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  1. Well I decided to give it a shot and ordered one, they’re back ordered! I didn’t find out till the order went through so now I have to wait- two weeks they said..... we’ll see..... they did give me a discount coupon for my next order for the inconvenience though, pretty cool of them!
  2. Nah, they’ll take care of ya, might take a bit but they will get you sorted....
  3. Oh come on Vane, those margin planks are a piece of cake! Well, not really but they are a skill we need to learn, really sets a deck apart....if it wasn’t a lot of work, it wouldn’t feel so great when it’s done and looking awesome! I don’t know about you, but to me, Master Shipwright and laser etched deck are kind of mutually exclusive.... no disrespect to you, Chris, or Vanguard Models intended. Just my own opinionated opinion.... 😀😁
  4. And how negotiations are going for the release of Bellona and other CAF models?
  5. Dude can build a ship model, do doubt about it.... So cool that you are giving everyone a chance to do something like this, awesome Chuck!
  6. Hey Jeff, or anyone that has actually used this slip - I’m interested but is it accurate? Can I slide the bulkhead upright guide into place and Have complete confidence that everything is square, level, and fair? Or do I have to get out my small square, or my machined blocks and verify that everything is in perfect position? If I have to do that I might as well just square up the bulkhead like I always do and move on.... in other words does this jig stay in alignment as you start using it or does it need to be “trued” every time you move it? Is it really effective or is it just nice to have? Thanks guys....
  7. Canuck, sorry I took so long to check this for you- I hope this still helps you out. I do have that laser cut sheet, in fact I have 2 - attached is a pic, let me know which you would like - there is a lighter walnut sheet and a darker one, the darker one looks a bit more splintery, (you can see what I mean on the left of the darker one) so if you don’t care I would get the lighter one.... I would give you both but you never know who else might need one..... if you hear of anyone let me know - I have two 1/2 more of these left.
  8. Is it still called a batten? I thought that was the definition for any kind of wood strips that secure things? That boat is amazingly detailed....I can’t imagine how small those rudder hinges are, you must still have a steady hand!
  9. Yeah, you’re gonna be planking underneath those ply pieces and over the top of the as well..... smooth and fair is the key, not representing every nuance of the curvature of the hull.... it is only 1/64 scale after all..... by the time you finish this gal, you will be amazed at the things you obsessed over but really don’t affect the outcome of the model. 💛😀
  10. Hey!! Moving up in the world- got a workshop! Although this is one of those clean, fine builds that probably should be left on the kitchen table! Always good to see your awesome build Ron, one of my favorites and a MSW classic!
  11. I’ll look in my stash, I built this model and scratched a bunch of stuff so I may have some of it .....
  12. Hi Tom, Welcome to MSW! I have been authorized by the admiral to procure some new ship models, I am extremely interested in your designs and am wondering what kind of time frame you are expecting to release your Bellona, Le Requin, La Belle, etc. What is the status of the sessions still not released?( 5th session of Bellona, 5 and 6 sessions of Le Renommee). Also are you planning on any English translations for the included documentation? I have a feeling you are going to be busy producing lots of kits once a few build logs start here on MSW..... I plan to be among them!
  13. Looks like I have been banned for “undermining the forum activity” Geez, what a rebel.... funny (not) that ripping off legitimate designers doesn’t undermine their forum but speaking out about it does..... It’s ok with me, far as I’m concerned it’s “Mission Accomplished”. I hope they remove my forum name, I don’t want to be associated with them at all....

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