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Amati Ferrari Arno Hydroplane


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Hi Guys,


I am new to this forum. Have been building a few wooden kits in preparation for building the ship models.


I recently got hold of Amati's Ferrari Hydroplane. But the kit did not come with any instruction / plans which show where the nails are suppose to go on the hull.


If anyone is able to help me out on this, it would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to pay for the plan (just the plan where the nails go would suffice) or even a scan of the plan would do.





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There are a few information on the WEB about this beautiful model:




as well as numerous pictures. The picture below shows some of the external rivets/nails. I am not sure that is what you are looking for.




Have you tried contacting AMATI for help?


Good luck.


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Hi Brian,


I am located in Malaysia. Most of the retailers will not scan the plans unless you buy directly from them. I got mine from Italy but the shop doesn't carry the other version that has the plans so i'm out of luck.


Hi Yves,

Yes, i was hoping that one the plans on the Amati kit (the one without the preplanked hull) would show the exact position of the nails. As you can see from most photos, there are hundreds of nails. But for such a beautiful hydroplane, it would be a waste to just guess where the nails go.

Tried contacting both Amati USA and Amati Italy but they do not even bother replying to emails.



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