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  1. I am also considering the Sphinx but I still have hopes for a two decker from Vanguard as well....
  2. Do you throw some iron around Glenn? That guy is pretty buff, I think my gut sticks out more than my chest these days.... 😀. If that is to scale then good on ya!!
  3. I love the diversity and their efforts are stellar no doubt, but this is new, refreshing and exciting potential and seems to me a very creative and original application of the latest technologies - I am joyful that our hobby is in such capable hands!! All of them!!
  4. Brilliantly executed Chris! Amazing that her complexity will be reproduced by the nature of the design and not as dependent upon the modelers skill. Absolutely cutting edge, next generation advancement of ship modeling. I am thinking this design concept will revolutionize the possibility for the modeler to produce excellent results and also allow more modelers to undertake more complex ship kits. I wonder how many kits it will take before every other designer/manufacturer will be “outdated” or obsolete? 😀 This has to be the most significant leap forward I have seen in my 25 ish years in the ho
  5. Thanks for looking in, Malcom, Patrick and D. And thank you for the kind words. Well I finally got to the point where I can start the planking in earnest, with this hull shape I really didn’t want to do scale length planks so I pretty much doubled the length and I am using a 3 butt shift. I think this is what I am going to be doing for a while.... planking..... 😎
  6. Mark, the quarter galleries and stern came out great, I have yet to tackle that aspect of building, I have seen it done well and.... well, you know. You must have been planning for this from the beginning, as they look symmetrical and correct. Well done!
  7. Thanks Mark and SkerryAmp, I will drill and maybe try a scroll saw blade in my jewelers saw frame... but I don’t have a file that will fit, the slot is only 1mm thick and my smallest file is 1.5mm - guess I might get a flexi file or if someone knows of a tiny file set? I managed to get my lower Wales marked and laid out and planked the stern and bottom of the quarter galleries - Man! That took a lot longer than I thought it would!
  8. Bob, he has already done the Le Requin, just waiting for Ancre copyright issues to settle.
  9. I really like this kit, pretty cutting edge, I am anxious to see how well the hull framing turns out.....
  10. So I made the new stem and keel pieces - decided on some black walnut I had - I think it’s going to be a nice contrast from the pear planking, the pear is the piece with the hole in it.....I just need to cut the gammoning slot - not sure how to as it’s really skinny and I don’t have a mill... any ideas?
  11. That’s looking great Vane, I can tell that you have learned a lot from your other builds as this one is showing how your skill has progressed, very nice planking! Older kit for sure, I was so hoping that Vanguard was going to do a multi decker soon as all the current batch are pretty dated. But hey - it’s still a Chris Watton design!
  12. Those replacements look great - how did you cut the notches and gammoning slots? Helps having a larger scale huh? Gonna be a good one!
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