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  1. Just checked in myself after seeing it agin with this new methodology of grouping build logs, thanks for the encouragement Richard. I kind of got sidetracked by some plastic builds and haven’t done anything on this for a while. Need to work out a way to rotate everything into my build time.... Lou
  2. Looking great! I love that panel line stuff, easy to use and really looks realistic the way it seeks out detail and collection areas
  3. Wow, that looks like a ton of fun! That paint set is killer! The instructions look like chicken scratch but I think I could figure it out... looks like a great effect.
  4. Yeah well, you gotta figure anybody with an old Duo Glide panhead in his avatar for an old rodder....😀👍
  5. Yeah I did that before I posted, saw that it was pretty much all the same color, I think with your ability’s with an airbrush shading and weathering, it will look very realistic and bring out the details as well as can be done, I guess I am thinking more along the lines of an old hot rodder...😎
  6. Craig, I guess all that gets painted the same color? I would be tempted to highlight the frame suspension/running gear with different colors.... but that’s probably not how they are...?
  7. My thoughts exactly! Other than ooooh... gotta get one......
  8. Very nice Richard, I built this model except I went the other way and didn’t use any paint. I had to re-make a lot of the kit parts in various colored woods but that’s how I build anyway.... I really like your approach to the shutters, very clean work.. Lou
  9. Soaking it will soften it for sure but it may warp as it drys and create a larger issue, have you tried flexing it to see if it is pliable enough? I would think you only need about an 1/8” or so flex across the beam .
  10. How thick is the false deck? I would think if it’s 1/16” or less it will conform to the bulkhead tops just by pinning or weighting and glue....
  11. Yeah OC, it’s nice out there in the winter the direct gain from the sun comes in the windows and I have my morning coffee there, in the summer it stays cool cause there’s a 20” overhang on the eve so it’s shaded... plus the ac keeps it cool. My admiral is O K with the idea, as long as my saws and sanders,etc stay down in the basement.... 😎
  12. Awesome! I thought the Scammell looked bad but this one is just MEAN!! I love the look of these big old trucks, they are just BadAzz!!
  13. 'Yep - gonna build a big display shelf out in our sunroom, doesn’t get as much use as it used to, so I’m pretty sure I can move in and re-decorate without too much resistance.... maybe....😇
  14. Wow CDW, that is awesome! Lots of skill all rolled up on one model. Really like the shading effects and your tracks/suspension - subtlety and intensity mixes well together.

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