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question regarding attaching bulkheads


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Hi, I am new to shipbuilding, I've purchased the model shipways 18th century long boat before trying something more advanced. I've barely started the kit  and have already run into a problem. The false keel and bulkheads both have notches that are supposed to fit into each other but the notches are too small. Should I increase the size of the notches (possibly introducing errors to bulkhead alignment later on) or should i sand the false keel and bulkheads to a thinner width?


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Yes, increase the size of the notches. Do not thin the keel. Try to determine which side or both of the notch needs enlarged. Compare to the part drawing on the plans, if it has them, or measure side-to-side from the slot edge to see if there is a difference.


Also, check with the plans to see if the top of these bulkheads are to be even with the top of the keel. If it sits too deep, you'll want to add a shim of thin wood or something to raise it. If too high, deepen one of the notches.


See if there's a kit build log for this model.



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Go the forums page, scroll down the list of forums and you will find a group build of this kit in the online projects forum. Check the build logs there for some information. You can also ask Chuck, who designed the kit, for some advice as well.



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