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  1. Some of the Russian ship model "Masters" use boxwood and ebony veneer for their 1:48 models. But they use ply interior construction so have a very broad surface for plank adhesion.
  2. These are the best looking I've seen: http://www.propblur.com/store/p80/RigH1.html. I ordered some of the smaller size. I would just bend the round part 90 degrees to the hook. Morope does look great but handles very poorly. Chuck's line of rope is fantastic.
  3. It's inspiring to see the level of detail you include in work that is essentially hidden. Imagine the delight of some distant heir cleaning the model in 100 years and discovering that the hinges actually work and what is inside. Perhaps the perfect place to secrete a hidden message? Happy New Year Micheal. We all look forward to your updates!
  4. Thanks Mark. The work has been finished. I just need to sort out the easiest way to get the enormous data files to those wishing to purchase them. It will include some kick-*** videos as well! The complete works should be available in January. In the meantime here are a couple of photos of the model on the open seas.
  5. Not very obvious at all! But those diminishing futtocks, along with the shifted and cast toptimbers make this sort of modelling both fun and challenging (midships photo of my Swan class Pegasus attached). I wouldn't include them in any scale smaller that 1:48 though as I don't think the human eye could pick out the 1" differences in width. Happy New Year, CAF (don't know your name). I very much enjoy your innovative work in ship model kits
  6. Lovely work Dave. Can you imagine repeating it for anything larger than a sixth rate? Fully agree with you about Kudin’s videos. They’re a treasure.
  7. Thank you for the early Christmas present, Doris! We'll all be happy with just periodic updates. No need to add time-consuming captions. I'm amused by the main shroud going into the seat-of-ease. Must have been crowded in there!
  8. Great start on your model Chris. As a Midshipmen I'm sure you were inspired by the incredible Robert Cook model in the Naval Academy Museum. A nice history of the ship and photos of both models may be viewed in an article by naval historian Grant Walker at https://www.usna.edu/Users/oceano/pguth/website/shipwrecks/sailing_ships/Construction_lecture.htm.
  9. Welcome aboard Tom. I just placed an order for your finger planes. Great carvings as well!
  10. Damn, Chuck, those volute scrolls are as nice as any I've seen on contemporary models. I think you've got this laser printing thing down pat! I wonder if you'll be able to do complex moldings like the main rail when you get to the bow. It's difficult even with scrapers.
  11. That's a lovely model, Toni and I love the details of the launching cradle. I look forward to your approach to clinker style planking
  12. I believe Chris is correct. Our Doris is quite famous worldwide. There are so many ship model forums throughout the world with unbelievably talented model makers. Doris can't possibly post to them all!
  13. It's been awhile since we've had an update from Doris. If anyone follows her on a different forum please send her a PM saying we miss her!
  14. Just a brief correction. His wife is still alive and living with their daughter. She does suffer from Alzheimer's disease. His website and lifetime of work will be kept alive by a good friend.

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