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  1. Mike, Thank you for these excellent directions and hints. I will definitely refer back to them for my upcoming projects. Yves
  2. Superb little fleet and beautiful decals, Mike. Your painted insignia are out of this world..... That must be a tremendous amount of work. Could you describe for us, how you approached that daunting task? Yves
  3. This is so realistic and beautiful. You are so lucky to live in such paradise and go fishing at your leisure with your Perseverance boat. Yves
  4. Exciting kits. I am glad that multiple threads of these CAF models, will be started. In the old days, certain kits were pre-cut with water jets, which does not leave any charcoal marks on the parts. It is unfortunate that this technology is not used more or no longer used in the kit industry. I suspect that the water cutting machines are a lot more expensive and bulky than the laser cutting machines. Yves
  5. GORGEOUS !!!! That Stern is so beautiful and your attention to details is amazing. You have done a masterpiece. Yves
  6. If you are not satisfied with the coiled brass wire that they gave you, you could use N-Scale tracks (1/160) or perhaps better Z-Scale tracks (1/220) made by Marklin. You can easily remove the rails from the plastic ties or even buy the rails from Micro-Mark which sells them individually. Use code 55 rails or even smaller if you can find them. I believe real rails will look better than round wires. https://www.micromark.com/N-Scale-Code-55-Flex-Track-Bundle-of-6-Pieces https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marklin-Z-Mini-Club-Straight-Section-9-Length-8505-LN/174408520737?hash=item2
  7. I am starting to really like that kit. Very nice assembly so far. You also need some Italian beverage on your shelf, a Chianti or some Asti Spumante to replace that beer. Yves
  8. Well, both guns are now complete and I still do not know for sure, which one to mount permanently on the U-Boot..... Ideally, If I had known earlier that Eduard was offering this kit, I should have mixed parts of the Trumpeter, RCSubs and Eduard gun kits, to make the most realistic model possible. The Eduard kit is definitely more precise in the casting and offers some details that the Trumpeter parts miss completely. On the other hand, the Trumpeter/RCSubs kit offers a gun which can pivot an
  9. Thank you for publishing this picture. It really gives us a sense of how large the model is and how complicated. This is going to be a great model, no doubt. Yves
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