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  1. Thank you Valeriy, the model you presented us is indeed exceptional. There are a lot of treasures for us westerners, to be found in Russia and Ukraine. Yves
  2. Thank you Boris for the details about the sourcing of the model. From what I understand, your model will most likely be the last one being built and the most exceptional. Too bad these small one-individual-companies cannot survive for long. Yves
  3. Absolutely superb. I love these extra details that you are adding. You also have a very steady and sure hand to paint these decks.... Finally, the wood deck is absolutely top and represents rather well, the clean Japanese deck, that the crew was constantly moping. Yves
  4. Boris, Could you update us on the source of the hull and parts that you have been using for this model? I tried to go to the mz-modellbau site but ended up seeing a Chinese lady removing her armpit hairs.... Not exactly what I was hoping to see.... 😉 Yves
  5. Chris, Could we get a group picture of all your liners, in 1/600th ? I thank you in advance. Yves
  6. Yes, Australia does not exist for illiterate French post people: it is Australie en Francais and they probably could not correlate the two names... 😞 The Petite Galettes are very good and you got the improved model with chocolate chips.... Yves
  7. Amazing work on a beautiful kit. I admire your patience at removing all traces of burnt wood, on the frames. Yves
  8. This is amazing work. I absolutely love it and hope you will take some time to describe some of your techniques to create such beautiful and realistic renderings. The boat shop is absolutely superb.... Yves
  9. The Modelling News: Das Dock for your Das Boot from DAS WERK - Their New 72nd Scale Drydock in the Werks... This new kit from Das Werk: This is a kit that comes in a total of 366 parts from the laser-cut wooden board supplied by Malaan Lasercut. The dock is designed to suit the examples in most European countries from time zones of the 1890s and 1960s. Of course, it can be used not only for not only Das Werk's 1/72nd scale SM U9 but also for other companies' 1/72 scale ships and submarines. - You can choose whether or not there is a factory wall adjace
  10. Adam Norenberg, is doing a nice review of the Yamato kit and puts it together. For your enjoyment: The Modelling News: Build review: Takom's 1/72nd scale Battleship Yamato no. 2 main turret Yves
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