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  1. Magnificent work! Will the cabin's lucky occupant have a canvas covered straw mattress to lie on?
  2. The last week has been the most productive in my workshop that I can remember. I have friends that are bored to tears and watching CNN or Fox 24 hours/day. I found that by limiting my news time to a couple of minutes daily my stress levels have decreased tremendously. That’s what hobbies are for!
  3. Is it a coincidence that the movie "War of the Worlds" has been playing on our cable system? This is indeed a war but in this scenario the aliens are a novel virus. I have to return to work tomorrow and I'm terrified but veterinarians are considered essential services. My only solace is that I am able to employ several people while most others are laid off.
  4. I really like that compound vice Keith. Checked Sherline and they don't make one.
  5. Thank you for showing us how you got to this point in the build Kudin!
  6. This is a beautiful model Karl and everything looks perfect...except those belaying pins. They look to be twice as wide as they should be. I know it's incredibly picky but on a model of this quality they seem genuinely out of place. Here in the US Bluejacket sells nice slender ones. I'm sure someone sells them in Europe if you don't have a lathe to turn them yourself.
  7. I'm betting you never thought you'd be building a model of this complexity before Chuck's Winny came along. That's beautiful work Mike! Even with all those laser cut parts and guides it's still no walk in the park. Is their a more complex structure than an 18th century stern?
  8. The ratio is one part blackening solution to five to seven parts water (precision not required here). I keep my Sparex in the crock pot, covered, for months on end and reuse as needed. When finished it can be neutralized with baking soda and flushed. Then just rinse out the crock pot. Never leave your crock pot unattended for a day or so or you will be purchasing a new one!
  9. You just need to define your goals Bob. I'm a perfectionist so it may take a decade to finish a project. For me, as Wefalck states "the path is the goal". Others may care less about the overall quality and wish to build many more models in their lifetime. The problem comes when one is both a perfectionist and also wishes to build many models in their life. I'm afraid only a few modelers can pull that off!
  10. Here's the page in archjofo's log https://modelshipworld.com/topic/1029-la-créole-1827-by-archjofo-scale-148-french-corvette/page/52/ It really is a treasure and someone should index it.
  11. Make sure to check out his Jefferson model under construction. It's perfection in building!
  12. I recently contacted Glen Grieco, professional ship model builder for Texas A&M University https://nautarch.tamu.edu/model/ regarding his choice of materials. If the splice or knot cannot be secured by the rope itself he uses shellac exclusively to adhere them. He also uses it to seal the hull before painting or a natural finish. He builds museum quality models for museums with specific criteria for materials so that's good enough for me!
  13. Can you provide a link for those needles Justin?

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