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I'm working up plans for a scratch-build of Scottish Maid, and I'm wondering about the best way to do the Bulwarks. It occurs to me that at the scale I'm probably going to work at - 1/96th it might be worth making solid bulwarks from 1mm ply, then planking over. The alternative, of course, would be to just plank it. This isn't going to be a plank on frame job. I'll probably cut bulkheads and fill between with balsa or lime.


So the question is: How do I produce an expansion of the bulwarks - with or without software. The only software I have is Xara - about the best vector drawing platform I know.



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Ta for the reply. I've been trying to work out a way to do it and was thinking along the lines of bending a spline to get actual lengths needed, and, as you suggest doing a stiff paper template. There's a helluva lot of work in producing a plan you can work from, from a set of lines! This I found out when reworking an Occre Dos Amigos hull for accuracy. I may as well have done that one from scratch! Fortunately I have a reasonable library of how-it's-done books now...though most of it is about P.o.f building. One of the great things about this hobby, really: you're always learning!

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