adapt. I feel I would rather put this large beautiful ship aside and one day many years from now after some other ships have been completed and I can do this in a much better way when those scenarios come up that I need to adapt and having more experience will let me do that better and make this look much nicer as it deserves. As far as the kit itse
  12. I found the answer to my question above and thought I'd come back and post it for others. Those ropes are called reef points and they go through the sail and are knotted on both sides leaving a length on both sides. The purpose is to roll the sail up from the bottom and use those reef points to tie it up, thus reducing the size of the sail. This is done for strong winds. There were multiple rows of reef points to reduce the sail to a variety of smaller sizes. This whole process is called reefing.
  13. Wow, this is incredible work. I am very impressed and rather speechless watching part 9 on the first page making the weathered bulwark. I have seen mention of weathering effects, but never actually seen it done and certainly not in a video. I'll go back and watch more from the beginning. I am following and bookmarked this build for future reference. Keep up the excellent work.
  14. Thank you for this idea, design, and photos. I just built one for myself. I enlarged it by 6 inches both vertically and horizontally for both the top and bottom sections. I have prints currently that are about 47 - 48 inches long. This design worked great, put it behind my work table. The top of the lower section sits about 8 inches or so above the table top so I can easily grab one from down below and move it up above. Although my table is deep so I have to kneel on top of it a little bit to reach the top. Might have to get myself one of those extendable grabbers to set it up on the top.
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