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  1. I think the stand depicted by KPNuts is perfectly fine for a Porsche engine. The engine is not that heavy, being built entirely of aluminum. Here are a few pictures of traditional Porsche engine stands: Yves
  2. Despite some mistakes, you ended up with a lovely little Runabout. For an early/first model, this is a great achievement and you should be proud of yourself. Yves
  3. Well, Tamiya has been offering multiple engines at 1/6 scale: Honda CB750, Kawazaki 1300 and a couple more. There is also a Volvo truck engine available (Pocher/Italeri perhaps). Yes, I am like you and wish they would offer legendary engines such as the BMW V-12 equipping the Mc Laren F1 and other Porsche engines. Yves
  4. Absolutely adorable. Definitely my kind of place as I love bookshops and Libraries. Yves
  5. Nice touch with the mirror under the engine stand. Yves
  6. I love these movies. I grew up with them and enjoyed each one of them. Yves
  7. There are a few new kits coming up from China: Le Coureur (1/48) by CAF and a few others that may satisfy your desires. Check this forum and the Build Logs for Scratch Builds. Yves
  8. Talking about the 2CV, it was notorious for a very nasty leak of fuel, on its cylinders. My brother used to have one and the end of the car was pretty dramatic. The car stalled at a Stop sign (the issue was always happening at low speed or while idling) and while trying to crank it up again, he noticed a very bad burning smell. He had just enough time to grab his wallet in the glove box, open the door and escape the car, as it started burning on the road, near the junction. He watched it completely surrounded by flames, from a safe distance. That was his last attempt at owning a 2 CV. He owns two Traction Avant 11 CV and 15 CV and a CX). The 2 CV could be a romantic car, but you had to make sure that piece of fuel hose above the engine was changed on a regular basis. Yves
  9. Bob, this has been discussed further up, in this thread. E-Bay is an option (expensive) but there are other more affordable ways to get them. Yves
  10. As you probably know, Model Motorcars just came up with a set of real steel leaf springs for the Alfa Romeo kit. They are superb but their price is a strong repellent to say the least... Yves
  11. The Dutch people (as you most likely know) have a passion for all old Citroen cars, including the Traction, 2CV, DS and CX. It is not surprising that this old French commercial would be sub-titled in Dutch language. Yves
  12. What a lovely boat. I hope you make the kit available to USA customers in the coming months. Yves
  13. Folks, The project is still going on. Because of other side activities, I have not been able to dedicate much time for it. I am working on the rigging and will then move to the guns. After that, a few more details inside and we can call it done. Yves

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