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  1. The bulwarks are finished and painted. Cap rail is finished. Put the deck planking down, tree nailed, and stained. Need to do a little paint touch ups. I have stamped all the copper plates, and now am in the process of cutting them all out.
  2. My board has been used for many many years! Maybe I should put it on ebay? A little abstract art lol!!!
  3. Your build log has become my go to for reference pictures for my own Syren build. Keep up the good work Dubz!
  4. Well I have actually got quite a bit done on my longboat this last week. My Syren has been drying in between paint coats and things, so my attention has been primarily on the longboat . At this point it is planked, sanded, and primed. I did have to use a little bit of wood filler on this one. I found this model much more challenging to plank then my Syren. Apparently smaller is not easier when it comes to planking. Up next is removing the centers of the bulkheads. I am not going to paint the white on the outer hull until later on so I don't end up dirtying it up right away.
  5. Wow, planking my Syren seems like a piece of cake now compared to planking this little guy!
  6. Ok, well that is chapter 5. All the planking, sanding, etc is all finished. Painted the black on the outside, and then I decided that I wanted to paint the gun port area above the wales rather then stain it. So I ended up with Spar Black and H. Cream on the outside (both model shipways paint). The bulworks and inside of the gun ports are all going to be paint color Bright Red (also model shipways paint). The deck I am planning on staining a very light natural, I haven't settled on a stain yet for the deck. Here are some pictures in her current state. I really need to find a better working vice or mount. Any recommendations? Next onto finishing up the stern, then bulworks, and decking.
  7. Well the hull is planked, roughly. Literally just glued down one of the last planks, and it hasn't seen any sanding yet at all. It needs some very good sanding and some good wood filler. As this hull is painted and plated I was able to be a little less picky with the planking, and I know I am still going to get an amazing result. The hull will look much better the next time you see it.
  8. No they are not the same scale. The Syren is 1:64 scale, while the 18th Century Longboat is 1:48.
  9. I like many of you always have two builds going at the same time. That way I can go back and forth as I please, or if something is drying, etc. Since I recently finished up the rigging on my victory cross section, I decided to bust out my 18th Century Longboat. A good little side project while I am working on my Syren. Here are a couple of pictures. At this point I have installed the bulkheads, faired the hull, and a couple other little things. Here is the Longboat next to my Syren, a little perspective
  10. Got some planking done today. The upper most strip of the wales and all the planks above it are on. Next up some sanding and staining...
  11. Plank bending jig created today. First planks now drying. Not very pretty but it gets the job done.
  12. Well have all the gun port and sweep port framing done on both port and starboard, and also did the stern framing. Just finished painting all the ports with model shipways red. Everything is faired at this point, I am not really sure if I have taken enough off of the stern filler pieces. I have a picture of it posted below, so if anyone can give me any tips that would be great.
  13. Hey everyone. I wanted to share some information for anyone who was not aware about the "Tall Ship" tour taking place on the great lakes this summer. This event happens every 3 years, and is a really great fun! This ships this summer displaying at *most ports are: • Denis Sullivan • Flagship Niagara • Lynx • Madeline • Pathfinder • Peacemaker • Playfair • Pride of Baltimore II • Sørlandet • Unicorn I will be making the trek up to Bay City Michigan for the July 11-14 show. There is also a old destroyer in port there, though I am not sure the exact details on that one. More information can be found at http://tallshipcelebration.com/ Finally here is the schedule for this summer: Cleveland, Ohio July 4-7 Bay City, Michigan July 12-14 Duluth, Minnesota July 26-28 Chicago, Illinois August 7-11 Green Bay, Wisconsin August 16-18 Battle of Lake Erie at Put-In-Bay, Ohio September 2 Erie, Pennsylvania September 6-8 You can tour every ship, and for some extra go out on them. I am looking forward to seeing the Niagara! I will post some pictures after the event.
  14. I have gotten quite a bit done the last couple weeks. I am going back and forth between this build and my Syren. I have some additional rigging to do on the cannons, and quite a bit of rigging left to do on the mast. It is coming along nicely, I have definitely made some mistakes, but I have learned a lot from them, so that's whats important. Wow, can the rigging get tedious. It has really shown me that I need to get some new glasses! haha! Dr. Manhattan chilling next to the victory cross section. Wall patching in progress.. The corner of my Syren, that is where it gets stored while glues dry.
  15. I am amazed at the beauty of your build. I am still back on the gun port\ sweep port framing section of my Syren. Your ship is quickly turning into a source of inspiration for me as I look ahead to see what is coming. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!!

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