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  1. Is the kerf wide or short? If you sand the pieces to 90 degrees will they be too small? I hope it works - I have access to a USAF base too!! Didn’t think of the Craft Center!!
  2. Pretty exciting Chris, looking forward to your execution in pear again, you know what they say about imitation and flattery right? Just so you know.... 😎 Your Pear looks a lot different than mine, it’s not steamed right? Also the grain is a bit more pronounced? Or is that just the camera? Your stem is looking good, precise joinery is a challenge for me, I’m good on flat joints but curvature kicks my butt.... gonna try Mikes custom sanding forms technique this time... Did you ever do anything more to the WVH? I was hoping you were gonna resurrect that one, but I know about having a model or two in the “closet” so to speak..... Take care......
  3. Chuck - I know you’re past that point but do you think you could make a video of shaping one of those gunport planks that are recessed and also have the beveled/angled portions? You and Mike both make that level of precision look easy but I’m having a hard time visualizing it.....
  4. So You’re saying it won’t be too long before Chuck and Mike are returning that compliment? 😄 I may just have to wait to start so I can get some schooling from your diverse experience..... Looks like there’s going to be a plethora of talent to emulate in this venture!!
  5. I’ve always used balsa wood to fill between bulkheads - carves and sands easy and softer than the bulkheads so you don’t over fair.....
  6. Thanks Mike, that’s perfectly clear now, what a great technique using various sanding shapes and raising the work to get the 90degree edge. I had heard of the light box but forgot about it☺️, just what I needed to overcome the confidence barrier.... This is what is great about MSW and this whole project, making the inconceivable possible!
  7. Mike, I signed up for a scratch build of Winnie and I was just wondering if you could outline how you made the gammoning knee and extension? I’m using pear so no laser kits for me, They look so small, scroll saw or mill and describe the fitting process? Looks like a pretty big hurdle.... you aced it btw.....
  8. That’s kinda what I was planning on although I might like the contrast of the cedar for the window frames and other accents at the stern and head. I asked some other ?? On the plans discussion thread.... thanks!!
  9. Hi Chuck, I have been perusing the plans and monograph, I noticed the bollard uprights are not on the 1/4” thick first installment sheet, the chock is though? Also is it necessary to use a hardwood for the gunport framing? Am I wrong that all we will see of that framing is going to be painted? Wondering if basswood will be ok there or does a harder wood take the paint better? Sorry but I haven’t used paint much on previous models...... I’m probably missing something. And also, are you going to provide a sheet for the gunport framing uprights that are all the different angles? I can see how they would ease some of the pain of that framing 😄 thanks in advance..... Lou
  10. Signing on for this awesome opportunity- I plan on building her with Pear and Boxwood, going to use Chris L Bren’s Confederacy as inspiration and imitation. 😎 I will probably use every laser advantage that I can’t cut using my scroll saw, mostly in Cherry I think, even if it’s just to use them as templates to remake from Pear.
  11. I have the plans, instructions and fittings to do a scratchbuild from Amati, and I have seen the plans and instruction book from Caldercraft- imho the fittings,castings and weaponry from Caldercraft are superior as well as the design of the fo’c’sle, bulwarks and mortar housings. Everything else is pretty much the same - can’t speak to the wood quality as I use my own..... hope that helps
  12. ASAT

    POF Kits

    Uhhhh, this isn’t a kit? Or is it not available?https://modelshipworld.com/topic/18289-hms-halifax-1768-by-alde-lumberyard-kit-148-scale-based-on-harold-hahn-drawings-and-book/?tab=comments#comment-562745 I’m pretty sure Dave has a POF Gunboat kit also, but I could be wrong.....
  13. ASAT

    POF Kits

    The Lumberyard makes a POF Halifax kit, there are a few logs on here to peruse
  14. Ron, meticulous craftsmanship as always, it’s been so long since we have seen Oneida, could you take a full shot of her and post it just to refresh the memory please? Really amazing build!!

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