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Hello there:


I should probably know the answer to this question - so sorry in advance for block-headedness....but....


I posted a question here earlier about how to prevent bleeding between the above-waterline section of the hull on my HMS Blandford (stained) and the below waterlne section (painted tallow).


I got a great description of a process from Randy (RNBrook). There he suggested that I first apply stain, then coat with a few coats of polyurethane, allowing this to dry thoroughly. Then sand with 320 grit paper. Then apply paint. Sounds good to me and this is the way I would like to go.


Here's my question - the paints I use are Golden artist paints (acrylic), while the stain is (obviously) oil based....so - do I use an acrylic or an oil-based poly? I'm assuming acrylic (for the sake of the paint) but will this have any adverse effects on the finish of the stained sections?


Again, I feel myself getting dumber even thinking about this question, but if anyone could set me straight I promise to be more thoughtful in the future! Thanks,


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Hi Hamilton,

Oil based polyurethane.This goes over the stain, and the acrylic paint will go over the poly.The Oil based poly acts as a barrier coat between stain and paint.In the UK they are labelled either acrylic or polyurethane varnish.The acrylic based Isn't a true polyurethane.

Kind Regards Nigel.

Currently working on Royal Caroline

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I would not use acrylic over oil based polyurethane. It can scratch off easily.

I have never had a problem,however I always spray another coat of polyurethane over the lot, colour included,far more durable than acrylic on its own.

Regards Nigel

Currently working on Royal Caroline

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