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Mamoli wood Gozzo Vela made of plastic - Manufacter issue??


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Purchased a gozzo vela from premiershipmodels and was expecting it to be solid wood based on advertising and other user posts online but it looks like it's 3d printed plastic? It looks wood-like and SMELLS like wood which makes me think it may be some composite of wood fiber and PLA... I have no idea if I can even sand it down or attach other items to such a big 3d printed piece.


Photos show the difference between mine (no mast holes, big seam down the middle) and the wood hull from Blackseraph here on  modelshipworld.

Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Every other part of the kit is fine. Is it weird or am I overreacting??


Closeups of hull showing print pattern

Comparison of my hull to Blackseraph's Gozzo


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Update: I contacted Daniel Dusek (from Mamoli) to ask about the hull and he responded with this:



I produce the miniMamoli kits with 3D printed huls , it is composed materiál with about 40% of wood and the work is very similar like with solid wood, the wooden milled hulls will be not produce in the future due to low quality of supplied hulls.


Best regards


Daniel Dusek"


So it seems the other wood hulls were just ****** and this half-wood fiber 3d print is what you get in mini mamoli kits. Hopefully it sands and stains 😕



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