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Reeving And Spacing Tool

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Model-Expo used to carry a plastic reeving and spacing tool (see link)




Does anyone know if I can get a hold of one of these, or something similar anywhere? Not sure if I want to tackle trying to make something similar from scratch, but if anyone has tips along that line it would be great too. Anyone have one that your not using, and would like to sell me???  :P




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hi Thomas


modellers shipyard seems to have them but its very expensive if you ask me :



have a look on this forum i think there are some jigs made by memebrs here that wil do the trick


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I'd say it falls under the category of tools that you can make at home....I made one for the specific size I needed on my Harriet lane from just some scrap wood I had lying around... here's a link to where I show it...





Seriously, it took about 10 minutes to build my two parts of my jig.



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Thomas -- here's another link:




But after looking at Sarah's jig, I say go that route!  Buying tools is always fun, but figuring out a way to make do with what you've got can be even more fun.





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