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  1. Nope, when I tried that it said it was going to delete the album..... I have the same question....
  2. Sweet! Still think this is the best LSS FA out there!
  3. I still have one about 75% done but I want to add rigging to it - link in my sig..... Glenn Barlow just posted pics of his FA in the gallery - one of the best examples of this fun kit I have ever seen!
  4. Thanks Masa, this was a fun build but frustrating at times....
  5. Geraddm, One of the BEST vendors, in any genre. it would be hard for me to decide who treats us better Jim or Chuck..... I’ve never met either one but I consider them both a friend. you’ll see..... Lou
  6. Panart’s Armed Launch kitbashed using Pear, Box, Redheart, and more.....and Syren blocks....
  7. One option that would save most of the planking is to score all the planks in a 4 or 5 butt shift pattern and then you could just remove the forward and aft sections of the planks and re do to the stem rabbit and stern ( if needed) then continue the shift down to the garboard and Bob’s your uncle!
  8. Hi Mark, I had the same question as you and found some good info searching build threads on here. I came to the conclusion that I would not buy the current Mantua offering as it appears they are using the same molds as the vintage kits. And they re designed the structure with pre cut and lasered decks and planking etc...Then I heard about Mckay’s Sovereign book that is supposed to be the best researched book on her, got in on the pre order and then I chanced a low bid on eBay for a early ‘90’s era Mantua kit and won it! I received it and the castings are the heavy brass ones and the kit was complete. Now I am waiting for the book to be released end of February. I’m hoping that I can build a fair representation with that kit and the book, and if I don’t use most of the kit I still got good value for $$ spent.....
  9. Glenn, can you do a quick outline of what finally “clicked” or worked for you? I still struggle with planks that have to be irregular shaped or filler pieces that are on the bottom so you hope no one ever sees them, I have tried lining off, tick strips, spileing ( which was the closest I came but whew! Lots of work) if you have a process can you share it please? I just re-read your post about doing a log on the speedy build.... forgive my impatience- I am a visual learner, once I see it I get it but I have a hard time visualizing processes - and an even harder time ripping up my mistakes to try doing something over....😁 it’s funny, I’ve built lots of deck items etc several times to get them perfect but I hate tearing off planking- it’s definitely going to be a “ next level” hurdle for me.
  10. Bob, In my case I am referring to castello boxwood, that is the only “boxwood” that I would use for planking or framing. I do have a log of buxus sempervirens (the real boxwood) that I bought many, many years ago from All Righteous Hardwoods - it came as a half log, and was sold by the pound, if I remember right it originates from Turkey, and you are correct by the time I mill that log and get a few good billets from it it would indeed be a waste to use it for planking or framing. Not to mention very expensive.... I have found a nice alternative to Castello- Anigre wood, it isn’t as clear as Castello but close and it does have a nice creamy to gold ish color, it mills well and holds a nice edge it may be a little harder on blades than Castello but you can buy a lot of blades from the savings. Still expensive but around 1/4 or less of the cost of Castello which is getting harder to source.
  11. Plus to rip planking strips, you start with sheet stock as thick as your plank width....
  12. Not to speak for Popeye but I think he is referring to the clipper ship in full sail that you have to get on your chest before you become a member? No! No, I am just kidding..... he is probably making a reference to Sailors, and Navy “traditions” like drinking, tattoos, swearing, model shipbuilding, and being a polywog or a shellback, but that’s a whole ‘nother story....!😀
  13. Glenn, are you going to do a build log? I always found your logs very informative and I never failed to learn something from your builds. I’d like to see the results of your application of Chucks methodology.... please consider it?
  14. That’s great Brian, this is also a great justification for keeping all the plans and unused materials from all of my builds. I can’t tell you how many times the wife wanted to “throw all that junk out” 😎Also I would like to encourage you to consider starting a build log, that’s another awesome opportunity to share your progress and and receive encouragement and guidance on the multitude of processes involved in our craft. Plus we get to see pictures!!😀👍
  15. Well I decided to give it a shot and ordered one, they’re back ordered! I didn’t find out till the order went through so now I have to wait- two weeks they said..... we’ll see..... they did give me a discount coupon for my next order for the inconvenience though, pretty cool of them!

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