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  1. Looks like I have been banned for “undermining the forum activity” Geez, what a rebel.... funny (not) that ripping off legitimate designers doesn’t undermine their forum but speaking out about it does..... It’s ok with me, far as I’m concerned it’s “Mission Accomplished”. I hope they remove my forum name, I don’t want to be associated with them at all....
  2. Ok, I posted this in two separate sub forums on SoS, we’ll see if this gets any action: Did you guys get my request to delete my membership? After the lack of your accountability and subsequent cover up attempt concerning G.Delacroix’s latest complaint about copyright infringements and another Chinese rip off of his design I have concluded that you (SoS) are culpable in the blatant support of said infringement and piracy. It is obvious that you either don’t care about or are in cahoots with the detestable practitioners that are ripping off the valuable resources of legitimate designers in this hobby. It was my understanding that you (SoS) did not support such practices and left it up to the modeler to decide on the legitimacy of a product, but your recent refusal to acknowledge or investigate the legitimate claims of G.Delacroix and even removing the evidence of that claim speaks volumes about the intent and direction of this forum. I do not wish to be associated with or be in support of the illegal and morally reprehensible practices that are prevalent on this forum. Please remove my membership forthwith Lou Griffin (ASAT) I’ll let you know if that gets a response..... Lou
  3. I did that Monday the 11th, and haven’t heard anything back yet or been removed..... I will ping them again and see what happens. BTW - contacting them is the only way to delete your membership - it’s at the very bottom of the home page, “Terms and rules”
  4. I was just jokin, Chuck.... I know mine get dirty cause I use cyano for planking and a graphite pencil for caulking.... when they both get on your fingers it’s a mess.... but I do the same as you Chuck..... 320 and WOP when I am done for the sitting.....
  5. Is that yours or Chuck’s? Looks like yours, now we need one from Chuck to compare? Your trapezoid on top looks just a hair too “pointy” but I think it is fine.... it’s one of those things you can obsess about now and at the end of the build it wil just blend in with all the cool things your eye is drawn to......
  6. It’s hard to tell Matthias, it does look like the angle on the plan, but I don’t think Chuck ever shows them from the same perspective angle that you have, it does look like you maybe took too much meat off the “thickness” of the beveled tops.... do you have a photo you are referring to? Or take a shot from the same angle as his and then compare? Or Chuck - take a overhead shot?
  7. I asked him that clear back during Syren and Confederacy - I think he must be OCD about hand washing😀 I really think the key is just being meticulous and deliberate with every aspect of the build and yes, keeping everything clean.... work area, model, tools.... and your hands!
  8. Try flipping the deck pieces over - may fit better, may be the same..... if the bulkheads are glued to the lower deck then I would open the slots in the deck till it fits and reshape center openings- after you plank it the effects of 1-2 mm should be minimal, you would probably incur greater consequences trying to fix it.....
  9. I’m no expert on Asian culture but I think a large part of this issue is cultural- I saw it happen time and again dealing with the R/C hobby, they copied planes and radio technologies and you could even get the same stuff with different company badging - I think it’s just how they have always done business..... I have even considered trying something from China but the information here on MSW has made me think twice. I did however think that SOS was just staying neutral or was ignoring the implications- essentially leaving the choice up to each individual but this latest censorship and cover up has enlightened me and it is obvious they are at best unwilling to be accountable or hold people accountable for this piracy and worst case are actively supporting and perpetuating the extent of the problem. I have been a member there for a year or so, but with the result of these latest posts I am deleting my membership there and I would like to call out to all of the other modelers at MSW that I have also seen on SOS to do the same, I feel like that is the most powerful message we could send to them, it probably won’t change anything except our own complacency and complicity in being duped by their disingenuousness......
  10. I think he’s asking if that counter piece should be proud of the gunport ply pieces? It should not be, the planking should end at the ply pieces so that counter piece should be inside or at least flush with the bulwark pieces. But it needs also to be curved like Spy and VulcanB said....Unless I read you wrong then belay my last..... 🙂
  11. Well now if I can just get my planking methodology to emulate yours I’ll be all set! 😁
  12. Why do you move the fence on a Byrnes saw? I must be cutting my strips the wrong way, I mill my billet to the desired plank width and rip strips off the end at the thickness I need - move the billet not the fence?
  13. Well Bitter End, you gave me permission to correct you so..... Vulcanbomber is actually a scholar and gentlewoman, and a British woman at that! Quite the talented lady and has one of the best San Francisco builds on MSW, and as you commented, a very nice Pegasus in work. I will be glad to stop in periodically and if I can be of assistance I will, and if not I can certainly lead you astray.... 😀 just keep posting pics of your progress, and you will get lots of help and ideas here..... Very consistent workmanship, and you seem to be meticulous as well, great first build effort so far! Keep at it and keep asking questions!

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