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  1. Emailed pics, hope it works....
  2. Clive, I found the manual and the parts list is intact, PM me your email, I will take some pictures and send them to you, if that doesn’t work we’ll try something else.... Lou
  3. I will look and see if I still have that ..... no promises.....
  4. Those are awesome ! Very symmetrical- that’s gotta feel pretty good nailing them like that!
  5. Lovely, Painstakingly creative attention to detail..... I am really enjoying following this build log.... great stuff!!
  6. Ooooh I used to have a PRS Custom 22 - I really miss that guitar, I’ll forever regret that decision. Are you a Lead guitarist? Do you play anywhere? I pound chords and like to sing..... We seem to have a lot in common - I worked at the base too....
  7. Very clean Jeff, those blocks look very scale - they must be tiny!! BTW - I just looked at your profile, what kind of guitars do you have/play most? I prefer my Taylor, but I rock my tele every once in a while....
  8. Welcome to MSW Beck, what part of England are you from? I spent a few years in a little village called Hargrave in Northhamptonshire back in the early 70’s - my Dad was stationed at RAF Alconbury. I thoroughly enjoyed the UK. I envy your CAD skills.... which ship kit were you contemplating on building?
  9. Dave, get them as close to the line as you are comfortable with, you are going to sand or file them down to the line by hand from there so anything you leave is just work... 😀 If you look at the laser cut bulkheads in the monograph you see that they are cut right to those lines....Also the outer portions will still be faired after assembling to the keel so you can take them to the line before assembling- this is where a spindle sander becomes a friend!
  10. I figured it was a supply/demand thing but I was not aware of the snobbish attitudes, I was thinking I could stain the Boxwood - I will give that a try.... ordering soon..... sorry for digging in old wounds and for side tracking this thread....
  11. Ok,ok.... hey I must have missed the reason but why did you stop making pear wood blocks? Any “special runs” or seconds (pear) available?
  12. Chuck, how about a video on bending hooks or making blocks? There must be some techniques that are better demonstrated than explained.... mine just don’t look right 😕
  13. Great tutorial Chuck, so you don’t glue the plank edge to the previous plank? Just put the glue on the bulkheads? Is that due to the increased number of bulkheads or would that also work on hulls with larger spacing between bulkheads? Thanks for taking the time to do these, I really appreciate and learn from them.....
  14. Fill between the bulkheads with balsa, shape as you fair the hull to prepare for planking - I start with 80 grit on a long sanding bar and work up to 120-150 grit......

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