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  1. You are going strong and radical. No coming back. It reminds me of the butchering of my U-552. Yves
  2. I worked on the torpedoes doors. Not an easy task. Keep in mind that a few parts have to be fabricated as nothing is provided in the kit by Trumpeter. Once again, the PEs from RCSUBS bring a nice addition to that delicate part of the Type VIIc submersible: Using brass rods, I fabricated 4 commands to link the door mechanisms to the front bulkhead: Once painted: Yves
  3. Very nice and so unusual model. Another masterpiece for your collection. Yves
  4. Wow, you are moving along!! This model will be finished before you know it. Yves
  5. I just received a parcel from Oto (RCSUBS). Shipping goes fast, less than a week. This contains the rear bulkhead for the pressure hull, the torpedo doors set and some brass to finish the model and its stand (in some remote future): And the associated instructions to assemble the doors: More work in perspective.... Yves
  6. I have to say that this PE deck from RCSUBS, changes the model considerably. It brings a different flavor to this huge model, by shifting the dominance of plastic to metal and turning a simple (although big) plastic model into something a lot more valuable and unique. Despite the enormous amount of work to properly install this PE set, I just cannot imagine having that beautiful submersible with the simple and so grossly molded plastic deck, provided by Trumpeter. I see a lot of very beautiful models of that kit on the Web, but very few people takes the energy and time to install this specific PE set. In my humble opinion, it is today the best PE set one can find for the Trumpeter kit. I am always pleased with the precision and accuracy of the different parts and how they fit together. Now another question for the PE experts: I noticed that the Vallejo Primer tends to flake and peel on the brass parts, when you lightly sand it. I wonder if the Tamiya primer may work better or if I should go with an automotive primer. Any suggestions? Also, what kind of stands do you guys use to present such a model? Where do you find the brass or other metal parts used to display our models ? And NO, I am not going to use the ugly plastic stands provided by the Trumpeter. Yves
  7. Et voila! All PE decks have been glued with epoxy: This reinforces the "laced" plastic deck considerably. And our typical claustrophobic pictures: I should get some ordered PEs from Czech Republic tomorrow and it will allow me to resume the work on the front torpedo doors. I also need to think about how I will present the model and design the anchoring points for the stands. Yves
  8. This is a fabulous work of planking for a beginner. I would not even do a second planking as the model looks so much like those real fishing boats that you can see on the southern coasts of France and Spain. The real boats are beat up of intense usage and your model is just perfect as it looks. Finish it, some nice weathering and you will have a fabulous piece to show in your home. Yves
  9. Another piece of PE on the deck: One more to go and it will be complete. Yves
  10. This is incredible. It is exactly like being on a real boat. How do you make it so perfect ? The patina, the color of the woods, all the details are there. I hope your models end up in Museums where generations of people can enjoy watching them. Yves
  11. Another piece of PE deck is glued onto the hull. You can clearly see that this section of PE is longer than the stern and sits across hull and stern. This is one of the reasons why I glued the stern to the hull, departing from the Trumpeter instructions. On the other hand, that PE reinforces the connection Stern-Hull and makes the deck a lot sturdier. Here it is, glued with two components epoxy glue. Most of the glue seeping through is removed with isopropyl alcohol. Finally, it is sanded with 1000 grit and cleaned with alcohol. You can see how much cantilever this PE offers: And a view from underneath, showing the numerous openings: Yves
  12. I started puttying the seams and after a while I just could not tell if it needed some more or not. So, I sprayed some Vallejo Acrylic primer to reveal the imperfections. Not too bad, still a couple of places to refine: Yes, it is a monster but what a pleasure to work on something that does not strain your vision: Yves

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