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  1. Now that is extraordinary work! May I ask what scale they are? A small ruler or pencil might help us better appreciate their size.
  2. Your work looks very nice (I think) but too small to fully appreciate. I have posted very hi-resolution photos here so perhaps you need to change camera settings?
  3. Both models look beautiful. Mike, you weren't tempted to put Chuck's figure head on your model for a photo op? Or slip it into your pocket,,,
  4. I no nothing about paint Mark but I'm sure someone like Druxey could advise you how to tone down the color by mixing with another.
  5. Lovely work!. Are you familiar with the models and research of Texas A&M University who excavated her? If not check out http://nautarch.tamu.edu/model/report1/bellehull.htm
  6. You can also try laminating thinner strips over a form. Shape a piece for wood to the curve you want (add a little extra curve to allow for spring back). Glue and clamp the 2 or 3 thinner strips together over the form. when dry they will retain the curve.
  7. Depending on the lengths of the mast and spars you wish to make the lathe may not be the best choice due to deflection of the piece towards the center. Sherline does offer a steady rest but in a yard with an octagonal midsection this feature doesn't work well.
  8. So the clinker effect is created by paring back the next section of frame to the notch? I’m used to seeing the top of the plank shaved back to receive the bottom of the next plank. Is this how you built the 1:1 version? Seems easier.
  9. Chuck sets a very high bar, Mike. One could easily confuse your work with his. Always look forward to your updates!
  10. So, I did some research and it is true that wood dust is considered to be a carcinogen. However, like anything else, it's a question of exposure and time. The amount of dust we're exposed to in our hobby shops is highly unlikely to cause cancer. From a recent retrospective study: "Exposure to wood dust as a hobby doesn't appear to carry the risk of lung cancer. In studies thus far, exposure to wood dust as a hobby was not found to be linked with lung cancer, and even with occupational exposure, the exposure needed to be "cumulative and substantial." That said, always practice good ventilation while working with wood and with any chemicals".
  11. Marvellous model Alex. Didn't you make two of them? Hard to tell from the photos but at least one of the plans is Atalanta, a Swan class vessel. The class is featured in the four volume series by David Antscherl with every detail included. Plans and books are available from Sea Watch Books. Would love to see the quick and easy method you used to make the hull.
  12. The volute detail and molding looks excellent, Chuck. It's hard to believe they're laser cut!

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