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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Gary - seems a lifetime ago that I worked on America...in reality this was the last model I brought to completion....since then haven't been able to accomplish much in the workshop between demands of work, family and some bug house projects (including constructing what I hope will become my new modelling workshop this summer so I can get back at it!!). In any case, your America looks great! What's next for you? hamilton
  2. I don't know if there are any other ways of saying what everyone is saying about your work, Bitao - simply amazing! A beautiful thing to see the incredible combination of engineering and artistry, and such a broad a deep level of skill. I wish I could be your apprentice!! I would happily move to Beijing to learn from you! hamilton
  3. I was not even aware that there was a schooner configuration of the Emma C Berry - I have this kit too, and will follow along with interest hamilton
  4. You're doing a great job with Syren - mine has been languishing and this is inspiring me to pick it up again! Wonderful work hamilton
  5. I can't show this to my kids because otherwise I might be pressured into making one myself! No time and only half the necessary skill! This looks really cool and someone is going to be super happy! hamilton
  6. Nice work so far - this is one of the many kits I've amassed over the years that I truly hope to get to one day......in the meantime, I'll enjoy following your build hamilton
  7. Thanks so much for making these available! I have the mylar plans, but these digital images will be a nice quick reference! Thanks again! hamilton
  8. I have this kit under my bench and am looking forward to following your progress on the build - such a beautiful ship - you're off to a great start....also assuming from the previous post that you're back home and all is well! I hope so. Stay safe and bye for now hamilton
  9. Dumb question - does not shipping internationally include Canada? I would be willing to transfer postage costs in addition to the cost of a few of these items if you would be willing to ship north of the border.... hamilton
  10. Thanks for the clarification Druxey - these distinctions are good to know! I'm thinking of English vessels of the early 18th century (1719-1745). Thanks again hamilton
  11. This question has probably been posed and answered elsewhere, but after a few searches I came up dry, so I'll ask here - would hatches & gratings have been rounded down to match the camber of the relevant decks? Thanks in advance for any guidance here! hamilton
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