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Amati Endevour 1/50


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ANy one have any experience of this?


It appears as if the kit comes with the hull completely done for you?

Can anyone with a bit more experience confirm this:




Amati claim its a best-seller so woudl expect some-one here to have made it!!

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Previous builds - Ummm does Airfix count???

Current build - Amati Endevour 1:80

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I have looked myself into this model and it is very appealing. Besides the scale of 1/50 makes it more manageable than the other planked kit at 1/35 scale. These kinds of boats do not appeal at all to the crowd of this forum and you will not find anything related to the famous J boats.


The former incarnation of MSW had a build log from a gentleman who built the Amati 1/35 planked hull. It was fantastic to read and turned out into a beautiful machine but extremely big and tall (the builder needed a ladder to reach the top of the mast).


I have looked into the Dorade kit made by Amati (plastic hull pre-formed) as well as I love these racing boats in general. The kit by Amati of the J boat at 1/50th scale comes with a pre-finished hull, carved in wood. The deck is finished but you may want to re-plank it for better accuracy and realism. Amati also offers a line of J-Boats at the scale of 1/80, but these would be too small to be interesting, in my opinion. The claim of Amati about Best-seller is actually for Europe where these boats are much more popular than they are here. Keep in mind that the market for this kind of kits and boats (J Boats) is very limited and cannot compare to the typical historical ships abundantly described and pictured on MSW.


I am always in awe when looking at the sheer power and majesty of these boats:




If you ever decide to get the kit, do not forget to offer us a Kit review and a Build Log.




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