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  1. Next, I have to put together the chassis of the F1: As you can see, Paul's Model Art took a lot of liberty and went with a flat platform, which is quite different from the real car. I guess we cannot blame them for this shortcut, as it makes the model a lot easier to assemble and probably reduce the already expensive cost of the product. Below is a close-up on the famous transmission developed specifically for the McLaren F1. You can see the two strange "cobras" of aluminum hoses used to extract the heat from the rear brakes. McLaren has a patent on this f
  2. So, the next delicate phase was the repair of the front hub wheels. One of them was completely broken and had lost its lower connection to the suspension arm and the connection to the steering rod. Using a drill of 1.5 mm and a tapper bit of 2 mm, I carefully and delicately drilled and prepared two holes for the lower pivot and steering rod. The new anchoring system using 2 mm stainless steel bolts, is much sturdier than the plastic pins originally provided with the model: Strong of the success on the damaged hub, I decided to break the other hub and performed the sam
  3. So beautiful and peaceful. I love that cloister.... This vision brings back memories of previous life times..... There will be some ripe tomatoes for the diner meal. Yves
  4. I can see some resin being poured to simulate a brackish and dirty water. Yves
  5. The first thing was to clean and repaint the front wheels. I have looked at various models of this car on the WEB, and most of them have flaking paint on the front wheels. The rear ones are doing better and are not affected by this defect. It is a good thing as the rear wheels are inserted in force, on a steel shaft and I could not separate them from the chassis. The front wheels are given a bath of Purple cleaner in an ultrasound cleaner. After about 40 minutes of soaking, there are devoid of paint: A coat of automotive primer and the wheels
  6. The enthusiasts of that specific car often wonders who owns one of these marvels. I have heard of the following people (most of them being located in England) and was privy to see an F1 in my entire life, once and only for a couple of seconds.... As we mentioned earlier, the car was produced at 100 units (107 to be exact) and production was halted in the late 90's when the induced recession (Bush era and burst of the Tech bubble) hit the world. The street car was produced at 64 units. Five units were destroyed for the crash testing and tests, and the remainder were turned into raci
  7. In July 1992, was announced the fastest and most extraordinary car ever produced: the McLaren F1. That incredible piece of technology was designed by two seasoned racing engineers, Gordon Murray and Ronald Dennis. It was the first Supercar to reach 231 MPH (374 KM/H), was limited to 100 units worldwide and sported the hefty price tag of 540,000 Sterling Pounds or slightly shy of $1 million in the USA, when you could get one. That car received a standing ovation and was probably the most reviewed and incensed car ever published in the professional and trade press, world
  8. I agree with you and went ahead to get the Magnifier kit from Evil bay: $60 including shipping.... Now, let's see if it arrives in the USA. Yves
  9. Gorgeous car !!! With the appropriate background, it could easily pass for the real car. It is really cute and so well rendered. What is interesting is the complete absence of bumpers: I suppose that in those days, the risks of being hit by another vehicle, were rather slim. Yves
  10. Thank you KPNuts. That is only a small portion of the collection. These are old O scale (1/48) brass engines, rebuilt and painted by myself, most of the times. Yves
  11. Welcome to this forum Bianca. I just purchased one of these old kits and will be watching your progress. This will translate into a really cute little daysailer, I am sure. Yves
  12. KPNuts, Since you have the Magnifier kit, how does it compare to the new MENG kit? I am curious to know if these two kits are similar or if the new MENG kit is way better in term of details and parts. Here is a link to the introduction of the new MENG kit: The Modelling News: Preview: The final iteration of Meng's 12th scale Ford GT40 Mk.II 1966 Le Mans 24h in full colour... Thanks for your time. Yves
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