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  1. Coming to a closure on the conning tower. First the attack periscope and its strong platform with a compass: Details of the compass. I need to find some print of the compass, scale it down and glue it in place, once everything is painted. Below is the front of the platform: Observation periscope shaft, the UZO holder (used to hold all kinds of pointing devices and binoculars), the round Direction Finding antennae (DF) for taking bearings on beacons and for receiving Very Low Frequency messages from the U-Boot Commander In Chief (BdU). Front Compass: Attack periscope in place: I still need to finish the wiring of the navigation lights, paint the whole tower, decals and final matte clear coating. Yves
  2. Beautiful, beautiful. This is going to be a hell of a model! Yves
  3. Dirk, For a first attempt, it is a master piece. Now, to the other side....please. Yves
  4. 7Youngs, Yes I have seen this video and the beautiful realization of this talented Chinese modeler. Yes, he did cut out an opening on the opaque side of the sail and swapped the internal pressure hull sections. It is easy to do although unrealistic as you have to assume that both side were symmetrical of each other, which was not the case. The sail is so small, that I decided to skip this operation and kept it "solid". I admire the beautiful casing he did for his model but do not like the blueish color of the LEDs that he used. I wish my model could be as nice as Jacky's beautiful submarine. Yves
  5. I am working on the periscopes and other details of the conning tower. So, the progress are slow and small. I wanted to share with you some interesting facts about the Trumpeter kit and the real need to invest into a Photo-Etched kit from Eduard or RCSubz. Below is the assembly of the Trumpeter kit for the attack periscope and stand for the UZO (surface attack Optics) and binnacle. As you can see, details have been simply omitted: In contrast, the RCSubz photo-etched set offers many more details with a challenging assembly: I have not looked at the Eduard set, but I suspect they do improve significantly over the Trumpeter kit. So, this is where I stand as this moment: Still adding some small parts to the Conning Tower: Yves
  6. Are you going to depict carbon fiber sails or the more traditional white ones? Yves
  7. Some progress on the conning tower. There is still plenty to do with the periscope masts and their bases. As you can see, RCSubz offers a lot of small parts to improve the Trumpeter model: After a coat of automotive primer: At the top of the sail, I added some railings for the crew. This part is missing from both Trumpeter and RCSubz, but is clearly visible on some of the pictures: I feel better about the hatches. It is not as perfect as the prototype but a lot better with the primer. Hopefully, the final paint coat will hide them even more. The compass casing and the front of the sail will need some putty. That's all for today, folks. Yves
  8. Very true. I was doing a quick calculation recently and I came close to the same amount.... Yves

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