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  1. Ron, meticulous craftsmanship as always, it’s been so long since we have seen Oneida, could you take a full shot of her and post it just to refresh the memory please? Really amazing build!!
  2. Hi E.J., I have this kit laying around collecting dust, I like your use of dummy cannon blocks vs frames - how far back did you inset the blocks on each deck (how far will the barrels protrude from the planking?) and are you leveling them to the decks or the Hull shape? Will you use a square tube for the framing or try to fill in the individual pieces? Nice work so far....
  3. Jason - wow, haven’t checked in at MSW for awhile but your build, and the pics on these last two pages just reflect so much passion and artistry, you are one outstandingly gifted craftsman - it’s builds like these that keep us all pursuing that next level. Thank you for your amazing efforts! You gotta rig it man, we can all benefit from your attention to detail and pursuit of authenticity. And it would just add that level of realism that sets some so far apart. Lou
  4. Mike, I noticed no filler blocks on V3, is that due to the larger scale or do you feel that was a contributing factor in V2’s twist? Very nice work btw, I admire your tenacity! I’m looking forward to more updates. I’ve been waiting for this project to become “mere mortal’s obtanium” for some time, even putting off starting a Diana or Confederacy build in lieu of the reality of this Winnie.... I am glad it’s grown to 1/4 scale - I remember voting for that several years ago! 😎 Lou
  5. Mike, I think you are familiar with Chris L Bren's Confederacy? I seem to remember a post where he stopped dyeing his pear wood black with fiebing shoe dye in favor of the tamiya flat black paint with a top coat of watco's danish oil - said it was much less trouble? Seems like it would be easier to apply and control results as well? Just for your consideration as I think the contrast of his color scheme utilizing pear with various treatments looks so awesome..... Lou
  6. Rod, nice build going here, it's amazing how plain some things look until you add all the PE details and then they really add so much visual intrigue.... I really like the diversity in your subject matter(s) as well. Definitely a refreshing change from the status quo..... Well done! Lou
  7. Do Doing well, made up some deck furniture and added pin rails - Still need to add a few bits, there is a difference between the LSS and MS plans.... need to update my log! Lou
  8. Very well done Bob, looks like it could be an AOTS subject, your wood choices really work well together. Just a really well executed effort..... Lou
  9. Beautiful build Mike, I am looking for something different to do, never considered this one until now, just a very nice build.... Lou
  10. Dave, this little guy is looking great! I did the same thing with the AL Harvey, just like you mentioned in the first post, it's nice to know that with some nice wood and a Byrnes saw and thickness sander you can turn just about anything into a great model! I had a lot of fun "re building" the deck stuff and upgrading the authenticity and while I am not a real stickler, it was a believable effort of the type. Just like this little schooner is turning out to be.... Amazing combination of wood color, I really like using red heart and holly together, such a great contrast but you are taking it to another level! I admire your tenacity with the yellow heart, I used some of that for a Syren model and I didn't like its brittleness and resistance to bending, tried my patience and lots of re do's, sure does look great as the yellow stripe that is prevalent on so many color schemes though, and once done it sands well and looks great! Couple of questions on your technique, what kind of rosewood are your Wales done in and how do you keep the pencil dust from "dirtying" up the planking when you sand it? I use a graphite pencil on one side of the planks but I have a hard time keeping the planking crisp and clean like yours. Scraping seems to work better but I can't seem to get as level results scraping. Sorry for the long windedness, but she is really looking great.... I will go back and read the entire thread, hope I didn't ask something you already explained..... Lou
  11. It's looking great Glenn, very precise paintwork and nice, crisp lines..... Amazing how expansive the deck looks without the masting and rigging.... Sure you aren't up for six months more work on her? Lou
  12. Nah, I bet if you sent chuck the AOTS scan he could do the conversion as it is a matter of straight / angled lines, or maybe he could alter the Confed lights, but I wouldn't want to speak for him. Also do you have a blueprint company in your location? I know I have a place that can take a PDF scan and convert it to a dxf file, might check your area for a printing place that does construction or industrial / machining type printing? Lou
  13. Have you asked Chuck (SyrenShipModel) if he can do the laser Windows? Or is it still prohibitive? I know he made some (or had them made) for his early Confederacy projects.... Lou
  14. If they are in cases, I would think that a Doctor office or perhaps a travel agency may accept some of the models? Lou
  15. Bold moves Jason, at first I though the differences were pretty subtle, but the more I look at it the more glaring the shortcomings of the kit become. Especially the window alignment and overall shape. As usual you are executing the changes well and I am certain that you would not have been satisfied if you had left them stock, have you determined if these changes will affect the side galleries? At any rate, awesome work ...... Lou

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