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Wood finish that does not alter natural color!

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We've had much discussion regarding sanding sealers and finishes that do not change the natural beauty of the wood. I had tried a water based sanding sealer but did not find it ideal (it was streaky).  However, I am now using the Sig brand Thin-Cote butyrate and thinner and they are wonderful! I am diluting the butyrate by about 50-60% with the thinner. You brush it on and it dries very quickly with no streaks or color alterations (including holly). You can apply additional coats, although I'm finding one works fine. The Lite-Cote product is: http://www.sigmfg.com/IndexText/SIGLC001.html. The thinner may also be found on the Sig site.


A word of caution - use in a well ventilated area! It is airplane dope and, while it smells wonderful, is certainly not ideal to inhale. Thanks to David Antscherl for turning me on to it. I use this when I want the rough hewn appearance of natural wood and Watcos Danish oil when I want a dressier finish.




Admiralty Models

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Admiralty Models Cross-section Build

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